Trophies completely glitched and unobtainable on PS5?

I am in the progress of playing the game, but there are several trophies which I have completed in game, but have not been awarded the actual trophies for. Unfortunately, since the game says I already completed the challenges at hand, it wont award me with the trophies if I do them again.

So far I have 2 trophies with this issue:

Upstairs, Downstairs (Dartmoor)
Eliminate Alexa in her private room, shoot her from the roof, and put her to rest.

Full House (Dartmoor)
Complete all Mission Stories in Death In The Family.

I’m worried as I continue the game, that other missions will bug out the same way.


I’m having the same issue with the Rise Up trophy in Dubai. I’ve completed all three mission stories and they appear completed in game but the trophy never popped up. I think someone started a thread on this exact same issue but for some reason got taken down or made private on this forum. I was not disconnected at all. Please help! I’m aiming for Plat like everyone else for this game!


Having the same issue, 2 trophies left, only thing stopping me from platinum. Trophies are randomly not unlocking and I don’t want to lose ALL of my progress between 2 and 3 just to redo the trophies.

Is there a way to redo or reset an account to start the game over? I haven’t been able to figure that out.

Just wait for IO to release a patch that will just cause the game to recheck trophy qualification data.

And now I just missed “Hack the Planet”. These trophies are annoying.

Make sure you’re finishing the mission.
I’ve had a few trophies that I was afraid were bugged, only pop after exiting the mission.

I don’t think the trophy progress is tied to when a challenge completes in-game, but when it goes to the post-mission “checklist” screen.

I recently got several of the trophies mentioned here, on PS5, so it’s not a universal issue.

If you want to get the trophy without exiting the mission, you can complete the final mission story and then load a save. The same applies to mastery trophies.

Just finished the game, and completed all challenges. I should have the platinum. I am still missing 3 trophies though.

Upstairs, Downstairs
Full House
Hack the Planet

I would like to get Hitman 1 and 2 as well… but these bugs make me not interested.

IOI should perform a checking routine after players fetching their profile to their platform.

Since the game know which places your 47 not discover and count it, that means they should have information for these. So if they sum up the total places explored in the map and update to the count in discovery challenge for checking (Mission Stories also, I think they are the same logic), many bugs can be prevent and solved (but also need to unlock the trophies in each platform). After fixing the data and update in IOI server, player can gain access to their profile and start their game.

For the mis-counting figure in my discovery in Dartmoor, I think it had a very high chances cause by the escalation in Dartmoor that I start doing it before I fully explore the map in the main story. I had no problem in Dubai and Chongqing since the map was fully explored before I start the escalation there.

P.S. I cleared the game and it’s great. But my discovery in Dartmoor and mission stories trophy still waiting to fix…

Hey, just want to also say that the trophy for completing the story missions in Mendoza, “Rich Harvest”, is not unlocking.

I have been searching everywhere for a solution. I have completed all shortcuts across all 6 maps but shortcut killer trophy will not pop for me. I have gone over every mission several times, all my shortcuts are unlocked but achievement/trophy is still locked. Any ideas or recommendations??? Or is the only solution to clear my saves and start a new game.


There is no fix as of yet. It’s been updated into the Known Issues (for various trophies/achievements in the game) and IO are investigating a fix that will be rolled out in a later patch.

Just keep playing - there’s no need to wipe any progress made in the game. Just a little patience is required.

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I’m playing the digital version on PS5.

I’ve had 4 trophies not unlock on HM3, even though all requirements have been met (several times):

  1. Followed the Trails (all areas in Berlin discovered, but counter only says 18/22)
  2. Hidden trophy (photographed all the yellow birds, got achievement in-game but no trophy)
  3. Last Call (become the club owner, sit down with ICA)
  4. Icebreaker (all mission stories in China have been completed)

Another issue I’ve had is that I’ve performed the carry over, but whereas in HM2 I’d completed every level of every escalation, they have now all reverted back to level 1.

HITMAN 3 - Player Guide
We also do not carry over progress on Escalation Contracts or Mission Stories. Those will be reset to 0 in HITMAN 3 after completing the progression carryover.

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Not really a big deal. They’re fun to play anyway!

Any info on the trophy issues or the requiem pack not carrying over?

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

I still have the same problem where my shortcut killer trophy will not pop after latest update. I have gone over every mission again just to check if it had been fixed. I’m guessing not yet. Or is there something specific I need to do other then just login. Once this has been fixed, how will I know? What will I need to do to unlock the trophy ?
Thank you in advance.

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I’m having issues with Dubai’s Dune Raider Trophy for revealing all undiscovered locations and Mendoza’s Vineyard Virtuoso Trophy for reaching mastery level 20. Need these for the platinum :’(

Neither have unlocked despite completing those challenges