The Sony Playstation Thread

The next State of Play will be Thursday, May 27. I have no idea what it means, but “a uniquely crafted countdown” will start at 6pm CEST/Noon EDT, five hours before new gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West (11pm CEST/5 EDT).


June’s free game for PS+ is STARWARS Squadrons.

I have never played a free game beyond a week before deleting it, so I don’t know how this works. If I really like this game can I keep the game until I delete it? Or does it go away at the end of the month?


You keep the free game until your PS+ subscription expires. (You have to redeem it though)

If you re-subscribe, you can access your free games again.

Any games you buy with a PS+ discount you keep forever.

You can also buy it when your sub is inactive, and it’ll stay on your account forever.
I think they recently added an option where you can pay for a PS+ game you already redeemed, that way if there’s ever a sale while your sub is still going on, you can buy it to keep it even if you let your sub run out.


Very cool. Thanks for the info. I would have bought this anyway but was waiting for a sale. I guess my PS+ is finally a net win for me instead of just money I have to spend so I can get continuously* slaughtered playing call of duty :joy:

*added for additional clarity. I’m really not good at Call of Duty

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It has come to my attention that the Playstation Store will soon start charging tax on digital purchases in Ontario. (Pretty sure we’re one of the few provinces left that was exempt from this.)

Via CBC: The government will consult with digital companies on how best to structure this new tax. Ottawa plans to start collecting the funds in July 2021 and it expects to fetch $1.2 billion more in revenue over the next five years from the measure.

The common rumor is it starts on July 1st.
I guess I’d better buy that Sins DLC before tax makes it 7$ more expensive. Grrr.

(This also means that the new 90$ PS5 games will also cost 100$ after tax, digitally. Goodbye launch day purchases)


Yea we have been paying tax for a couple years on online purchases in the States. It’s funny though bc we don’t pay local taxes, which still saves me a boatload bc Chicago’s sales tax rate is 12.5%

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If you have Tetris Effect, you can get access to the Beta Test for Tetris Effect: Connected, an expansion released exclusively for Xbox last year.

The beta runs from now until July 5th.

Edit: just checked it out. Seems the Connected expansion is a big multiplayer expansion. There’s modes of VS. Tetris, either online or local play, plus new modes like a 3 vs 1 boss battle, where you team up with 2 other players to vanquish an AI boss. Or, there’s also a special mode where you can be the boss with special powers, against 3 players.
It’s neat, though not what I expected (and still kinda hard)


State of Play on Thursday (5 pm Eastern, 11 pm CEST), focusing on indie and third-party titles, including 9 minutes from Deathloop.


Very interested in the possible indie titles shown. I’ve been crossing my fingers for a Katana Zero port for a while now. PC, Switch and Xbox already have it.

Though I’m a bit worried that they’re holding it back until the Big Update™ happens for the game, whenever that is.

What do you guys use to charge your controllers? (Besides a charging dock)

Wasn’t aware there were many options out there. I bought a charging dock because I have 2 controllers, so it is very handy to have since the charging dock officially supports 2 controllers. I mean personally when it comes to console peripherals, I try to stick with official releases, rather than risk third party stuff you find on Amazon.

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I just use a USB cable. :man_shrugging:


Plugged into the console or a brick ?

Into the console usually, but an outlet works in a pinch if you have an adaptor or one of those power strips with a USB plug built in.

Indeed. It’s charging, the back of it is warm. It doesn’t light up or vibrate when plugged in though. Xbox does…

I play Xbox the most but just got a digital PS5. PS4 was the only console I didn’t buy in the past 20 or so years. I needed Ratchet and Clank though :wink:


I don’t have a PS5, but the lightbar on the DS4 glows orange when it’s charging. I figured the DualSense would do something similar.


I was wrong, my stupid crApple brick wasn’t charging it.

It does glow orange when charging. I tried my lady’s XPS charger (90W) and it works. Just waiting for it to explode now.


When Sony put up the preorders for Horizon Forbidden West, there was a lot of disappointment that the base PS4 version didn’t come with a free upgrade for the PS5 version. They’ve gone back on that now. It will come with the free upgrade.

In addition they’ve stated that their policy for future first-party games–including the next God of War and Gran Turismo 7–is that the upgrade will cost $10. (Which is the difference in the price point anyway.)


Well I guess it means I won’t need to buy a PS5 anytime soon for GT7, since now it’s confirmed to be a cross-gen title, just like other first party games. But anyway, I think I will pay the upgrade fee when I finally get one, too.

It’s just that we’re at almost a year since the next-gen consoles launched, yet both still being challenging to obtain is the most frustrating part. People who don’t have one still need to tolerate that jet engine sound from their 10-year-old consoles, and people who do have one don’t get to enjoy many launch titles with true next-gen experience. What a time we living as console players! :pensive:


Wonder if they learned their lesson from Gran Turismo 6? Makes sense for these launch titles to be cross gen if so few people own the neccesary next gen consoles to begin with. I really need to get around to playing the first Horizon game to see if it is worth pre-ordering the sequel.

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