The quest for multilinguism

Buongiorno! :grin:

I am a 27-year old Scandinavian, that have for quite some time, wished to learn Italian.

I dove straight into it rather recently, using the Duolingo-app. I thought that since this is a multilinguist forum - that I could ask for tips and help from other forumists, that either speak italian fluently, or - like myself, have sought to learn it - and eventually mastered it to a degree they themselves are satisfied with.

  • Could this be a thread focused on all language-learning endeavours? I wouldn’t mind one bit! :world_map:

But what I am after, is a little help with italian, hopefully some of you hobby agents can help me out!

Grazie! :it:

This is mostly an English forum, about a game, not about learning languages.
I think you are in the wrong place with your request

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Okay, no problem. I shall take it down, then. I just falsely assumed that “off-topic”, means everything goes.


Don’t be sorry.
You may try. There are a few members here from Italy who could give you a tip or two, but you better address to the specific forum still. It will be better profit there


There are some users from Italy here, @badeaguard or @banana for instance.
Also I think the language learning thread would be great! Is it okay to you, @wincenworks?


I am fine with people discussing languages and learning languages etc

The main reason for enforcing English is so I, the guy who has to make decisions, can understand what people are saying.


If it is okay for this thread to exist, isn’t it alright to unflag the original post?

Can I do that? Or does it have to be a moderator?

Oh… the fact that people still care about our country is still baffling to me.

But why though? Why this language? Why not a much more versatile and useful one like chinese or spanish?

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Lingua Italiana - lezione uno:

“Rocco, get down here this minute! You can’t be late for your first day!”

Lingua Italiana - lezione due:

“Relax! It’s all good, just gotta put some pants on.”


That makes absolutely no sense but i love it anyway

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Because Italy is a cultural and historical crownjewel of Europe! The language is just so beautiful, as is the architecture and everything.

Besides, I want to learn several languages, and Italian will hopefully be the first of many! (As of today, I have, including Italian, four languages I wish to learn).

I do want to be able to say I speak six languages. Some day.

Also, Mandarin and Russian seems like to hard a place to start!


And I really want to visit the place Sapienza is based upon. Without forcing locals to speak in English.

Like @banana said, I also recommend putting languages like Spanish or French into priority if you haven’t already. Chinese would be a little too early in my opinion, but that one is also worth it in my opinion.

You mentioned six languages. Besides English, Italian, Mandarin and Russian, what are the 2 other ones if you don’t mind me asking?

Oh, mandarin and Russian is waaay further down the list. They were simply examples of too-hard-to-start-with languages. I speak two languages today, Italian makes three. French, German and Spanish makes six, if I ever get there (I intend to!)

I find it beautiful and would like to learn it.
But when I remember the times when I been learning English, my desire floats away


The only language I can give advice for is German:
The hardest thing about it is the articles (Der, Die, Das), dative case (accusative is pretty easy), and plural forms. They don’t really have a rule as to what they will be (there is a list filled with rules stating when to use Der, when to use the -en ending when talking about something plural, etc., but it’s pretty hard to keep them all in mind, especially when directly talking to somebody)
Another thing to keep in mind is that every single noun must be capitalized. (Incorrect: Ich habe einen apfel gegessen Correct: Ich habe einen Apfel gegessen. That was a bad example, but you get my point)
But other than that, it’s easy (compared to the other languages you mentioned) to learn German.


If you’re up to challenge some day, I think I can help you a bit with it :slight_smile:

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Hopefully that day will come. However today I get scared by only spotting a cyrillic letter! :laughing:

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Hows the quest for multilinguism going for you?