Unpopular Opinions

Well, we have unpopular opinions about hitman and other video games, and a general one seems missing. Do you have an unpopular point of view say about music? celebrities? food? Feel free to express it here!

But to keep a thread on rail, There are a few things worth of considering before you post:

  • Others might ask about the “why” about your opinion. You must be able to defend it with reasonable points without violence or bad language.

  • Civilized conversation is a primer

  • If you don’t agree with someone, it doesn’t mean you can fool/insult/offense him/her.

Let me start:
Narcos is better than Breaking Bad.
Beatles music doesn’t worth listening.


i may find that a little difficult, though i promise not to direct said language at anyone in fucking particular.


Kale Chips shouldn’t exist.

PB&J is the best Sandwich in both simplicity and flavor.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato is amazing.

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unpopular opinion
chocolate ice cream and lemon sorbet together is good as hell
everyone says its weird but its great to me

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A large percentage of society is growing too sensitive for certain types of humor.


Society needs another George Carlin to show up and irritate these kind of people.


It’s mostly in the western countries that seem to have this issue and it’s been brought up many times by comedians.

People nowadays have a hard time separating things that are said as a joke and things that are truly offensive and disrespectful, same as how easy it is nowadays to call someone a nazi even though that person doesn’t “qualify” as one.


Casino is better than Goodfellas.

The greatest episode of any TV series ever made is the last episode of The Jinx.


i agree. i think there’s a similar difference to the one between holy grail and life of brian. the former is a collection of very funny scenes, but the latter is both very funny and is more focused and cohesive.

have you got any examples?

if we’re talking very generally and very, very basically here, folks on both the left and right think he would’ve ‘had their back’ so to speak, when - and i don’t wish to speak for him, buuuut - he may well have given both ‘groups’ both barrels.

as i recall, he hated ‘groups’ on principle.


One example:

Jokes based on races even if it’s not meant to harm/hurt anyone of the specific race. Ive seen a shitton of movies with guys taking the piss out of another race and that shit was hilarious to all parties.

Tell the same joke on the street and you’re beaten into the hospital. Same goes with jokes based on gender, age, culture and so on. People need to learn how to laugh more often and don’t take everything personal.


A glass of orange juice tastes best in the morning, after brushing your teeth.

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i’m having trouble imagining a joke ‘based on race’ where that race isn’t belittled in someway. jokes tend to require economy of language, so everything mentioned tends to factor in to either the set-up or the punchline.

what movie(s) are you thinking?

(i’m not trying to be awkward here btw)

i don’t disagree with that.

who hurt you?


No one, i was born like this


wait, you were born a rabbit?!


They can exist, and I can give you some examples. It’s all based and depends on the society. For instance, Kurds in Iran have symbolic pants which are wide.

As a matter of joke, any wide pair of pants is called Kurdish pants.

Or another one, (some) Lors (A race again) perform some crazy actions in their weddings/special ceremonies. Video for refrence:

So you might be said “Are you a Lor?” if you do such, with no intension to offense Lors.

my understanding of iranian culture is…

(checks notes)

…zero. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

it sounds like what you’re describing are more stereotypes than jokes; would that be fair to say…? if so, i’d say they’re a bit different from each other.

jokes are, like, a narrative form or rhetorical device that employs exaggeration and twists to specifically make people laugh, whereas stereotypes are simply a generalisation of a group of people (which could be either fairly benign or dangerously malicious) and aren’t explicitly used to entertain or make people laugh.

god. i sound so boring :joy:

Looks like me and my boys dancing, just the music is different.


Unpopular opinion: I just don’t find Carlin consistently funny, I use him to remind myself that being witty doesn’t equate to being funny.

Anybody mentioned “pineapple pizza is good” thing yet?
Well, here you go


I don’t like Pink Floyd. I find most of their work overwrought, too long and/or just kind of pretentious. We invented punk for a reason, guys.