🖖 The Star Trek Thread

To talk about all things Star Trek.

Yesterday was First Contact Day, so we got a ton of news drop. Discovery, Picard, and Lower Decks all had teaser trailer drops for Seasons 4, 2, and 2 respectively. Meanwhile, Nickelodeon show has shown a teaser poster showing off the main cast and what Captain Janeway will look like. And finally we know that Strange New Worlds is in production, Discovery Season 4 is meant to be 2021, and Lower Decks Season 2 is confirmed to start airing on Paramount Plus on August 12 2021. Also Lower Decks Season 3 has been confirmed.

So yeah, exciting stuff. I’d link the teaser videos but I don’t think HMF lets you embed Twitter posts? I’ll put them up when they get put on Youtube. Ofcourse the question is for people outside the states how readily available this content will be, as far as I know Paramount Plus is only available in a handful of countries right now. In the UK for example, Netflix has Discovery, and Amazon Prime has Picard and Lower Decks. Will Netflix get Discovery Season 4 and Amazon Prime get Lower Decks Season 2? Guess we’ll see but right now outside the USA, it’s a bit of a vague situation for everyone.


The only thing I like about Star Trek is Patrick Stewart and I dont mean his Role in it, just the man himself :heart:

I don’t hate or dislike Star Trek at all, its just not my Thing.


Yeah, I only saw Kate Mulgrews tweet yesterday and haven’t looked into the show that much. But they nailed the Janeway look at least, I’ll at least check it out just for her


I hope it gets them as they release, coz for series 1 they didn’t so regrettably I pirated them to keep up to date

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I hope so. I’m not even sure the rest of Europe even got Lower Decks Season 1 atall. Guess it depends when Paramount Plus is meant to debut, a quick Google seems to show up nothing about it. So maybe another year of putting it on other streaming sites? But yeah, Lower Decks is easily my favourite so far, so really hope the UK gets it at the same time as the USA this time.

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They’re getting another splinter streaming service? :joy: US needs to chill out like

It’s nice having an episodic trek back, definitely. Think Discovery is still my current fav tho, despite its many many flaws

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Yes and no. Paramount Plus is replacing CBS All Access, which we never got to begin with. I think Paramount Plus has a bit more on it though, like a bigger movie collection, some more shows etc. The goal really does seem to be to make enough Star Trek content so that there is a new episode of a Trek show every week, hence a reason to stay subscribed.

To be honest, haven’t watched Discovery Season 3 aside from the first episode, and likewise Picard Season 1 aside from the first episode. Really should though, but like a bunch of others, kindof hoping Strange New Worlds is going to be a bit of a return to a more classic kindof Trek. Hopefully Prodigy will be good and won’t just be aimed at the kids.

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Just don’t :joy: save yourself

Tbh forgot that was even a thing. Like hype tho

Yeah but them fiddling about with streaming services over there often means it takes longer to get over here, which sucks

Anyways, love that you made this thread :green_heart: feels like most HMF people are more into Star Wars, but glad we have our own lil space (pardon the pun) too

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Well, I mean we had a Trek thread on the old forum as well. Nice to just talk about it here.

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Paramount announces new Trek film for June 9th 2023. Aside from a date, no actual info about the movie is known.

Don’t know why the Star Trek official Youtube channel doesn’t upload the new trailers for Disco, LD, Picard, I’d embed them here if they actually bothered.

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TNG is my favorite show. The episode where Data is deemed property or person is a personal favorite. The fact that the crew were mature and didn’t bicker and argue is a big plus for me. Lots of ethical dilemmas in a thorough framework. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Just started watching Voyager, and it’s looking amazing as well.
Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.


Well finally someone uploaded the Lower Decks Season 2 trailer, and in the process, it seems confirmed that Amazon UK will be getting Lower Decks Season 2, hopefully at the same time as America does, not to mention Picard Season 2. Guess it’ll be a while til Paramount Plus really gets going overseas I guess.

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As a sci-fi fan I like Star Trek, mainly The Next Generation. The recent movies and Discovery are a bit too flat for me (with exceptions) but I always look forward to them. :slight_smile: I think the new series with Picard is more my taste of the newer stuff.

