This map was such a waste of potential

The setting and all that just looks so good.
But then, you realize it’s like those burgers in fast food restaurants on the pictures on the order shelf:
They look so good, but then you get something sloppy and horrible deformed that they call a burger.

Overall, it’s just a damn cool map, but they could’ve put so much more depth into it and more objectives, it could’ve been easily in my opinion one of the best maps if they would’ve put more effort into it.

Like it is now, I guess it rather counts as a tutorial.
And I feel like tutorials shouldn’t even count as locations.


I wouldn’t necessarily say its horrible, so I agree that it’s defenitly a waste of potential, especially the only Night Map of Hitman 2 besides Sgail.


ICA Facility is a tutorial for HITMAN 2016.
Hawkes Bay is a tutorial for HITMAN 2.
And if Dubai the first location for HITMAN 3, it will also be a tutorial, thus much lost in potential

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still dont get why they didn’t included the ICA Facility in HITMAN 2 for the newcomers and made Hawke’s Bay a “real” Mission.


Because doing HB as a real mission would’ve demanded much more efforts and resources.

But yes, if you eventually plan to do something a trilogy (fourlogy, fifthlogy etc), you better create and use only one tutorial mission. Especially if you plan to merge that games into one

Edit: I slighly misread the last part of the sentence, but it doesn’t change the sense of this reply.
Because Hawkes Bay, technically is not a real mission, thus it’s rather small and almost completely empty


that’s exactly what frustrates me about this trilogy. another example is that there is still stuff like “to be continued…” and a repeat of the end of the last base game cutscene in dlc cutscenes

You should understand that Hawkes Bay wasn’t even planned at the beginning and IOI had only 5 missions in mind for HITMAN 2 due to Square Enix’s departure.So,we should be all glad we have one more mission and we should stop complaining about it.


interesting, didn’t knew that. is there a source for this?

Its not that i dont believe you, I’m just curious :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think it was mentioned in the Noclip documentary,but I don’t have enough patience to watch the whole video again to be 100% sure.

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Vexed question.
In sense it’s better something than nothing, maybe yes.
But if that something in general looks like nothing…
Is there a real sence in it?

There is a good expression in Russian fitting this situation which literally translates as “changing awl for soap” .
It means a senseless transaction of one thing to another, you still can’t work properly

A map with mastery, story segment, challenge packs, contracts and the most ambitious escalation is not nothing.

It is probably the best what was possible under these circumstances.


With that I agree, yes, but this map is still literaly nothing to me

A map with mastery, story segment, challenge packs, contracts and the most ambitious escalation is also literally not nothing.

Cmon be more explicit. Of course it is no Miami or Sapienza.


I really like Hawkes Bay because it is something different(in a good way) from all the other levels.The atmosphere is great,the hidden panic room is a cool element ,you are allowed to explore the whole map freely before the target arrives,sneaking through the tall grass is fun for me,the target has a very interesting personality and some really great kills(like killing Alma in her sleep,poisoning the ventilation system or poisoning her honey/sugar-I like the randomess factor).


I would have taken a bonus mission or two any day over Hawkes Bay and the three sniper maps


And if HB is being enlarged and remastered?
I would agree on that


or that, yeah. regardless, any level where you can walk is more engaging than a shooting range

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You know, that disappointed me above all in this map as soon as I understood that the level is absolutely empty and it depends only on me if the life will be breathed in

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Reminds me of this great scene. 4:05


I heard they didn’t decide to do that until some former Prime Minister harrassed them into it? :thinking: :wink:

But yeah the map’s a blank canvas they ended up not really painting anything on; it needed a daytime bonus mission (housewarming party) or a new game mode tested out on it like that Dishonored DLC where you go around a small party and have to figure out who the target is based on three clues littered around the map