Urben's Holiday Special #2 - Featured Contracts

Merry Christmas and a happy new year :partying_face:

Santa’s Workshop Strike The Naughties’ Terminations
Mendoza contract by @Kevin_Rudd Whittleton Creek contract by @Mebiusdore

Our client is a wealthy industrialist who runs a series of workshops. Sadly his workshop in Mendoza currently has a walkout of staff, who are slacking off instead of making toys during the busy Christmas period.

Due to the walkout you'll need to find a workshop bench and make a toy yourself, there should be one in the mercenary area, then use that toy to deal with the slackers and send a message to the rest of the staff.

Merry Hunting
Some of Nolan Cassidy’s bodyguards have been caught by Santa Claus himself, he hired us to take care of them as he can’t do it himself as the chimmey in Cassidy’s house is too small for Santa to fit. Make sure you dress the part, use demolition and extermination.

Santaweevil’s SONOKO The Exodus
Paris contract by @Charlie_Farmer New York contract by @GKPunk
Happy holidays one and all! And thank you Urben for having me. Santa’s little helpers have caught 4 people of Paris doing nasty things, ol’ Léopold is refusing acceptance, Jean, Charles and Akiko are smoking in no smoking zones!!! They continue to lower peoples spirits in a time of need. Eliminate they and enjoy the holidays!
Santa Claus & Wigglyweevil211
Hello, there isn’t much to say, yet there is a lot to say. Four of our clients have left us with bad taste in their mouths. We might not be able to bring them back but we sure want to do some damage control. These four targets have been up to no good, but frankly he have no good reason to take them out either. Some of these methods are our clients' preferred methods. Use them, make them proud.

Thanks for you time.

Contract ID: 67193.

Operation: Presents Calm Before Christmas Eve
Ambrose Island contract by @Mich_TRC Chongqing contract by @Pagan
Santa Claus has come to Ambrose Island to deliver presents to all the boys and girls , too bad he found out that they were on the naughty list… Hello 47,
We all know, Christmas comes earlier to Chongqing than other cities and countries.
You have to get rid of chattering and suspicious people all around the city or else according to our sources, these people will make louder noise tomorrow.
Do not let them go!

Good Luck 47.

Six Chimneys In Königsberg
Dartmoor Garden Show contract by me
King Frederick William I of Prussia loves his capital Königsberg. Through it flows the river Pregolya and two islands in it are also part of the city. For a long time he wondered if it would be possible to visit all the beautiful areas while walking over each of the seven bridges exactly once.
The famous mathematician Leonhard Euler formally proved that this is not possible. One would have to walk over at least one bridge again.

Santa Claus has a very similar task every year. How to reach the chimneys of all good children without unnecessary back and forth?
You can get a taste for this problem today by taking care of six particularly naughty ones.

The following Little Helpers supported me at checking the submissions for this batch of Featured Contracts:
bgyorok, Faiz51, Ham_Train, Joseph, jan342, Kesington019, linux_penguin, PapaLevy, Switcher

Please wait for additional information to be be added here. This post is reserved for Urben so he can share his thoughts behind why he chose these contracts

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Congratulations to the winners!


I’ll edit the OP to look a bit more fancy, but I can’t wait to tag the authors:

@Kevin_Rudd, @Charlie_Farmer, @Mebiusdore, @Punk, @Mich_TRC, @Pagan!


Congrats to everybody who was picked and thank you @Urben for hosting this FC batch again!


Yo wtf Pagan got featured??? W! W!


@Kevin_Rudd nice suit


Love those images,especially you put then together


I love the transition between mine and the exodus contract, thx @Urben. Really pumped because such a powerful role in the Hitman community picked my contact! :heart:


My run of Urben’s FC:【杀手3/特色契约】Six Chimneys In Königsberg SA 2:02_单机游戏热门视频


@Charlie_Farmer had already watched it but why not sharing it here?


hell yeah urben and Charlie and congrats everyone who got selected


I’ve kind of lost my passion for contract making, minimal as it was, but congrats to the winners!

I really enjoyed the one I played so far (@Charlie_Farmer’s); it wasn’t what I was expecting so I had to rethink things on the fly (and remember how to do Paris SO).

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Well, i have counted 5 different SONOKO methods (with way more Speedrunning ways to come also) so that’s all part of it! Glad you enjoyed it!

