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Now THIS is good and new!

Ship customization and upgrading confirmed!

New types of objectives in a mission, even optional ones it seems to help you take down your enemies! (Like the artillery gun to take out a fog-creating device of evil!!)

This so far looks like a bigger, better-looking version of the Original Helldivers and that’s pretty cool.
Just hope that there’s a few lingering omissions that get revealed later. No mention or glimpse at mechs or vehicles. Still only chatter about 2 distinct factions when the original had 3.

Edit: I noticed when they showed off the Stratagems and the currency Requisition to buy them, there seemed to be yet another “Big number/Smaller Number, different coloured icons” thing in the top right where the currency was.
Methinks there’ll still be some premium currency involved, hopefully strictly for cosmetics, but still… why can’t we have full paid games with no extra premium currency paid BS.

And how in the world did Sucker Punch Studio manage to convince Sony to let them make a multiplayer horde spinoff of Tsushima, with zero MTX or premium purchases in this day and age…


Once more into the fray!

Can’t wait for Helldivers 2, previews are starting to come out now and it really does look chaotic as the first game, maybe more.

Also, mechs have been confirmed for post-launch. Great! They’ve been mysteriously missing from the game’s trailers so far, so it’s good to see they haven’t abandoned vehicles in the new one.


Aw man, wow, sorry for the triple-post about Helldivers but it’s looking more and more interesting as a sequel/evolution from the original game.

It’ll be live-service right? So, bunches of content are planned to hopefully be developed and released later on to change the game and add new strategies to players.

But, in taking inspiration from tabletop RPGs, they’ve developed a system and a human team, that can track players’ progress and strategies and very quickly push out real-time updates to your mission or the war at large.
This could either be a good thing like getting a really powerful weapon, or a hinderance like needing to wait twice as long for the extraction ship at the end…

It’s very interesting to see, since the first game had a very rigid, simple, "do as many missions with other players to fight the enemy – if you win or you die, another war starts immediately and everything is reset again – but with this, it looks like they’re going to try and build a more curated narrative to the war effort, under the fun guise of “Super Earth High Command” I guess :smile: :wink:

Final Rebirth trailer.

Game looks absolutely ginormous. Like, big enough that the 150GB size that was revealed last week almost seems small.

Most importantly, Sailor Barret confirmed. :grin:



This better has the holy hand grenade!


I was always interested in Epic Mickey but never had a Wii. (Until recently, that is.) It’s great to see it on modern platforms!

(Coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Steam)


Originally directed by Warren Spector, creator/director of DEUS EX.

Never played Epic Mickey, but I am curious.

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Was thinking how this list of mine has already updated quite a bit in less than two months with some new annoucements and/or release dates.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle - Wasn´t sure what to expect back in January. Then the trailer came out. Indy, Marcus, Sallah, Nazis, globe-trotting, RotLA/TLC vibes… Very much looking forward to this.

Ghost of Tsushima DC - Took nearly four years to port to PC. Finally can endulge in those ninja AC vibes (in the same year when Ubisoft will probably finally churn out its own ninja AC game?).

Vivat Slovakia - Been on my wishlist quite a while, wasn´t sure when/if it´s gonna come out. Recently confirmed to come out in early access in spring. Finally gonna have an open world crime game set in the wild 90´s. Would´ve preferred a Czech setting, but this is the next best thing. Visually not very appealing, but I´m hoping it´ll have ´heart´.

Gray Zone Warfare - Yet another Czech realistic-ish tactical shooter. Looks like it won´t have much of a single player, but the setting is intriguing, so I´ll keep my eyes on it.

Kaiserpunk - Not planning on buying it straight up or anything, but the city builder with grand strategy crossover in a WWI-ish setting has me very intrigued.

Psycho Patrol R - From the same guy/team that did Cruelty Squad (which I haven´t played). Concept looks a bit more intriguing and the visuals seem a bit less likely to give me vertigo. But only a little.

Side note:
Old School Rally - I don´t really play racing games, so why do I like the look of this one so much? The old-school visuals? Yeah, most likely.


Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown certainly looks gorgeous, and is promising a lot. Whether or not it will deliver, I guess we’ll see, but I hope. Hopefully they’ll actually reveal the release date soon, but at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll be a 2025 release date.


Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, it’s finally happening. :partying_face:

System Shock Remake on PlayStation and Xbox May 21st. :smiley:


Cool! I don’t know much about System Shock other than it’s a really good classic game that influenced a lot of other stuff I guess. Cool to see the remake is gonna be on my preferred platform of choice though!


Basically, System Shock is similar to other stories where an AI super computer with full control over too much stuff gains sentience and becomes hostile.

Where it differs is that the AI in this case, SHODAN, is not coldly logical like SkyNet, nor is she passive-aggressive and insane like GLaDos; rather, she’s got a massive ego to the point of seeing herself as a goddess, views humans as nothing more than meaty insects, and treats you, the player, like a simp ex-boyfriend whose life she’s trying to ruin. She doesn’t shut up with her glitchy, garbled mocking of you throughout both her games, making you want to end her more thoroughly than your average video game baddie.

And unlike most other such AI who have control only over other machines, SHODAN takes it to the next level; in the first game at least, not only does she control all of the space station’s robots, which is bad enough, she also uses them to perform experiments on the humans she doesn’t straight up kill, turning some into deadly cyborgs who are in constant pain and can’t control their actions as she uses them to kill other humans, and mutating others into hideous monsters like the plot of a Resident Evil story, in an attempt to create her own lifeforms that will worship her as their goddess. SHODAN is evil AI taken to Thanos levels.