Transferring datas from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3

Hi guys I hope someone can help me… basically I’d want to know if I can safely delete the Hitman 2 game on ps4 because is 125 GB and is causing me some issues with space or if I have to keep the game active until Hitman 3 comes out for transferring all of my progression and locations in the new game. Thank you.

We don’t know any details about progress transfer yet still.

But most likely you would have to keep HITMAN 2 until the progress transfer is done.
Who knows, maybe you’ll need to log into HITMAN 2 to confirm the transfer.

I suggest you wait either until we recieve any info or the game hits the shelves.

Keep an eye on IOI Official Website for any news


Alright thank you… I remember that for transferring Hitman 1 to 2 I had to keep the first game and I’d hoped that this time would be different like you only needed the IOI account.

I hope for that too but luckily Hitman 3 on its own will be much smaller than Hitman 2. Like apparently it’s about 100gb for the whole trilogy, so I could only guess it’s about 33gb per game?

You forget a Patient Zero campaign, bonus missions and Special Assignments.
They also taking space

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The special assignment thing is really bad… redownload all the maps for few elusive target that are permanent basically

I’m looking forward to finding out more about this too. Following what misterkiller and Vincent said, previously you needed to have the games installed so that it could be detected and activated. If you have everything activated in Hitman 2, you’ll likely not need to have Hitman (1) installed at the time.

If possible, best to have them on your system when you get Hitman 3 - if you have digital copies of the games, it’s likely it would pull the licence info from the server and make the transfer, simplifying the process, with the exception of the PC version which uses a new store and you’d likely need to link the two first or through the IOI account sync. Not entirely sure whether the IOI account handles such data or is strictly for profile building with console/PC info and newsletter communications.

I anticipate it will be a game recognition / data activation and then push the progress through to the new game.

It’s also most likely that it’s a one-off situation, where H3 is recognising the H2 data file containing your progress and unlocked equipment, then building up on it with H3 information - rather than syncing between the two games, such as wanting to play H2 to complete the remaining challenges, etc and then updating H3.

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Interesting thread, thanks. I’m wondering how progress will be handled in terms of trophies, too.

Assuming Hitman 3 has trophies for H2 and H1 locations, it would be really nice if importing progress made those trophies pop immediately in the Hitman 3 list. I don’t have enough gaming hours to do all that again!

If they do do things that way, Hitman 3 is going to need to have a very very long trophy list.

We need to see if H2- and H3-account are connected. If a player transfers data to H3 and plays H3 to the new maps before coming back to H2. Do challenges or unlocks completed in H2 will also be in H3 after release?
Hope we get full answers from IOI.

I hope it is possible to transfer the suits, especially the ones you only could get by playing elusive targets. All other things (Challenges, Weapons, Items, Escalation…) I would like to unlock respectively play again.


i wonder if we get to keep all our items and weapons too…

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Progression carry over is been confirmed so I think yes… I wonder how the new player vs old players that already unlocked everything thing will be handled.

ace. i got a lot of stuff to unlock :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I suggest you waiting for the HITMAN 3 release, transfer your data and check if it worked well, then delete the HITMAN 2 game afterwards :+1:

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Everything was tracked by IOI servers anyway, so you should just be able to load up Hitman 3 with the same PSN/Xbox ID and have it grab the data. Shouldn’t need to keep the old games installed. Otherwise, what the hell was the point of the annoying online requirement all this time? The real problem is redeeming the damn Legacy Packs, since they required booting up the old game last time.

Just a question for someone who knows the trophy list (if it even includes it yet), but are Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 included once again as bonus DLC trophy lists? Would be incredibly weird to unlock some those achievements for a third time, but, I wonder if by importing data from Hitman 2, it whould also unlock all the equivalent Legacy trophies as well? (Depending on whether it’ll only import item unlocks or a whole lot of other tracked data, too.)

I know that Spider-Man Remastered on the PS5 was able to import your save data from the original PS4 version, and upon launching the game for the first time, it would grant you whatever trophies you unlocked in the previous version for the PS5 version.

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Yes, they are still there as DLC trophies. No info about the transfer, of course.


They’ve released more information regarding the carryover.

Check everything here from cake941’s post: H3 Pre-Launch Guide (Progression Carryover)

I’m highlighting some of the information below, but check the above thread for the complete details.

Progression Carryover

The following progression will be included in the carryover process: player profile, XP rank, location mastery levels, location mastery unlocks, challenge progress, challenge unlocks and Elusive Target suits/unlocks. Savegame files are not carried over.

The carryover process requires an IOI Account and can only be done through a web browser, it’s not possible to do it in-game. We will have the website ready to go before launch, but it is not live yet. Once it is ready, we will share the news via and update this post.

Here’s more about how it will work:

– Progression can only be carried over from HITMAN 2, including progression you have from the Legacy Pack (HITMAN 1 locations within HITMAN 2).

– Progression can only be carried over from within the same platform.

– Progression carryover is a one-time process, meaning once you have performed a carryover for a particular platform, you will not be able to do so again at a later time.

– When you complete the carryover process, your existing HITMAN 2 progress will remain as it is (i.e it will not be removed/deleted). Your progression in H2 and H3 will NOT be synchronised.

– If you have already started playing HITMAN 3 and THEN choose to perform the progression carryover process, you will lose all progression earned within HITMAN 3 up to that point. We recommend you carryover progress before starting HITMAN 3.

the ICA Electrocution Phone has been retired and will not be available in HITMAN 3.


Great and expected (by me) news


it was essentially a remote accident kill tool - it’ll make people get back to basics or be more inventive with their methods.