The Sony Playstation Thread

A new State of Play stream featuring 15 minutes of Ratchet and Clank gameplay premieres in 3 days.

It’ll also feature a look at some upcoming indie titles. (It’s not “new” but I hope there’s a little announcement about the Katana Zero port in there.)

Also! You can get your own FREE Days Gone Sawmill PS4 theme, today only, with these developer-provided codes:

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So, bringing this over from the What’s New thread, I have managed to aquire a PS5 today. Just finished setting the thing up. I must admit, there is a childlike part of setting a console up, and I guess even the people at Playstation know that with the fancy UI and music that plays while you do all the setup stuff.

Bought a few games on Amazon that’ll arrive tomorrow, Gran Turismo Sport, Wipeout: Omega Edition, and Persona 5 Royal. I never owned a PS4, so really alot of the appeal for the PS5 is to be able to play the PS4’s back catalog. I have subscribed for Playstation Plus for a month, made sure to claim this month’s games, have Wreckfest on download right now. Kindof wonder if it might be a good idea to invest in a PS5 external harddrive, I’m guessing the PS5’s less than 1TB isn’t going to stretch too far.

Started playing Astro’s Playroom. I do enjoy a good playformer, and honestly, while I’m sure this is basically a free tech demo, it has so much character put into it, it’s not too short, I think I’ve only done a quarter of it and that took over an hour. Really just shows off how impressive the DualSense controller. I don’t know how much of this is carried over from the DualShock 4 but wow, pretty big step up. Kindof wonder how many games will actually bother to use this tech though, aside from the Playstation exclusives I assume.

So yeah, feeling pretty happy. Will be nice to slowly build up my game collection overtime. Will pick up Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart on release. Cool stuff.


Congrats on getting the new console, Silvereyes! GT Sport is indeed an excellent racer on PS consoles. Although if you don’t mind more, Driveclub, which isn’t available in digital form anymore, can still be picked up from a local store, provided if your PS5 is the disc compatible version, of course. I definitely recommend it! :smiley::+1:

On other news, This year’s Days of Play event will start next week. Every eligible PS4/PS5 player can sign up for free, and the goals can be accomplished by just playing games. Let’s get them done and win the prizes together!


Ooh, and if you haven’t already, @Silvereyes. Get your butt over to the PS Store website or app on your console and download Horizon: Zero Dawn for Free. You’ll own it digitally forever.
There’s just over 48 hours left in the Play At Home promo. (Ends May 14th at 8:00pm Pacific Time / May 15 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST

I haven’t played the game myself (it’s been in my backlog for a while) but it’s one of Sony’s big hits. Cool open-world setting, world-building, and gameplay, from what I’ve heard.


Will need to look into that, sounds fun.

It’s on the download list now, thanks for pointing that out. It’s even the complete edition that is free apparently, so that’s cool. Will need to play it before the sequel materialises. :+1:


If you don’t get demon souls I and @TheContractor will be mega sad.


I’ll be honest, I’ve never played any Dark Souls game. I don’t know, the fact that the games are notorious for being so hard and punishing you for death, it just doesn’t seem like my kind of thing. Mind you, I hear the Demon Souls remake is meant to be the easiest of the bunch? I might get it at some point.

I’ve got a few other games I want to try right now. I’m also currently having to download a 58GB update for Gran Turismo Sport, Jesus Christ.

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They aren’t hard you’re just not good yet :wink:


@Silvereyes if you ever want to play Mortal Kombat 11, just hit me up!

EDIT: also congratulations and welcome to the club :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The funny thing is, to give myself a little bit of gamer cred, I have beaten Super Meat Boy and Cuphead, both hard games. But those games don’t punish you for dying, besides just sending you back to the start of the level. Don’t really like how I think Dark Souls 1 you have to try and make it back to where you died to save your stuff, and I think it was Dark Souls 2 that basically increased punishment for dying even more? Stuff like that really just seems like a big turn off to me. Mind you, I know very little about the Demon Souls remake, so I don’t know how much of that is applicable.

Thanks man. Got to be honest, I am super terrible at fighting games, so I don’t really have much interest in them.


I won’t! You’ll still be cool to me! :grin:

I’ve heard a lot of praise for Demon’s Souls, but I don’t think it’s my kind of game. I’ve tried Bloodborne when it was free, but I quickly got turned off by the steep learning curve. The pinpoint melee combat was a bit much. (Maybe I wasn’t in the right mindset though. I’m hyped for Returnal and that’s a similar kind of game. Hope to pick that up when I get a PS5.


@TheChicken and @Silvereyes I recommend playing with other people. The beautiful part of these titles is it’s co-op mechanics. I wasn’t comfortable with playing Souls games in general until I started playing them with friends. After you get ahold of how things like builds work the game gets drastically easier and you can simply play for the fashion and not for the idea of OP weapons.

Fashion Souls is the Meta and I hope @TheContractor agrees.


Oh huh I wasn’t aware there were some deep co-op mechanics. I thought it was mostly single-player with a hint of PVP invasions.


Nope most of the game except for a few segments can be played with friends. Contractor helped me with two boss battles in Bloodborne when I got stuck.


Tried signing up. Turns out the website is broken.
You’ve got to sign out then sign back in to register.

Themes look okay, but if last year’s themes are any indication, they’ll be pretty basic. Default music, default sound effects.
BUT the bonus theme looks good. Looks like a coloured version of the 2020 Wrap Up theme from a few months ago, and that was a pretty unique theme.


You don’t really need to be good at fighting games to enjoy them. I got SFV, TEKKEN 7 and SSBU and I barely know how to play despite owning them for months (that’s more because I never get serious playing them, it’s not very hard to be able to win some matches) but I still have fun playing with my father who plays fighting games occasionally, even if I keep losing.

If you have a friend (say @MrOchoa) then it might worth spending some to play with him. You might discover something you like, maybe even love. MK11 (ultimate) gets on sale a lot on the switch store so PS store might be the same.


OK, now that you’re talking about playing online together, could you download Brawlhalla? Free and only 500MB, also 4 players can play in the same room.

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New PS5 controller colours have been revaeled. Red/Black and Black/Black. I honestly didn’t expect them to make new ones until after 1 year of the PS5’s release.


I do like it in black.


Sure, I’ll look into it.

Wonder if they’ll start making new coloured PS5s eventually. Classic black, maybe satin etc? That black controller is pretty nice, not sure about the red. Looks more dark pink to me in that screenshot.

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