The Vineyard (Wine Thread) 🍇

Similar to The Booze Thread and huge inspiration from Hitman 3’s Mendoza. I thought it would be really cool to have a thread all about wines from all around the globe. In this thread, please share your favorite brands, recommendations and what foods pair good with particular wines (both popular and personal preference) and give a little review on it (video or text) You may also attach and share videos of any “wine making” videos you may find. Or maybe you yourself recently attended a vineyard/ wine tasting. Please enjoy this thread


”This… is the 1945 Grand Paladin, one of only five bottles in existence. The vintage is legendary, the proverbial unicorn wine. The year was hot, the wines super-concentrated and thanks to hail and frost, the production was small. Only 300 bottles were ever produced and when the vineyard was bombed during the closing days of World War 2, only a single crate survived. It is said to have amazingly complex aromas, with long savory layers of fruit and spice flavors and a silky texture.” Enjoy… :wine_glass: