Unrealistic things in Hitman

So far the most unrealistic thing I’ve come across happened in Mendoza (spoilers):

Shortly after watching Don Yates be shoved off the balcony by his wife, I made my way down to the vineyard and watched as the Chief Winemaker received a phone call from Yates, demanding that he provide a tour to the guests of honor.

Everybody knows that senior partners don’t make calls like that, they make their assistants do it.


The inscription on the pedalboard “IOI sound” is the Easter egg )


the most unrealistic thing in the game is also the most obvious and one of my favourite aspects of the series: hardly anyone bats an eyelid at the huge bald guy with the barcode on the back of his dome.

it’s a trite point, for sure, but i adore how silly it is, particularly when 47 disguises himself as someone one of the npcs has been talking to not a minute earlier.

i had a head canon excuse when i used to take things more seriously, but i’ve since learned to embrace the absurdity (plus woa blew it out of the water).


Target is throwing alive, 47 enters, drowns his target and then comes out of the toilet through the sole door and target’s bodyguards are just thinking it’s a dramatic accident…

Or Ingram is exploding after shooting a golf ball and it’s just an accident… Well, in the world of Hitman, golf ball with TNT inside is normal.

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Similar stuff that people would quickly figure out IRL happens all the time. Like - a person is alone in the room, they see 47 entering the room, going behind their back, then they get pacified - but they still have no idea who did that.


I don’t get how drowning in a toilet can be considered an accident.

Also, I don’t think 47 would ever use phones to call people in the location considering the risk that the calls may be recorded.

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A voice distortion maybe? I think it would be a necessity for his line of work :stuck_out_tongue:

During the Berlin level i’m stood at a Blending In point, and a guy walks up to a guard stood right next to me and says “Hey i’m looking for a bald guy with a tattoo on his head, have you seen him?”

So basically you’re caught by an enforcer when you’re stood at a table, but you’re not caught if you’re stood at the table holding a cup.

Stood at a table = assassin, fugitive
stood at a table holding a cup = innocent partygoer


My favorite unrealistic thing is that 47 can dump literally a hundred bullet-ridden bodies out a third story window and not once does the guard standing right where they land say “Hey, maybe I should check out the upper floors to see where all these corpses are coming from.” :thinking:

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I forgot this one. The fact that guards can just wake up unconscious people :joy:

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The fact that unconscious npcs dumped into freezers apparently survive :grin:


The fact that running around squatting like you need to poop is considered “stealthy”.

That’s the way super spies walk!

Haha yes! I played the mission story in Dubai today, where you disguise as Kazem and it’s so silly. He has hair and a very large birthmark in his face and he just talks to that lady and five minutes later a huge bald man stands before her and she is like “oh Mister Kazem, glad you changed your mind! Follow me!” :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Aah, moments like these never get old… Still, gotta appreciate at least those occasions where the npcs and 47 actually bear some resemblance (the test subject in Chongqing in particular, bald with a tattoo QR code on the back of his head, despite being Chinese :grin: ).


I love how in H1 they atleast tried to explain it with the likes of Helmut Kruger and Jason Portman looking similar to 47 but later just gave up.


It’s pretty on par with the original Codename 47 where the police captain in Hong Kong will comment on that he did not expect a triad to be represented by a european…

…then nobody noticed in the Lee Hong Assassination that the one surviving triad member in the room full of corpses happens to be the white guy.


Whenever you start working for a security outfit, you are equipped with a standard-issue bodybag, which you carry on you at all times. Bound to come in handy and good for worker morale!

“911” and other emergency hotlines are unavailable right now. Please deal with your own problems.

When changing disguises, 47 makes it a point of honour to also wear his victim’s socks. Walk a mile in another man’s shoes, sure, but not without his damp socks to boot!

“How to organise your interior”, rule number 1: buy a lot of closet space but DO NOT USE IT! Better to leave those scissors, wrenches and propane flasks laying around.


NPCs dont react to another NPC suddenly dissappearing
NPCs dont react to seeing blood on the floor

I am pretty sure this is the opposite of how an assassination via explosive golf ball would work in real life.


That’s a classic spy move! Don’t you remember Sean Connery in «You Only Live Twice»? He disguised himself as a Japanese – and everybody fell for it. It was horrible to watch.