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No, Heath’s and I was careful to phrase it that way. I like the version Jack did more, don’t get me wrong, but Jack’s version didn’t lead to 15 years of people just thinking of the Joker as John Doe in clown makeup, it was Heath’s version that did that.

I like Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix as Jokers, they were in their way unique.

I don’t exactly know how Jared Leto plays the role but I find his appearance in trailers offputting enough to not watch Suicide Squad even once. Reminds me too much of drug abuse compared to the classical psychopath mindset the Joker has.
I think for the older Jokers like Jack Nicholson I am not nostalgic enough. These seem more like theatrical roles and I am not super into those.

EDIT: Wtf this is not the Unpopular opinion or some movie thread, guys don’t bait bystanders into derailing pls


Well, in fairness to them, no one asked me to join in.

The Joker is severely overrated as a character. He’s more annoying than anything. Lego DC Supervillains is the only Lego game I haven’t bothered to do 100% because it’s too Joker-heavy. I’ve never played the Arkham games though so I can’t speak to those.


They’re fantastic and one of the best versions of the character, and of the Batman mythos in general. Joker is hardly overrated. If anything, he’s underrated. Most casual viewers/readers/players just think he’s a guy in clown makeup who laughs a lot and always loses to Batman; only one of those things is true. Those who don’t think much of him seem to have no real notion of what this character represents.

Contrary to my earlier sentiment, I do have a couple games I think I’m looking forward to. Civilization 7 is supposed to be coming out this year. Microsoft has a Civilization-like game coming soon too. I think there’s also a Sims-like game coming out this year as well.

@Heisenberg I’m glad you enjoy the character. I don’t. He is annoying in almost every iteration I’m aware of.


I would question your taste, but unlike AccidentalKills, whose taste spectrum is all over the place and indecipherable as a result, I already have an idea of yours (looks at 47’s red tie), and so it’s less mysterious and you’re just… weird like that. But I love ya anyway.

Anyway, back to the topic, all I’m looking forward to this year are Hitman updates, and Assassin’s Creed Red, or whatever its actual name turns out being.

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I have to assume that there will be some sort of Freelancer updates this year. It’s been a full year of the mode and we know that there are at least the holiday decorations still unreleased. It’d be nice to be able to decorate for Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc.

And right back at ya friend!

I haven’t been following the lead-up to this game, but I did check out this video earlier today (either direct from them or some other channel – it had the Joker front and center, and I was intrigued (and afraid) of them yet again trying to use Joker to spice things up).

It did cause me to raise one eyebrow in interest though. :thinking:

The marketing team is honestly doing its best to pivot away from the “Battle Pass Greedy Monetization” debacle of last year that caused this whole delay.
All the “Player First/ Player-centric” lingo used to emphasize that they’re putting their thoughts for the community first with this extra content is neat.

The fact it’ll have a live-service roadmap of dripfed content is interesting, including new mini story missions, environments, and outfits all for free (with some monetization on the side with the cosmetic store I assume)
But they did confirm they aren’t going to have a battle pass with is super great.

And apart from that…? Ehh, I take my leave once more.
The gameplay really doesn’t interest me given it’s some sort of open-world, mob-shooting, everyone-uses-guns thing and I don’t associate that with the Suicide Squad game I’d like, or the Arhkam-verse sequel I’d want either. But hey if they can deliver on some solid post-launch content that is free and permanent, then I hope the players are happy. This actually looks like a live-service-type game that took some steps back and realized they’d need to make some financial sacrifices to deliver on a game that people would actually pay for and potentially be successful.

Sidenote: I’m still really miffed that The Last Of Us Online has been cancelled tho… That IP is massive, and if it was anything like the original’s multiplayer with focus on stealth, crafting and cover-shooting, I’m sure it would have been a hit and a very successful big-name online game. There’s still nothing like it out there, even after 10 years, uuugh. :tired_face:


Is it that hard to understand, I just don’t like any version of him post-Silver Age and I think he takes away the focus from other villains? I like literally every other villain he has in his gallery, for fuck’s sake it isn’t like my favourite Batman isn’t some arcane or obscure Z-lister, it is fucking Two-Face for crying out loud followed by the Mr. Freeze and then the Riddler.

