Things you just found out

Based on the “Things about Hitman you just found out”-Thread I decided to do a “Things you just found out”-Thread. So everything that does not belong to Hitman, what you have just found out in your life, you can post here!

I will start right away! I just found out that I’m damn old :sob: You know Ridley Scott? Did you know that he’s freakin 83 years old? Or Salma Hayek who gave me goosebumps in From Dusk till Dawn is 54. 54! I started to google some people and damn, some of them were a part of my childhood and teenaged years and now they are… old… like Jennifer Aniston; she’s 52!

And you know, that means that I’m also getting older and older… damn, I wish I hadn’t found that one out!


Dont play the numbers game. Just embrace the journey. Your life is richer in every aspect, then it once was. And it keeps getting richer every single day. Thats very exciting. Theres a shit ton to experience and to learn out there. Enjoy it. Cheers



Thank you :heart:


I have always owned my dream car (Fiat Panda MK1) but found out a month ago :thinking:
1970s-80s hatchbacks rock

Now I have to see if it works now that it has been sitting for 15 years… and if there are rats living under the hood/bonnet :smiley:


I found out recently that Romanian is a Romance language like Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Romanian is the only Romance language that developed in Eastern Europe


That’s new for me, too!

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Just found out that when typing on PS4 you can navigate through your text by using the directional arrows at the bottom of the keyboard.

For years, whenever I’ve made a mistake I’d just delete my entire wall of text and start again.

Mind blown!


You can do that with L1 R1 too.


Yep, just figured that out at the same time too lol.


Holy molly, I actually never knew that Rutter had an usb stick that could stop the race :open_mouth:
I don’t even remember if I ever knocked him out of curiosity unless I did for a mission story or challenge :thinking:


So now that this is no longer an issue, can you downvote something else, like, Berlin maybe? :sweat_smile:


Haha that reminds me of that “hack” on the iPhone where you can navigate through your text by holding the space button. I always tried to get to the right place in the text with my little fat fingers :sweat_smile:


Jane Perry voiced a character called Mei Ling from “Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge” in 1998.


Nice move by Diana to pretend to be Mei Ling to steal a kiss from 47


Interesting discovery for @MrOchoa


Interesting, I’d go to eat there for sure!


I just found out that there’s a subreddit called SwitzerlandIsFake. That should have remained a secret, somebody clearly broke the nda. Might have to send 47 to those people…

actually it’s pretty funny with a lot of amazing pictures of Switzerland. You should check it out!


apparently potatoes can grow these

The FN2000 (Hitman BM favourite) was a strange firearm!!! It really seems more like a multiple concept tester than something that was marketed to military customers. The whole thing was sealed except for the end of the barrel so no dirt could get inside. This helped keep it running but also made things like reloading much tougher bc the magazine wouldn’t fall, instead you had to pull it out against the pressure of the seal. The bolt also didn’t lock back after the last round (I don’t understand how any military thought this would be an ok thing to have on a modern infantry rifle). The craziest thing of all though is the forward ejection of the spent brass. It allowed for ambidextrous fire without the need to change anything when going from left to right handed shooting. It’s since been done on other rifles in a simpler format but this one is really interesting to watch. I can’t imagine there being any quick way to fix the weapon if the spent casing “tunnel” got jammed.

I didn’t know that rabies is so dangerous and can be fatal if left untreated