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I sometimes skip the ratings, whenever I feel like most of what I got to say is negetive and this time it’s pretty much the same, I won’t do ratings, I hated most of these contract…


BEST: SantaWeevil’s SONOKO: Can anyone point out a flaw in this contract? Because personally, everything was done greatly, great target choices, great kill opportunities, great possible routes, everything was made with thought and care, the worst that can be said about this one is that it’s too simple but simplicity is key over here, 9/10 for sure.

2ND PLACE: Six Chimneys In Königsberg: This incredible concept was excecuted so well it’s amazing, in a map with a single starting location you’d think there are no routes, with this one, in each playthrough you can go completely different and it will impact your gameplay that way, wonderful execution, 8/10.

3RD PLACE: Calm Before Christmass Eve: This is just an incredibly solid sniper contract, from start to finish, an Any/Any with less freedom but definite fun to play through, 8/10.

4TH PLACE: The Exodus: If it wasn’t for the need to get creative in order to solve the contract, I bet Urben would’ve skipped it, the kill methods in combination with the targets required some creativity to excecute, fun to solve, 7/10.

5TH PLACE: Santa’s Workshop Strike: This was fun to play but it felt like I needed to cheese it through, still a fun puzzle, multiple elements combined with stealthing, loud shooting and target isolations, 7/10.

6TH PLACE: Operation: Presents: simply run through Ambrose, lockpick door, and headshot sleeping NPCs, requires patience and strategy, but still simple enough and quite uninteresting at certain points, 1 target quite further from all of the others is a bit annoying to run over to, still decent, 6/10.

WORST: The Naughties’ Termination: It’s a fine contract, tho I found it to be cheesy and kinda pointless, required a strat to go through it, but kinda limiting, and I didn’t liked the concept, I did it with 2 breachers and sedative poison, so I can’t get the idea, oh well, I think that 6/10 is the highest I’ve ever given to a “worst” contract, it’s 6/10.


Good point, but a short and simple contract that is very good, is better than a complicated puzzle that starts a durian gray situation again. Sorry to whoever made that one! :heart:


Thank you for the feedback! And for playing all of them :smiley:

I edited the top post to the style of the first Holiday Special thread. Scroll up again to read the briefings, look at the pictures or… uh… take a jog on the mouse wheel.


My thoughts after having played them all:

Santa’s Workshop Strike - TIL you can craft a shitty gun in Mendoza lol. While I generally don’t like sneaking around the wine factory, that contract was still pretty good with gunfire noise management and despite a lot of restarts, I still enjoyed it. 4/5

The Naughties’ Terminations - Explosives yay :smiley: This contract was basically a carbon copy of my default Whittleton start in the Freelancer CTT, so it was over pretty quickly but I still replayed it a couple of times to do it faster. 4/5

Operation: Presents - Instantly became my favorite of the bunch when I realized what all targets had in common :smiley: It was very easy but that did not make it any less hilarious. 5/5

The Exodus - I’m generally not a fan of axe contracts since they usually require a lot of running around in guard disguises to position the weapon near the targets, and this was no exception. Here there were an axe target and a propane target very close to each other but you can’t carry both at the same time, so I had to backtrack to get the axe. In the end I didn’t like it much. 2/5

Six Chimneys In Königsberg - I liked the symmetry a lot. Sadly I’m not really a fan of that map (I prefer the inside of the manor itself) so I only played it once without really trying to do more than getting SA in a dozen minutes or so. 3/5

CALM BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE - I… don’t get it? It’s just a generic any / any with no complications? It’s far from being unplayable but I don’t really understand why this was selected :x 2/5

Santaweevil’s SONOKO - I usually enjoy this user’s contracts, and this one did not disappoint either. I replayed it a few times to try different routes, starting from the top or the bottom of the palace. Grand Marshal Akiko was kinda annoying since 47 kept doing stupid stuff like blowing up the guy near her or throwing propane in her face, but it didn’t prevent me from enjoying the contract. 4/5


There was a sniper in the thumbnail, they made it pretty obvious


Yeah but why weren’t sniper or accident kills enforced? I tried to do it with a sniper at first, got seen while failing to blow up a seemingly bulletproof bike and went, eh whatever I’ll just bring a couple of tasers and poisons and that’ll be it :x