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Sadly my technical skills are very limited when it comes to this stuff so unfortunately I won’t be able to help you or confirm that TGP482 fixed PT with the dgVoodoo fix or by using another method.

Cheers, I´ll probably try reaching out to him. Guess I need to finally join that SC subreddit, lol.

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And yes, do not hesitate to also post on the Splinter Cell subreddit, hopefully someone else will have the solution !


Kirk Collects released another SC retrospective video a few days ago, this time on the oft-forgotten Double Agent (he also has videos on the previous three games):


Full playthrough of a mission from the upcoming new Splinter Cell game, people - looks fucking amazing!


Came across this on reddit, there´s a part where he talks a bit about SC, including his opinion on Blacklist´s VA. Rather interesting… Starts around 33:30. (Lowdown for those who are curious but don´t feel like watching: Ironside basically talks about the circumstances of him accepting the role and his apparently heavy involvement in reshaping the script and Sam´s character; he then goes on to Blacklist and pretty much starts it out by saying that Eric Johnson - Sam´s VA for that game - fucked it up; more interestingly though, he states that he was actually the one to recommend Johnson for the role in the first place (having known him since he was a baby), but then when he wanted to give him pointers on how to play Sam, Johnson rebuffed him and said he´s going to play Sam “his way” :no_mouth: Was honestly pretty surprised by these “revelations”.)


How I wish fora comeback of Splinter Cell. Even it’s own Master collection like Metal Gear, since both the OG Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow are no longer avaqible to purchase online, at least on Xbox market place.


Oh man, you and me both… A Master Collection-style re-release would be amazing, especially if it went all out and included the various versions of individual games (especially Double Agent, incl. a version of V1 that actually works) and single-platform releases like Essentials, not to mention making Pandora finally available for online purchase.

Sadly, I don’t see Ubisoft doing anything that’s not a remake/remaster. Unless maybe MGS MC Vol. 2 becomes a megahit and they’ll see an opportunity to capitalise on that resurgence.

Also, the original SC is not available for purchase on Xbox? I’m genuinely surprised by that. Pandora is unavailable completely, sure, but SC1 is on PC. Could it be a technological issue and lack of backwards compatibility or something like that?

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Dunno what is it but I’m glad I still have my OG Xbox copies of both Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow. I play them at times on my Xbox One.

I also have the OG Xbox version of Double Agent and many say it’s the better version. I haven’t played DA from the 360 version except for the demo.


Ah, always envied you lucky Xbox devils for that… You’re the only ones who have access to both versions and in their best forms. I still haven’t played V2 (hopefully I’ll finally get around to emulating the PS2 version later this year now that I have a controller, even if it’s inferior to the Xbox one), but from what I’ve seen of it over the years, I feel like it does some things better than V1 and some things worse. If you haven’t played V1 (the 360 one) yet, you should definitely give it a go to compare for yourself! Especially since you have a version that actually works and has all the bells and whistles :grin:


Say, would you mind checking something for me in your version of Pandora the next time you boot it up? :no_mouth:

Sure! Tell me what is it.

I’ll get to it on Monday. Tomorrow I’ll be out.

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So, you know how in SC1 and PT you have the occasional data file in the OPSAT with info about certain important characters/places/organisations, right? (side note: damn, I´ve missed those from CT onwards…)

The thing is, I remember there were entries like this in Pandora for Sadono, Darah Dan Doa, and Soth (and maybe other stuff). But in the version of the game which I´m currently using, these are missing. But they definitely exist, since they are transcribed on the game´s Wiki page.

Now, the version I have is a patched one from ModDB since I have the OG copy of the game back home, but because of this I´ve been wondering whether I´m just misremembering stuff and these data files were never in the PC version to begin with (and I always only read them on the internet), or if it´s just something with this version (if anyone here with an OG PC copy could also check, that would be great).

Could you try playing through the respective missions to see if these entries are present in the Xbox version? I´m not sure if they would appear from the start, you might have to make it to a certain point of the level…

According to the Wiki transcripts, there should be entries on Sadono, DDD, and Operation Red Beard in the Dili mission (though the page also lists the Sadono entry specifically as PS2/Gamecube, so I wonder if maybe they are only on the PS2), while LAX should have an entry on Soth. You can check them here:

Then there´s one more thing which is unrelated and deals with the Jerusalem mission. I remember back around the time the game came out that I saw among the promotional screenshots at least one which showed a police officer in the Jerusalem mission with a different model (big/fat, maybe wearing a beret and possibly even wielding a shotgun, but I could be misremembering and I´ve never managed to find that image again). I also remember reading a guide back then which specifically mentioned at one point “the fatter of the two cops”. But the PC version only has one type of police officer for the entire mission. So I´m curious whether the Xbox version is the same in this regard (again, this could be something only in the PS2 version, but I haven´t managed to find a walkthrough on YT which would allow me to see all the guards).

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I just reinstalled my Xbox One. Gimme a lil while, please!

Edit: So, should I play the missiosn and find the satchels? Do you have any idea of what particular satchel? Maybe the one you get from the guy guarding Shetland before you contact him.

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I just KO the guard that interrogates Douglas and he drops ammo for the pistol. No information about Sadono. I play the version of the OG Xbox.

Edit: also have an entry for the team, Douglas and about the militia that took the embassy, but nothing about Sadono himself.

Edit: also add Ingrid’s profile. But no Sadono so far for the Xbox version.

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No rush! :wink:

Ah, sorry, yes and no. Should´ve explained that better. These data entries are the types you get (or should get) automatically from Grim (e.g. in the embassy mission you have the one with the map of Indonesia and history of East Timor from the start, and later she sends you Brunton´s/Shetland´s/Ingrid´s profile). No need to pick up satchels.