Really? I have seen absolutely nothing about it. I hope they keep Australia as a civilisation, it was nice to see us included in the game for once.

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I want to see what Hexen is all about, it is nice to see the HRE get some rep outside of strategy games.

It’s not much, but here you go.


I wasn’t referring just to Batman, but various subjects. Based off of what I know about you, the things we agree on and the things we argue about, your tastes are oddly hard to predict.

Ah, so we do have some version of the character to work with.

Psh, peons who are barely threats by comparison. Their psychological issues make them interesting but none of them are close to being physical or psychological threats to Batman anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, especially in the Arkham games, but they’re side missions for a reason.

They get all the focus they need. Really, there are no other villains and there is no gallery; there’s the Joker, and then there’s the guys who keep Batman from getting bored while the Joker thinks up his next scheme. The only other real Batman villain is Ra’s al Ghul, and unfortunately, nobody can come up with any new stories for him lately that aren’t rehash, which is admittedly a shame. Oh, and the Court of Owls, but ditto to the same issue as Ra’s.



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Holy Roman Empire? I thought Red was supposed to be set in feudal Japan?

Oh, duh! :man_facepalming: God, I’m losing it lately.

Red is, but @Accidental_Kills98 is referring to the big game set to come after that, which is rumored to take place in the dark ages and deal with witches (which means a group of women Assassins who’ve gained access to some technology left by Those Who Came Before that they’ll use against the Templars but end up persecuted by the Church for it). Supposedly, it’s gonna be a dark, maybe even horror-based installment of the AC series.


What makes the Joker character interesting is the dynamic with Batman. Arkham-verse Joker is arguably one of the most compelling versions of the character since while he is dead, he affected Batman in ways we never seen before in both comics and other various media. The Joker segments in Knight are the highlight of the Story in an otherwise okayish story for a finale.

Joker repetition especially in recent years is very much cause they try to reinvent the character but go about it in ways that don’t work.

It’s why Heath Ledgers Joker works and Leto’s doesn’t. It’s why Phoenix’s Joker is Tragic and compelling and Cameron Monaghan’s version despite legal work arounds is messy.

Phoenix’s portrayal of the character despite taking aspects of Jokers definitive and go to origin story that being “The Killing Joke” is probably the biggest departure for the character. For every failed comedian and “one bad day” we got, we also got more interesting details like an abusive mentally ill mother that gave their child a brain injury leading them to compulsively and uncontrollably laugh.

The Joker can be interesting if done right and so far this Multiverse Joker variant doesn’t look nor seem interesting, but that’s cause Rocksteady already has their Joker, even if that joker is dead and locked away in Batman’s Arkham’s Patient Isolation mind prison at the end of Arkham Knight.

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Pour one out for the Jonkler lads, sent to the Alsume before his time. F

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Now THIS is good and new!

Ship customization and upgrading confirmed!

New types of objectives in a mission, even optional ones it seems to help you take down your enemies! (Like the artillery gun to take out a fog-creating device of evil!!)

This so far looks like a bigger, better-looking version of the Original Helldivers and that’s pretty cool.
Just hope that there’s a few lingering omissions that get revealed later. No mention or glimpse at mechs or vehicles. Still only chatter about 2 distinct factions when the original had 3.

Edit: I noticed when they showed off the Stratagems and the currency Requisition to buy them, there seemed to be yet another “Big number/Smaller Number, different coloured icons” thing in the top right where the currency was.
Methinks there’ll still be some premium currency involved, hopefully strictly for cosmetics, but still… why can’t we have full paid games with no extra premium currency paid BS.

And how in the world did Sucker Punch Studio manage to convince Sony to let them make a multiplayer horde spinoff of Tsushima, with zero MTX or premium purchases in this day and age…


Once more into the fray!

Can’t wait for Helldivers 2, previews are starting to come out now and it really does look chaotic as the first game, maybe more.

Also, mechs have been confirmed for post-launch. Great! They’ve been mysteriously missing from the game’s trailers so far, so it’s good to see they haven’t abandoned vehicles in the new one.