TV Show Discussion Thread

Not gonna lie, at first I thought I read Reservoir Dogs and wondered for a moment when that was made into a series and why I havent heard about it, then I focused and read the actual title and disappointing reality set in.

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At the insistence of the missus, we’ve been watching Shining Vale on Starz. I wasn’t interested in it at first, which is why she needed to insist, but I was quickly hooked.

So aaaaaaanyway, Starz has recently cancelled it, and to add insult to injury, in another genius corporate move, will be disappearing the show from its streaming platform in the new year. It will then be effectively unstreamable.

Bow to your corporate overlords! Bow!


Damn, hopefully at the very least they might release that show onto physical media in the future, or, streaming companies overall, start selling their cancelled original content to each other if they can’t host themselves.

It’s baffling that we’re in an era where digital-exclusive media can be removed from its owners’ platform, just because they don’t want to pay residuals to the people that worked on it :confused:


Kaitlyn Dever has been announced as being cast to play Abby in The Last of Us Season 2.

I’ve seen her in roles here and there, but I mostly know her from Justified, in which she was great. A young actor who knew her craft.

Whomever they cast as Abby was always going to need tough skin, as the troglodytes and incels would certainly pile on and send death threats and be generally horrid and lame.

If Dever is anything like her character from Justified, the suits at HBO found themselves an actor with tough skin all right.


Ive been watching the 90’s Batman: The Animated Series (and using this specific list for continuity/arc purposes according to fans – the episodes are usually jumbled up in broadcast order!)

And I’ve been really enjoying it! The animation is pretty great, its cool to see Batman get into a fistfight or two and solving some mysteries or getting a leg up on his enemies is nice too!

The gothic art-deco style of Gotham and the unique music in the show really helps sell some awesome vibes.

One of the coolest episodes I’ve seen so far (still very early on) is Appointment in Crime Alley.
Basically, this high-level exec at Gotham hires two goons to plant explosives around a few buildings in Crime Alley so they can be demolished (with people inside), blamed on crime, and they can redevelop them into high-class areas.
The goons tell the exec that they’ll set up the bombs to go off at 9pm, and gives him a watch to keep track of it (he wants to give his big speech at a conference as it goes off)

The episode is full of shots where you see a clock, as the time inches closer to 9pm.
7:30, he leaves the batcave. Just before 8, he drives through Crime Alley, then gets distracted by a local crime, and he keeps having to stop all these other crimes going on, you aren’t sure if he’ll be able to find the bombs in time and save the people.

Also some really spooky mystery music to go along with it too! It’s a pretty darn good show for something I think still aimed at tweens/teens.




If she doesn’t have the technique down when it comes to golf club swinging I’m canceling my Max Subscription.

I saw that episode recently and when that one shot popped up I laughed out loud. :rofl:

Goddamn memes lol


I am straight up giddy, GIDDY I say, that Curb Your Enthusiasm is back on tonight.

That is all!

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Dude, you need to, uh… control your excitement. :smirk:

I see what you did there!

It was pretty, pretty good.

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I’m currently watching the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, what a great throwback. Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells are great as Mario & Luigi


Watched Mr and Mrs Smith on Amazon Prime. I liked it and think it’s good. I recommend.

I do NOT like Amazon’s new price hike and ad tier, but fuck, whatcha gonna do, it was bound to happen.

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I was open to the idea of the series and the cast they picked, but then found out that the twist for the series is different than for the movie, and frankly, the one for the movie seems more interesting, while the one for the series has been done before. Don’t have Amazon, but if it ever becomes available on other media, don’t know if I’d be interested in seeing it.

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I’d go into it with an open mind and judge it on its own merits. I think it’s a solid show.

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I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of clarksons farm and Im planning on watching season 3 when it comes out on may 3rd I really liked it but I can Definitely say I don’t plan on being a farmer anytime soon

I don’t really know what else to watch on Amazon prime so I’m open to suggestions


Unrelated to Clarkson but have you watched Chernobyl?


No but I might watch it when I have some spare time

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This is actually using the 3D tech from their What If series, but I’m really surprised they managed to cel-shade the hell out of it, make it a lower frame-rate, and it’s doing pretty darn well at replicating the look of a 2D cartoon.

I haven’t seen the original series, but this could be fun since I know fans are excited for it.
Maybe I’ll try checking it out and see if it hooks me for next month…