Thoughts of Hitman content in 2022?

Older locations remade with H3 engine to add to the WoA platform.

Imagine Traditions of the Trade and Beldingford Manor on the Hitman 3 engine :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


You mean with hotel elevators being out of order and the manor having no dogs and horses? :grin:


@Notex :sunglasses: your time to shine


It would be awesome!! It’s also too good to think about :wink:

It’s a shame it won’t ever happen unfortunately.

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I have only discovered this exists
I have been playing Hitman since December but have enjoyed watching people play it for about 4 years now (looking at you BigMooey)

If I had any thoughts on new stuff they could add it would probably be a bonus mission/series using reworked hitman 3 maps like Mendoza, Berlin, Dubai etc. And new NPCs and targets

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Welcome to Hitman Forum, Lionman. :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like you have a few idea about the upcoming Year 2 content. May I suggest you to join the discussion in the Year 2 thread? I think you will find others’ opinions interesting and enjoy discussing there.

We don’t know about any news regarding reworked maps yet, but perhaps the new map topic will interest you too.

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welcome to the forum Lionman_2001


I’ve been expecting this for a whole year :joy:

Here’s an idea
A custom NPC creator so we can make custom characters and name them and have them as targets in maps
We could also have a map editor so we could hide stuff around the map like guns, weapons or tools

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Kevin Rudd is the one you should ask about it, not IOI :smiley:

Pretty sad they didn’t do anything for Chinese New Year in Chongqing in terms of a bonus mission. Maybe next year? Fireworks, shops, sounds perfect for a hitman level. Just turn off the rain and maybe even change the neon signs to yellow and red


Who is that? I’m probably just being stupid and should know who he is.

He makes the impossible, possible. With like mods and stuff. :joy:


Kevin Rudd, he was the former prime minister of Australia.


Good to know haha
Not the answer I was expecting

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You believed that!? :joy: :joy: :rofl:



I didn’t know we have a former prime minister in this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re sarcastic, right?

No, I’m not sarcastic