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I don’t know how or when this became a trope, but I’m getting bored of seeing this: if, in any kind of fictional setting that takes place roughly in the present day, you have a character who is a black man and is a bounty hunter, that character is going to be wearing a cowboy hat and a trench coat. You do not see this with a character of any other race or gender, at least not exclusively. Jason Goes To Hell, The Blacklist, Fear The Walking Dead, it doesn’t matter. If your bounty hunter is a black man, he will look like he belongs in a Marty Robbins song.

The last “horror” movie i watched was the nun after which i couldn’t sleep alone for a year :{

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I have never in my life had a bad dream or a sleepless night because of a horror movie (or any other kind for that matter).

I only saw 3 movies in an actual cinema and The Nun was one of 'em. I remember the little kids in the front rows laughing throughout the entire thing, mostly because of the Frenchie character.

There were also lots of “don’t look back” from them :grin: