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You knew this would happen. You all knew it. And here it is! The unofficial Lucas Grey fanclub!

We may be a small community, but we all love this wonderful character! Everyone can join, and we talk about everything that has something to do with Lucas Grey! We share Pictures or Memes. We discuss everything, from his characterisation to the choice of his clothes.

This whole thread is dedicated to 47s brother :heart:

Oh and I don’t mind critical discussions, but please, be kind!

And if I remain the only person here I don’t care, I will just talk to myself


Why does Lucas Grey visible look older than 47 when they are both clones from Ort-Meyer.


just kidding


I’d guess it’s something to with 47’s enhanced genetics. He’s well into his fifties already :sweat_smile:

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some screenshots i stole from Gromova that i thought were interesting


Yes! I asked her about the model from H3 and turns out he looks much different (and much worse IMO) in H3 :sweat:

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I’m not sure if he really is a clone. I slightly remember that in the comics (and someone in the forum, if I remember correctly) it says that Ort-Meyer also did some experiments with humans, so maybe before he started the cloning program he experimented with orphaned babies or something like that.


“I have found, that whoever wields the sword, decides who holds the pen…”

One of the best quotes in the Franchise, imo. I will say, Grey sure had a way with words lol


Talking about a-gromova (you really should check her tumblr): I don’t know how she did it (she’s really talented) but she also took Grey into a suit:


Grey in Season One was the best and no one can change my mind.


every word that came out of his mouth in season 1 was riveting. dude could read a phone book and i’d be enthralled.

the digital acting was on point too. easily one of the best gaming performances; up there with arthur morgan in rdr2.


I actually agree with you. He seemed more menacing in the first one. Then again we were meeting him for the fist time and honestly, I really thought he was going to betray 47. I’m actually glad he didn’t now though. I just feel he didn’t have to go out like that… I mean really… did he really have to kill himself?? 47 should have used his point shooting skills from Absolution lol then maybe Grey would still be a live

Edit: wouldn’t it be cool if we got another Hitman game and it turned out, Grey had a “clone” of himself (somehow) and the “clone” is the one who really died I know that’s not the case, but how cool would that be? I know @Mini would be very happy lol


This. I think there would have been be better ways to continue his story. I think there was a huge plot hole after he died. I have at least three ideas how it could have ended, two of them without him dying. But they chose the easiest way to keep the focus fully on 47 and Diana.

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I would be happy to see Grey again, no matter in which way haha


They aren’t created equally and 47 was the prime boy as shown in the flashbacks testsubject 6 defenetly was an early iteration and therefore not nearly as perfect as 47

I really had hoped he would remain a permanent character to the franchise. He was really likeable.

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I always thought 47 would have easily been able to ambush them, with some of the mercenaries having full auto rifles this defenetly was what would be considered a “choke” or “blunder”.



Yeah… his death just seemed to come out of nowhere. I really was not expecting that to happen… and so soon in the game…

I like the thought of the clone idea though… maybe deep down, Grey just wanted to end this “pact” And wanted to continue life in peace after it’s done. Grey knew by “killing himself” 47 would obviously not pursue him once 47 finished their goal (which he knew 47 would most certainly see through and succeed.) Greys “clone” could have been similar to the 48 series. Where they follow orders no matter what. Which is why “Grey” pulled the trigger. Now, Grey (watching from the shadows) sees 47 eventually completed the mission. With Grey now satisfied, his life is now his own and he possibly thought, 47 would be better off in thinking he was dead? Idk just a theory…

Like that cutscene with Grey and 47. 47 said to Grey “and who will you be? Without a score to settle?” Maybe those words really hit Grey cause deep down he knew 47 was right. So Grey thinks the best way is to fake his death? Yeah, idk lol

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Accelerated ageing? Imperfect clone.

I wish modders would strip Grey of his hair so we’ll see how much does he look like 47. It seems to me in H3 he looks more like our baldy. I even suspect 47’s model was so different in H2 when compared to H16 to resemble Grey more, after the “brothers” retcon?


Lucas had mental troubles as he hinted at multiple times and probably knew in that moment he won’t be able to return to normal life unlike 47 who seemingly was unaffected by everything you saw Lucas once he got closer to his life goal unsure on how to move on

But hey this is just a theory