Ok, so from your screen and description, the available data in both seems to be the same then. Which would mean I have a very weird memory… :thinking: :sweat_smile:

On PC:

Could you check the LAX mission as well when you have the time?

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Sure! I’ll take a time because I deleted my saved game to make space for other games at the time so I’ll have to play until I get to the LAX so will take me a while.

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Like I said, no rush :wink:

Just to specify, these are the data entries I had in mind:

Sadono (should be tagged 11_OA):


SUBJECT- Case file for Suhadi Sadono
UPLOADED- 28/03/06; 02:03:12
SOURCE- Grimsdottir
FULL NAME- Suhadi Sadono
DOB- 23/12/72
HEIGHT- 5’8"
WEIGHT- 170 lbs.
HAIR- Black
EYES- Brown
AREA OF OPERATION- Indonesia, East Timor
ASSOCIATIONS- Leader of the Darah Dan Doa


First recorded “terrorist” action, Sadono linked to CIA-funded car bombing aimed at Timorese dissidents.

Joins the Cireban street gang that would eventually become the Darah Dan Doa.

Darah Dan Doa officially formed, possible links to CIA funding.

Assumes leadership of the DDD.

12/08/95 - 25/10/99-
Association with possible CIA operative Richard Arbor.

06/01/96 - 15/01/96-
DDD “Week of Reckoning” in Dili, twenty-one confirmed civilian casualties.

Richard Arbor disappears from record.

Failed CIA assassination attempt on Sadono.

Second failed CIA assassination attempt on Sadono.

Electronic intercepts linked to Sadono speak of a “world reckoning.”

Sadono’s delusions of Che Guevara-ism wouldn’t worry us so much if so many of Indonesia’s angry young men didn’t agree with him. A dangerous combination of idealist and sociopath.
(Author: Grimsdottir)

DDD (11_OD):


SUBJECT- Agency File on the DARAH DAN DOA / Indonesia
UPLOADED- 28/03/06; 02:03:12
SOURCE- Grimsdottir

Translating to “Blood and Prayer,” the Darah Dan Doa was named after the red and white colors of the Indonesian flag. It has roots in fundamentalist Muslim groups, but is more firmly rooted in Indonesian nationalism and a rejection of Western influence in Southeast Asia. The nineties saw the DDD operate mostly through car bombings, drive-by shootings, and other guerilla attacks, under the leadership of young, charismatic Suhadi Sadono. Through Sadono’s collaboration with (possible CIA operative) Richard Arbor, the DDD evolved into a much more sophisticated terrorist organization. Tapping heroin funds from Sadono’s Golden Triangle connections, the DDD invested in higher technology and increased communication. The DDD has become a “terror pipeline” for Southeast Asia, and was likely involved in ferrying Nikoladze’s radioactive materials from China to Burma.
(Author: Grimsdottir)



UPLOADED- 23/04/06; 12:48:01
SOURCE- Grimsdottir
FULL NAME- Norman Washington Soth
KNOWN ALIASES- mortified_penguin, Jonathan Poindexter, Richard Arbor, Rizal Ariyanto, goodbye_cat, Robert Redding
DOB- 07/08/61
HEIGHT- 6’0"
WEIGHT- 183 lbs.
HAIR- Brown / Balding
EYES- Brown
CITIZENSHIP- Unknown (multiple forged documents)
AREA OF OPERATION- Indonesia / East Timor / Los Angeles / Highly Mobile
ASSOCIATIONS- Darah Dan Doa; ex-CIA asset


07/08/61 - 19/03/72-
Citizen of the United States.

1972 - 1981-
Resident of Cambodia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, then Indonesia (Military family.)

First CIA contact, approached by Agency Operative Knisely as a potential asset for Operation RED BEARD.

Applies for Indonesian citizenship.

Enters CIA asset payroll.

Enters Kopassus training program. (History with the Kopassus is vague. There is no record of him either completing or dropping out of the program.)

Norman Soth’s parents die in a hotel fire in Jakarta.

1985 - 1992-
Return to the United States, residencies in Virginia, California, and Arizona. Still on CIA payroll, enrolls in intensive six-month program at The Farm.

Returns to Indonesia.

Enters Jakarta hospital with “severe damage to right leg and face.” Soth lost his earlobes and three fingers. He never revealed to authorities who was responsible.

First contact with the Darah Dan Doa.

First traceable involvement in Operation Red Beard.

First contact with Suhadi Sadono, (as Richard Arbor.)

Soth loses CIA funding. (Intercepted chatter suggests increased involvement in Sadono’s heroin business.)

CIA disbands any ties to Operation Red Beard.

04/09/00 - 19/09/00-
Trip to Paris, inquires into Saulnier Cryogenics under the alias Robert Redding.

Failed assassination attempt on Soth.

07/01/02 - 12/02/02-
Trip to Germany and Turkey.

12/05/05- 25/05/05-
Trip to Virginia, USA. Funds diverted to accounts linked to ‘Armed Guardians Services’, a Private Military Corporation.

Brunton managed to eke a little more out of the CIA about Red Beard before Lambert demoted him to mop duty. It isn’t much, but from what we can gather, Red Beard was an initiative to fund suppression of Timorese uprisings using drug-funded, CIA-armed Indonesian guerillas. Soth started as an asset in the operation and within a couple years was basically running it. He had nearly turned it into a self-contained terrorist unit by the CIA’s disbanding of the operation in '99. Enough so that he could continue operations once the CIA had pulled its resources out of Indonesia and the U.S. was officially supporting East Timor. American intelligence has made multiple attempts the neutralize the remaining elements of Red Beard, including at least one assassination attempt aimed specifically at Soth. I think it’s safe to assume Soth bears a bit of a grudge.
(Author: Grimsdottir)

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