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Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 (2024)

Think I must have missed the beginning/end credits for the 3x completely unrelated episodes of Kevin Costner’s high-budget Western because they seemed to play in one big single lump today without a pause. Very high production values, but the first 3 episodes were all beginnings of stories that will be told in future episodes, and infuriatingly we got an unannounced Coming Next Time trailer at the end of the showing.

For some reason completely unknown to me, I was obliged to watch this 10000000%-a-TV-series-and-0.00000000%-a-movie in the cinema rather than on the streaming platform it belongs on. Maybe Kev got confused when he signed the distribution deal.

Started watching The Boys, currently watching season 2 and well… I had no expectations and still I don’t know what I am watching :sweat_smile: it’s entertaining but I am questioning my own humour with every episode coming :sweat_smile:

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Finally, season 2 of Severance :smiley: … in January… :disappointed:

Guess I have six months to rewatch the first season.

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Inspired by the first film of the series and is not about John or Sarah Connor. Sounds promising to me.


Personally, I’d like them to revamp the whole Terminator franchise, basing it off of Kyle Reese’s most significant line after he first rescues Sarah: “You’ve been targeted for termination.”

Imagine people traveling to various different points in time, informing certain people, who don’t have a big role as far as they know, that they have been targeted for “termination,” and the possibilities that opens up. You see, as Reese was first explaining it, about the nuclear war and such, I envisioned SkyNet sending Terminators back through time to kill certain people because it had calculated the best way to avoid humanity’s extinction through the elimination of particular people are certain points in history, and dispatching terminators to do it. But to avoid a possible worse outcome due to altering history, humans are also traveling to try and stop SkyNet’s plan.

This makes the series not about any specific individual humans and can make each entry its own story, playing to a larger overall narrative. It leans more heavily into the narrative of a computer sending cyborgs to kill people than trying to stop the computer’s rise.

I think that would be a more intriguing way to approach the series if it were to reboot completely.


A Terminator Anime sounds great, but wtf is up with that AI generated first half of the trailer?

EDIT: AH it is one of those fan trailers of things that are not real.


Yeah, some stuff is spliced in there to keep from showing the plot, I think.

New trailer!