The suit in H2 was a downgrade as compared to H1

Anybody else think that the signature suit in H1 had way more detailed textures as compared to H2?

Observe these, and give your opinion on which looks better.



The 2016 suit honestly looks better and more appealing and you can see that the tie and shadows are way more detailed.


Probably because of the fully fancy physicalize clothes simulation :white_check_mark:


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i agree about the quality, but the Tie looks better in H2, at least its a better color.


The 2016 suit might have a more detailed texture, but I like the color of the H2 suit more.


I really hope to see a “2016 Signature Suit” as an unlock in H3, with the old model/textures intact.

If IO can (and does) make so many suit reskins as unlockables anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to add one more. All of the textures and models from the 2016 suit are completely present in H2’s files, it’s not like they would have to remake it from scratch.

This way, if people like the H2 version, people can still have a choice in what they want to wear, and not be forced to use one or the other.

I do agree that maybe the tie color is perhaps nicer in the 2018 version, but the detail of all of the 2016 suit like the twill weaving of the tie, the stitching on the shirt, and the button hole on the jacket are far better than the new one.


I love Hitman 2016 suit’s fresco weave, the more evident tie dimple and the overall detailed texture. The seemingly Milanese buttonhole on the lapel suggests that they were more meticulous about details in the first game.


it seems that the signature suit will be detailed again in H3 :star_struck:


It’s looking very good in this one! I hope it will be better than the previous two.

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Looks like a combination of the last two. Pretty nice, but I’d like to have both of the trilogy’s previous signature suits as unlockables. I mean the Blood Money and Absolution suits are unlockable why not this?


I’m also wondering why we cant unlock the one of a kind Suit from Absolution, or the Classic Suit from Contracts it has a other cut than the Signature suit from HITMAN…


I actually liked the H2 Signature Suit because reminded me of the Contracts one. Even the color of the tie is identical. Only difference being the vent on the jacket.


They were. 47 wouldn’t have a jacket without the button hole unless it was a shawl lapel on his tuxedo. Even cheap suits coats and blazers have a button hole there.

Yes, I agree. But I also like the Color of the H2 suit more. So, we will see. A combination of the textures from H2016 and the colour of H2 would be perfect!

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That’s basically the Absolution suit with the handkerchief however right? They should patch that in. It’s also a shame they removed the unique blood stain on it.

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To be fair…
We can’t be to 100% sure if it looks better or not since they may use different material types. Specially the tie if you look carefully.
I’ve worn a lot of suits irl so that’s why I am a little bit careful about that topic.
Good catch by the way.

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I agree on the tie, but the Hitman 2 suit looks less textured as the Hitman 2016 suit, not because of the material but the details. The Hitman 2 suit doesn’t have the seams and the buttonhole, which makes it look worse (the graphics, not the suit itself).

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Now lets just hope the tie doens’t look like plastic again. Doing weird shit when light falls upon it and shit


FINALLY someone else who feels the same way. Each little variation warrants it’s own unlock I feel.


forgot to come back to this thread…

the suit is detailed once again. very nice


Abit more, yes, but still not comparable to the level of the Absolution and Blood Money ones. I still miss seeing 47’s watch on his wrist. U_U