Unrealistic things in Hitman

I don’t see Sean Connery in that picture. Is he behind that Japanese gentleman?


Every time 47 types into a security camera station and it explodes.

Like how? What could he possibly type that makes a computer explode?


He’s an enhanced clone, remember? He just types shit fast af and the servers get overloaded

Obviously you’ve never met my parents. They can destroy any computer in the blink of an eye.


Sometimes you don´t even have to type :joy:


They’re probably all still running on XP, security vulnerabilities galore

Using a spray can as (an efficient and reliable) silencer :thinking:

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That’s not all unrealistic, in the game it still makes a louder noise than the usual silencer and the flame is hidden by the can so it works as intended It’s just a “gamey” thing that silencers are so silent no one can hear them

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47 is known to be highly intelligent and frugal, yet still he prefers and insists to instert more coins in the soda machine instead of picking up all the cans it already dispensed.

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Anyone would notice that Agent 47 clearly doesn’t blend in anywhere, in any Clothing he wears.

Also when NPC 1 is talking to NPC 2 and then NPC 2 walks away and you pacify them and take their disguise but NPC 1 doesn’t notice anything seems off about the new “NPC 2”. :joy:

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The fact that 47 can haul, lift and dump an unconscious adult without so much as a grunt.

The fact that I can call people within minutes of them talking to the person I just knocked out and they don’t question why I sound much sexier completely different


47 can only throw stuff at KO’d people. Wouldn’t it be much easier to slit a throat on a knocked out guard than to throw it at him from 10 feet away? Maybe 47 just wants to show off or likes the challenge.

To be fair, in the world of Hitman are no fat people, so that comes in handy for him

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To be fair, 47 has more muscle-power in one finger than most of us have in our whole body.

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That actually makes sense. A waiter who’s carrying a weapon is probably up to no good. Makes perfect sense that it would be suspicious and a good reason to arrest 47 in 99% of all cases.


Well there were in Silent Assassin and Contracts, but they weren’t exactly… flattering representations of fat people.

Really I think it comes down to the dude has so much upper body strength he can hang by his fingertips for an indefinite amount of time without even flexing.

There was this weird mechanic in Blood Money where you could “pass” a frisk by hurriedly surrendering your weapon as part of the process, but like… nobody ever seemed to question why a random contractor working on the refurbishment was carrying a $10,000 customized pistol with a silencer and a scope.


but remember during the riots when 911 Really was unavailable ?

Yeah but a muscular guard who who’s 6’2 and 200 lbs is not a light load either.

Just proves my headcanon that 47 was benching Diana in the safehouse while she planked to work on her abs.


It depends on the location. American states where it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon (like Vermont where you don’t need a license), confiscate. If in somewhere like Berlin or China, then it’s illegal to conceal carry so it’s an arrestable offence.
UAE is one of those places where only citizens are allowed to carry concealed.You could argue that the assassin is a citizen, but for the sake of ambiguity it’s fair that if you have a gun on you, then that’s an illegal act

It’s illegal here in Canada too

Why y’all gotta have your guns on you at all times is just beyond me but hey different cultures and all…