Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

If you shot in glasses, they will be broken


Since I got my Oculus Quest 3 now when I play HITMAN I get this…

When I try it I get this…

So I’m not sure what I have to do to make it work. :confused:

But I must say I’m excited at the prospect!


To use my Quest 2, I have to first start Steam and then start the Oculus app on my computer (and start the Quest Link thing). Then I can start Hitman (which is run through Epic for me, not Steam, but anyway). If it do both of those first, then VR will work. I cannot just start Hitman without first getting both Steam and the Oculus app going.


Looks like someone had the same problem as you, they fixed it by installing some Visual C++ stuff (linked in the following thread):


I did get it to work… I think it was similar to what schatenjager suggested… Took me 3 tries doing slightly different things, but I think I know what I did. I’ll have to try it again. I only played about 10 minutes before I got a low headset battery notification, then stopped playing.

I played Sapienza, at some point I went up to the room with the lone guard watching the security camera by the clocktower (and it was on Casual mode). I tried to KO him with the crowbar, but I guess I needed to make a large, fast swing arch to KO anyone because all it seemed to do was make him mad and he started shooting me till I died. :joy:


Melee weapons have a safety catch on VR, you have to hold one of the triggers while you swing or it just acts like you’re bumping into someone.


You can only have the Oil & Water Canisters as part of your inventory in Freelancer though can’t you? They’re not available to use in the Main Story?

I think the ICA Proximity Micro Taser is only exclusive to Freelancer as well.

You can use the oil can during the main mission (or in a contract) since it also appears in the boat hangar, although it’s exclusive to Ambrose obviously. The water can can’t be found outside of Freelancer AFAIK.


Oh right I see. So you can’t use the Oil Can anywhere else in the Main Campaign besides Ambrose Island. I wonder why IOI decided to do that I wonder? It’s cool we have the Oil and Water canisters for use in Freelancer though.


Perhaps they think it would make the game too easy since the levels were not designed with those tools in mind?

Maybe IOI was hesitant on adding more accident-causing tools directly to players’ inventories after the Phone and Molotov incidents (even if canisters are notably more limited than both of those).


I dunno what happened here (probably a bug or some kind of script priority error) but apparently those two cops developed an immunity to chloroform and spent the whole mission in the poisoned room trying to wake up guards who instantly got KO’d again :smiley:


You can mark difficulty text and copy it


Blood Money. Flatline.

The orderlies are clearly horny cause everything was in Blood Money. They have this photo on the desk near the Agent Smith room.


When naked guards in H3 are woken up and the other guards are searching they will not only ignore their gun on the ground but also ignore that they have no clothing and simply pull a new weapon from their underwear. I always thought they would run and change and then get into the search/fight but NOPE! Naked guards will chase after you :joy:

Then today in a perfect example of silly hitman logic, when it was all done and the guard finally got clothing back he was the one to pick up his own weapon and say “who left this laying around?”


in the “Necessary Evil” cut scene, 47 drops his gun when he falls to the floor and it magically disappears. it should be next to his shoulder as Diana nudges him with her heel, but it is mysteriously absent. Allan please add Silverballer


Maybe one of the guys surrounding him moved forward and grabbed it while the “camera” angle was facing a different way.

Or maybe it’s just a gun thing. At the end of the first movie, just before the fight with Viggo in the rain, John Wick threw his gun off to the side, and then after the fight hobbled away without picking it back up. Come next movie, we see him burying all his guns back in the concrete. How did it teleport back into his possession? Probably the same way they only run out of ammo when it’s plot-convenient and are always loaded when a kid thinks they’re empty and pointing them at a friend. Guns are magical.


“Wha-? Which irresponsible person left a weapon lying around?”
brings it to the next weapon box


This feels like a random “just discovered this” detail on a Thursday in February 2024…

Did you find this because you’re doing “Research” for your next SASO location video? :eyes:


lmao yes. had to rewatch that cutscene a lot this week to compare camera framing…which leads to finding pointless details like this :sweat_smile: