TV Show Discussion Thread

Quite slowly making my way through New Dr. Who since I’ve found it to be on Amazon Prime Video. (Hoping to get to the Capaldi era one day which I’ve never seen)

Just watched the special that first introduces David Tennant.

Gosh, David Tennant is such a handsome man.
It sucks that his character is basically stuck in a coma for 2/3rds of the episode, (I forgot that bit!) but when he gets back on his feet in the last 20 minutes, boy does he love to chew the scenery, ramble, and discover who he is as a new man.
Mmmm mm, my favourite Doctor indeed… :blush:

(I do quite hate the whole Rose/Doctor romantic tension in the show. I forget if it happens much in Tennant’s era, but to me it just feels really weird whenever it was teased in Eccleston’s.)


The new season of Drive to Survive is out. We’re on episode 2 and it’s already clear it’ll be the most entertaining so far.

Way more behind the scenes than previous years plus everyone is more comfortable in front of the cameras.

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Another game series I’m not into but this actually doesn’'t look bad. :ok_hand:


I´m a simple man. I see Walton Goggins in a Western-ish role, I´m in.

(Also I do like Fallout, but don´t have any expectations here)


Snowpiercer Season 4 is finally coming out in 2025! Better late than never!

For context, Season 4 was ordered all the way back in July 2021 before the third season had even aired. However, in January 2023 it was announced that TNT had decided to not air the season since they were stopping with original scripted programming. The kicker? The fourth season had been filmed, had post-production completed, and was essentially totally finished and ready to go. And in the 14 months since then, there’s been pretty much no news, and given how nobody even picked it up during the writers strike when there was a drought of new programs I had lost all hope of it seeing the light of day. But it finally will!

Will it be good? I don’t know, but I do think it will be enjoyable. It’s got Daveed Diggs, Jennifer Connelly, and the Undying himself Sean Bean plus a good supporting cast. First season was really solid, second and third were okay, but the premise of the show is so cool it makes up for other lacking areas: A world frozen over with only a train full of a few thousand people as the only survivors, endlessly circling round the globe. Plus the set designs are just amazing!


House of the Dragon Season 2 has gotten a premiere date of June 16! And they’ve released two trailers to promote it, one for the Greens supporting Aegon II and one for the Blacks who support the rightful Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen!

Season 2’s gonna be a lot more action-packed than Season 1 now that the Dance of the Dragons is on in full!


I found myself really liking this show, despite some glaring instances of “plot armor make this character invincible right now.”

It certainly was better than any GOT past season 4. Really it was better than it had any right to be.

But be wary, HBO! You will not keep striking gold if you keep going to this Thrones material for 4, 5 different shows…


HOTD Season 1 was super impactful for me. After the absolute travesty that was GOT Season 8 I had no hope of any Planetos-based show being any good. However, HOTD really reinvigorated my hope.

A series based on the Dunk & Egg novellas is also ordered and entering production. That could be solid, at least for the first three seasons which have published stories to be based on. Plus its first season can help tide me over since it likely won’t be till 2026 we get HOTD Season 3.

However, I think two shows being made is plenty and none of the other rumored shows seem that interesting to me. An Aegon’s Conquest show? It wasn’t that difficult or long, maybe it could be a miniseries but that’s it. A Jon Snow sequel show? Please don’t remind me of GOT’s ending. A show based on Princess Nymeria set 700 years before the Conquest? Why?

Of course, if a certain author got to doing more writing we might even get a proper adaptation of ASOIAF one day!


X-Men 97.

Unironically and hands down the best thing Disney has produced from the Marvel Mines. Only three episodes are released, but it continues the Marvel Animated Universe from the 90’s.

It’s fun, engaging, mature in some areas. And as someone who isn’t big on Marvel I’m enjoying every bit of it.

Plus the updated intro is fun to watch too.


Season 2 of the excellent Interview with the Vampire starts May 12. :smiley:

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Season 2? That is one long ass interview.


Recently I went through and watched Hazbin Hotel. I really enjoyed it. I don’t usually like many adult cartoon shows but something about it got me into it. I thought the story was good and enjoyed the songs. Something I really liked was the art style. Many of the character designs I thought were really unique and cool.

Lots of the characters also had fancy suits & top hats :eyes:

Which uhh… I like lol