Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

What IO should have done/do to make playing Sniper Assassin “worth it” is fix the issue with the Arctic, but then introduce a new challenge into the game so that when you get to Mastery 20 in all three SA levels, you get a sniper rifle that has nerfed wall piercing bullets and the explosive ammo.

It gives people a reason to play SA and to grind the mastery in them (the fact there was no reason was a common complaint with Himmelstein/Hantu Port), while not completely removing the explosive ammo from the main game which is hilariously fun.


Just gave it a go. That extra line from Jiao makes the whole thing even cooler than it already was :grin: (sadly she says it before she checks up on the last one, which kills the moment a bit…)

What a neat little detial

There’s a reflection probe above the well in Villa Caruso, basically a camera, and anything with a reflection (that doesn’t need an accurate one like a mirror) just shows the view from the probe at whatever angle you’re looking. They scatter these probes around the level & use different ones depending on where you are, so it always looks kinda-but-not-quite right.


Well, he does a bit of DJ moves when he’s behind the decks.
Can we say it’s a dance? If yes, here you go

Was toying around with the alpha, and found out the sneaking animation now is 1:1 of the old Alpha animation. :smiley: Also the new aiming animation for the fussili rifle is also from the Alpha.

Sneaking animation Hitman 2:

Sneaking animation Hitman 3:
Sneaking animation Hitman Alpha:

Aiming Animation Hitman 2:

Aiming Animation Hitman 3:
Aiming Animation Hitman Alpha:

If there is any more brought back from the Alpha, Ill keep you updated.

(I think the new ICA woodsman covert is from the Alpha too)


Oh yay he doesn’t hold the gun by the magazine anymore.

Nice find! For the weapons, it’s not for all. I notice that 47 still uses the Shashka33 as he does in Hitman 2

He does hold it like the Fussili too, here for comparison:

They changed that too :slight_smile:


I was wondering if people really hold weapons by the mag when shooting and it seems that some do

but a gun experts says it’s best if you hold the weapon by the handguard

I’m actually glad IO is reusing animations from the Alpha since I always considered many of them superior compared to retail :slight_smile:


Well that’s weird. I got the old animation for the Shashka33 in Dubai (while being disguised as penthouse guards). I’m playing of PS4 though. Will check in a future playthrough.

Right? The KO, Human Shield, Combat, Fake Surrender animations and so much more look impressive. Its incredible.

Hum. Wierd. The more you look at details in the game, the more bugs, glitches, missaligned items and breaking things you discover.


I think Alpha animations are basically Absolution anims?


Ah, so it hasn’t come out yet. Good to know.
In the meantime, the original song is also a bop.

Alright, I’m not sure how IO managed to fuck this up but they did.
The signature suit gets wet.
The signature suit with gloves doesn’t.


Maybe it’s also a raincoat.


I’m just baffeld how they managed to screw this up. It’s literally the same suit.

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Probably just an oversight, when applying weather physics to the different suits.


Yeah most likely, I noticed few others that lack them but this was the most WTF one. Already reported it in the bug report thread.

They changed the lean animation in Hokaido.