Unpopular opinions about Hitman

If you were talking about Freelancer, then I would agree more with you. Combat often feels stacked against you (many guards), and suit-only is a tough objective there, much like Colorado is

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I have played and beaten Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. I have no idea what the plot is actually about, besides the setup of 47 returning to the ICA so he can try to rescue his priest friend.

That’s not an opinion though :no_mouth: Or do you mean you didn’t find the story captivating enough to follow the plot?


Yeah, I think that’s a good way of putting it, but the plot does seem pretty convoluted. Like with Sergei and his allies and it’s meant to tie-in with the aftermath of Codename 47, but I would have no idea what Sergei’s associates were trying to accomplish, or what it really meant if he won. Besides kidnapping the priest, I’m not sure how it is really relevant to 47 anyway. I think the other classic Hitman games work well because they have relatively easy to understand broadstrokes of what is happening, you don’t need to know or understand all the details to know about Codename 47’s Five Fathers, 47’s fever dreams in Contracts, or that the ICA is falling apart behind the scenes in Blood Money.

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Hm I can agree with that, the general plot is pretty clear and basic, but a lot of nuances go unexplained and you have to draw some far-fetched conclusions of your own to make the whole picture come together. Some of the story moments were cut so I suppose this is a sign of that…

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Basically, the whole thing was about Sergei getting 47 back into the business so that he could sell a nuke to enemies of the USA. 47 agreed to the contracts, not knowing they were from the very guy who kidnapped his friend, so ICA could find him. After a while, 47 gave up hope but decided to just keep working since he was back to something familiar, and then near the end, the people Sergei wanted to sell the bomb to just stole it and that allowed ICA to figure out Sergei was the culprit, so 47 took care of the cult who took the bomb, and then dealt with Sergei, and surprise, his priest friend was alive after all. Thats the gist of it.


Glad they got rid of the goofy mad hatter villain in Contracts.

Yo dawg you better don’t talk smack about Ivan Zilvanovitch, all my homies love Ivan Zilvanovitch


Apparently my brain doesn’t work and I forgot the map is from Hitman 2, my bad

honestly i dont hate absolution at all. i love when there is a video game series and at least one of the games or more in the series are different all together. absolution being more restrictive and linear is something i like.