Besides them, the original series are… dunno too abstract and too… theatrical. :joy: It’s movies are much better.
Voyager is good too but I don’t very much like some of the core roles. Janeway is kind of a poor captain, she is intrusive at times and has weird double standards towards Seven. But I like the overall plot of being alone inside the quadrant.
Deep Space 9 is just unbearable for me because of the Bajorans. I don’t mind religion focused species but it was just too much the focus with poor Cisco being dragged into it. The Carassians are much more enjoyable for me. :sweat_smile:
“Enterprise” was good, a bit too military but that is part of the plot I guess.

Never tried animated series or stuff like that.


Think that’s pretty fair. I really like DS9 but some of the plotlines involving Bajor and their religion are pretty awful, and really the wormhole aliens/prophets is arguably one of the weakest parts of the show as it goes on.

If you don’t really like the original Star Trek series, you probably wouldn’t like The Animated Series. It basically is just Series 4 of Star Trek. I actually think TAS has some great episodes, but it was also made with a very small budget, so small they basically wrote Chekov out of the show because they didn’t have enough money to pay his actor.

Lower Decks, the new animated series, is very different. It basically is made by people who love Star Trek and all the silliness within it, whilst also being an adult Rick & Morty-ish animated show. The only downside with LD is that the first 2 episodes are pretty weak in my view, and I think it’s only roughly the last 4 episodes where the show gets great, with episode 10, the Season 1 finale, actually being pretty outstanding, and hopefully Season 2 can kindof live up to that high standard.

Talking about in the OP, but we basically have 5 new shows right now. Discovery is going on to its 4th Season, Lower Decks onto its 2nd, Picard onto its 2nd, Strange New Worlds is currently filming, and we’re finding out more about Prodigy. Currently, I think alot of Trek fans are hoping SNW is going to be a more traditional Trek show, fill in the gap the other live action shows just aren’t doing. And hopefully Prodigy will just be more than a good kid’s show, it’ll be a show everyone can enjoy.


Okay that Picard trailer (spoilers for season 1 of Picard and seasons 2 & 3 of Discovery)

So Picard and Discovery are the first fully long plot form Star Treks (Enterprise had series long plots but felt a lot more episodic) but between them they barely have any ideas. Season 2 of Discovery revolved greatly on the perils of AI and then Season 1 of Picard was completely about AI. Then Season 3 of Discovery was, not about but heavily relied upon, time travel, and now Picard is banging on about time?

I really hope this is just Picard lamenting on his life and not hinting at the plot of the season, but the hourglass makes me think otherwise.

Honestly, Picard has so much cool stuff it can do and I think it would work much better focusing on specific aspects of the Star Trek universe rather than more general sci-fi concepts. Do something no-one but Picard could do while you’ve still got him!

The only part that really got me excited was that Q teaser

Couple of trailers dropped, although you have to find them on Twitter. Don’t understand why they don’t put them on Youtube.

Lower Decks Season 2 will start next month on Paramount Plus, and the new trailer has a couple of cameos. Jeffrey Combs is coming back to play an evil computer. Tom Paris gets a cameo… as a hallucination by Boimler. Looks good, hopefully it’ll just steadily improve on the first season. Will take something to top Season 1 Episode 10 though.

And we got a trailer for Prodigy, the Nickelodeon show. Looks good, I’m forever impressed how good CGI is now for TV animation. Not too much info really, just a very brief look at the cast in action and a little voice tease of Janeway. New ship looks cool, looks like a sister to the Enterprise E.

I’m a massive Star Trek fan. TNG is by far my favorite. Even though it contains a good deal of duds (especially in the earlier seasons), when it’s good, it’s just… really good.
I enjoy TOS for the camp it is. It doesn’t really gel with the rest of the series, but its a good time if you’re in the right mindset.
I think Voyager is underrated, but I understand… comparisons to TNG are inevitable, and it just isn’t as good.

I’ve tried really hard to give Discovery a chance, but I just had to give up in season 3. There’s an early episode in there where they go to some kind of market place, and the way the different alien species spoke… it just felt like I’d stumbled into an SNL skit.

Picard wasn’t much better. I don’t want to see a Star Trek where the Federation is run by a bunch of bigoted assholes who like to drop the F-word. That’s not Star Trek to me. It just played like bad “edgy” fan fiction to be frank.

Did recently watch the first episode of Lower Decks and was surprised by how much I liked it. I’m thinking I will give it a shot.

