🖖 The Star Trek Thread

If that is true and, as you say, conflict with others is just a side story, than those stories are far more one-dimensional than even I thought.

If one cannot write a decent and well rounded DC story without the Joker, then that universe must be pretty safe, overall. Not much need for super-heroes when the best they can come up against is a clown with some joy buzzers.

If Godzilla cannot carry a decent arc without Ghidorah, then Godzilla’s kingdom must not be that great.

If Magneto is the only villain worthy of the X-men, then they’ve got an awfully big team for just one guy. Seems like they could trim the fat quite a bit there.

Picard and crew encountered numerous villains and anti-heroes in the 7 years they roamed the skies. If the Borg are the only ones worthy of their attention, then the galaxy is much more “safe” and boring that I thought.

You misunderstand what I’m saying. Those universes have other villains and threats that require their attention, but everything that the heroes stand for and believe in is represented in these arch villains, and the true opposition to their journey is represented by them. All the other enemies are just what else is happening in those worlds between confrontation.

I should clarify that in regards to Star Trek, this specifically refers to the time period that started with TNG. Picard’s personal nemesis for his journey is actually Q, but the Federation’s true enemy is the Borg. The Dominion and Romulans and Kardashians Cardassians are a nice little distraction to let them get in some target practice and make some improvements, but in the end, it’s all truly about the Borg, in that time period.

Ah, Ok. Well in that vein I hope that they somehow rid the universe of the Borg entirely in the next 60 minute installment.

Eh, I’ll grant that if they leap forward another century in time for the setting in a new series, like they did when they came up with TNG, it will indeed be appropriate for the Federation to have a new arc nemesis.

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Yeah, but the show isn’t Star Trek: Federation. It’s Star Trek: Picard. Making his final story feel like it’s about him seems more than reasonable to me, and tying it to Locutus is a good way of accomplishing that (Even though I agree the Borg in general have grown stale).

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That’s only because they were allowed to be decimated in Voyager.

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Putting Voyager in the Delta Quadrant was pretty much guaranteeing that from the first episode. We knew they’d eventually run into the Borg and when they did, they’d have to either figure out how to defeat them or the show would just be “Voyager runs from the Borg for the 92nd time”. They had to either be lessened as a threat or ignored.

Using them as a means to get home was “interesting”, even if a lot of viewers thought it was a bit of a cheat to get the series over with. The “ruin” they experienced due to the Janeway Virus should have ended them entirely.

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If they were going be basing this series, and particularly this season, on dealing with enemies from the past, then I would have liked to see a return by Armis. I think that entity has potential, and indeed, a whole new series, or at least a first season to a new series, could be based on it. Out of control starship crashes on the planet Armis is quarantined on, it escapes the planet on one of the shuttles, the protagonists who survive the crash repair their ship and the episodes are spent with them following the trail of death and destruction it leaves while they track it down to imprison it again in penance for allowing it to escape. Let’s see that storyline.

Some thoughts on the finale of Picard:

  • Janeway never showed up. They mentioned her enough that I was sure she’d at least show up on a screen somewhere but I suppose Mulgrew didn’t want to appear (or they never asked her and just needed a well-known Admiral’s name to throw around).
  • It was cool to hear Chekov’s son became the President of the Federation.
  • There’s a new Enterprise! Nice setup for a new show if Paramount wants to develop it.
  • That Borg Queen was pretty rough looking - for obvious reasons if you saw the end of Voyager. I wonder if this is truly the end of the Borg or if they’ll show up later. They don’t seem to be a threat by the time of Discovery’s 31st (32nd? I forget) century.
  • I enjoyed the series and the end was poignant. The Enterprise D is where it belongs in the museum.

I really quite liked this as an ending to the series and to bookend the TNG-crew.

That said, I am not at all fond of Raffi as a character, and I don’t think 7 o f9 is necessarily captain material (as a character what I found interesting about her was her struggle with being part borg… with that gone, she’s sort of dull to be frank).
As such the crew of the Enterprise-G doesn’t really make me super excited for a continuation… though I like Sidney La Forge and Jack Crusher (who I would’ve probably made head of security instead of this weird new role).


Yeah, that counselor position came out of nowhere. How was he remotely qualified for that? I could even have seen chief medical officer since he clearly knows medicine, but counseling the captain, specifically? Strange.


TNG-era, Telltale-style Star Trek: Resurgence has an official release date. It’s out May 23 on PS, Xbox and Epic. I really hope it doesn’t suck.

Official trailer for season 2 of SNW.

I think seeing live-action Boimler and Mariner has made me realize how much Lower Decks has grown on me.

(This should be the international version that everyone can view, but Paramount is weird, so… :man_shrugging:)

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