Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

On Hokkaido, bodyguard Junya Andou has changed model since H2016:

On Colorado, changes to graphics have arguably ruined Joshua Trumbo’s denim jacket. It appears more shiny today, even though the H3 image doesn’t do a very good job at visualising it.


I don’t see any differences except maybe hairdo

In the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights, there’s an assassin character a bit like 47 called Necros. He uses disguises to infiltrate places and his signature weapon is a pair of earphones he uses to strangle people.

The best part is that Necros is dubbed by Kerry Shale, the voice actor for 47’s creator, Ort-Meyer. Interesting coincidence…


That is what I meant. :confused:

It also happens to be the movie where 47’s signature sniper rifle makes a prominent appearance :no_mouth: I guess someone on the C47 team really liked it?


If you kill Mark Faba with the bomb on the table (via the detonator in the cabinet), it counts as an accident kill and you won’t lose SA. I did not know that!


Apparently just some child accidentally at the same time was playing with a remote not knowing it’s a remote and pushed that button out of clear innocent interest

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Huh, I’ve always thought he had silver jacket. I liked to assume it’s basically in-universe variant of silver ATARI jacked AVGN wears. Perhaps Joshua used to be hardcore ATARI fan (or MATAHARI fan, as, according to Joss’ shirt from Golden Handshake, that seems to be its in-universe equivalent).


I just found out that the pants from the tropical suit and from the tropical islander suit get wet when going into the water. But only the pants, none of the shirts or the jacket.


Only just consciously became aware that when using instinct, civilians have a dull white outline compared to those marked as guards. Useful for assassin detection in Freelancer.


There is a bunch of bananas on a small tree on Ambrose island, at least during Freelancer, that can be poisoned. Who the hell eats these?


“I just sat down who starts a conversation like that?” but as a poison in HITMAN.

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Foodie leaders during showdowns?

I’m fairly sure there’s a couple of pirates who can roam that area with one of them eating the bananas, but I’m not fully certain

Well, the thing is, I poisoned them by mistake, seeing the prompt but wasn’t really focusing, I thought I was plucking a poison flower, then the animation of poisoning happened and I realized I’d poisoned the bananas, but I kept playing the mission for another 20 minutes and nobody ate from them. Now, I did kill 1 NPC in the same area who was a target, it’s possible he was the one who ate from them if I’d let him live, but I’d followed him before and don’t remember seeing him do that. So, either some other action triggers someone to eat from those bananas, or it’s possibly a fluke and IOI didn’t plan to have a bunch of bananas in a tree that were able to be spiked?


No mention of it on Hitmaps so I’d he really interested to know. Could open up a contract or two.

Hitmaps shows it if you switch to the Freelancer variant.


Probably it’s there in case that target is a food lover.


It’s in the modded Freelancer Romania so not sure if it really counts for this topic, but I thought this NPC on the train, in a tuxedo and carrying an assassin’s pistol, was a simple James Bond reference.

But then I noticed members of a certain family are also on the train, just two cabins further actually. :scream:


You may have posted in the correct thread for you, @JaqTaar, but for the rest of us this post belongs in Things About Hitman You Didn’t Find Out…


Well, it’s something you can find out for yourself :sweat_smile: (and should, because the mod is great) but I’ll add a spoiler to the post.