Sadly, for the moment being I get more “Star Trek” out Seth MacFarlane’s “The Orville” than I get out of any “real” Star Trek. Just the intro alone makes me feel like I’m watching “my” Star Trek:

I just wish we could get back to more positive views of the future with less attempts to be “edgy”. I need it in my life. Maybe “Strange New Worlds” will do that. Here’s hoping.


I love TOS, TAS is pretty good with a couple of really stand out episodes, TNG seasons 3 through 6 has a ton of classic episodes. DS9 could be really good if really cynical at points. It has been a long time since I’ve watched Voyager, I have the feeling I’ll like it less than when I did when I was a teenager, but it still has a good number of classic episodes, even if the hit rate was lower than TNG’s. Never watched most of Enterprise, should really do so at some point since Netflix has all of classic Trek on it at the moment. And alot of the movies I like too, love The Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, The Undiscovered Country, First Contact, and Beyond.

Gave up on Discovery after Season 3 Episode 1. Just… a bad show I think really. Gorgeous visuals, I mean Christ, amazing what TV CGI is capable of now. Shame the writing is pretty lousy. Have only watched Picard’s first episode, did not grab me atall, and from the little bits I’ve heard, it sounds like the show just gets worse.

That’s good. In fact, I’d say Lower Decks weakest episodes are episodes 1 and 2, I think the show gets stronger the further into the first season goes along. The last episode, episode 10, is really great, real standout, so much so that I wonder if any Season 2 episodes will be able to reach that high again.

Good time to get into Lower Decks as Season 2 starts on Friday August 13th, with the 10 episodes being rolled out weekly.

It feels like what the fans are placing their hopes on right now. I also have hopes for Prodigy, it is a kid’s show but it also means some Trek that is actually family friendly and it will be nice to see Janeway again. Shame that it seems to be exclusive to the USA and Canada for the time being.

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Enterprise gets a lot of shit, but I got really into it after a while.
The final season basically turns into a bunch of TV-movies thanks to multi part stories that all dip heavily into Star Trek lore.

Even the first season has a few real classics in my opinion. Plus, it’s fun to look for Seth MacFarlane in the background. He’s basically cameoing as the same background character multiple times.
Enterprise also has at least one of my favorite ST characters in the Andorian known as Shran (played by Jeffrey Combs).

If you go for watching it, I need to warn you that the final episode is a travesty.


Oh yeah, I’m afraid I do know most of the Enterprise spoilers. Seasons 1 and 2 are messy, with a few good episodes scattered here and there, Season 3 is that long arc after Florida gets destroyed, and like you say, Season 4 is like a bunch of mini-movies. And ofcourse, the finale which in reality is like a lost episode of TNG. I’ve seen a decent number of Enterprise episodes scattered around the place from the opening, to the one where T’Pol’s grandmother (I think) gets stranded on Earth with some Vulcans, to that really dark episode where the Enterprise just survives a giant attack and a ton of crew are dead.

I should get around to it at some point, but I must admit, the Enterprise crew might be my least favourite of all the Trek shows. I really don’t like Trip, although I hear he’s alot worse in the beginning than towards the end. Never really liked Captain Archer, T’Pol is fine, and it seems like everyone else gets sidelined constantly.

Doesn’t help either I’ve watched alot of SF Debris Star Trek reviews, including alot of Enterprise episodes, and yeah, definetly some clunkers out there. Still, I’ll get around to it one day I’m sure. It is only 4 seasons afterall. And I’m sure like all the old Trek shows really, there are a few classics sprinkled across the place like you say. Hopefully at least Discovery and Picard can give us at least 1 great episode in their respective runs… I hope.

To be honest I really like Trip as a character. It’s been so long since I watched season 1 episodes though, I couldn’t claim to know if he starts out bad. IMO he’s very good later on though (seasons I remember). Trip comes off more like a Kirk-era captain than Archer does (who I agree is dry A-F, though I got used to him).

Anyway, just finished binging Lower Decks, and I’m definitely sold. This goes into my “real Trek” bank, even though I’m assuming it doesn’t constitute official Star Trek canon. Particularly liked seeing Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis show up at the end of the series.
The show really has a lot of love for TOS and TNG (but with more TNG I think)… so many obscure references are in there. I love it.

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