Vote for upcoming Legacy Elusive Targets

Voted for as many of the Legacy ETs that aren’t already in the Arcade as I could. If we’ve already got them available to play permanently in some form, I’d rather not see that LET slot “wasted” on something we already have access to.


oh yeah what happened with that

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I guess it got scrapped because it’s the only three objective ET (that we know of) for difficulty reasons, possibly after The Fixer’s difficulty “issue”.

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hopefully they give this to us

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Voted for the most underused ones - The Sensation, The Pharmacist, The Ex-Dictator, The Warlord.

Also for the two I consider the best - The Bad Boy and The Deceivers.

Really hope to see them as either ETs or ETAs. Both would be perfect!


I hope that some of the Legacy Elusive Targets reappear also under the form of Elusive Target Arcade. It would give an opportunity to play them again.
I’d love that new ETA batches would be released throughout Year 2 in addition to classical ET contracts.


I think it’s great you guys are asking us even if it’s just to guide your hand. Now “turn up my tunes.”


I see a severe lack of The Revolutionary on here :frowning:

Oh I read it. I will just have to be patient. Warlord it is!


The top poll doesn’t have great options - Pharmacist has some dialogue with Dalia but is very boring otherwise. The bottom poll, though - Warlord is great, tons of dialogue, enforcer, changes level conditions, but has a frustrating bug where the guards to her suite immediately open fire on you if you walk past them in the wrong disguise. It’s a hostile area but they don’t warn you away - please fix that before relaunching it, because it cost a LOT of people their runs. I’d love to see this added to the arcade because it’s pretty substantially different to the standard mission.

Do not bring back the Fixer.

Badboy I loved how you could blow up his car to make him come out. I almost killed myself doing it the first time but I was a few pixels away, thankfully. He also plays Kane and Lynch and has some really funny dialogue while he plays it, but is actually quite tough to kill SA and I had to lure his entire bodyguard entourage away first.

Do not bring back the Fixer.

Last one is the Surgeons which I picked mostly because I love the bathrobe and I want more people to have access to it. Second reason is the dick joke dialogue. Third reason is it’s just a great mission - please add this one to the arcade as well.

Do not bring back the Fixer.

If I got a fourth vote I’d pick the Guru because again, dialogue - the plot is surprisingly good (in my opinion). If you’ve never played it, the Guru is a confidence trickster posing as some kind of lifestyle coach for a rich manchild, and his family has hired you to save him - you can’t hurt the manchild, or his lawyer, and there’s some dialogue after you kill the target. I just really enjoyed the story of this one. I wouldn’t bother with the Deceivers honestly - Anthony Troutt isn’t interesting at all.

Do not bring back the Fixer.

On the top poll, Ex-Dictator has a bad problem where a whole section of the hotel will go hostile when he enters it. Same deal as Warlord, if you’re bringing this one back, please fix this first.

Do not bring back the Fixer.


Bring back the Fixer.


Ignore all of these. People who don’t want The Fixer can simply not play The Fixer. This was the most failed Elusive Target ever released by IO’s own data reports, and those of us who kept failing at this guy want payback and at least one last chance to finally put him down properly.

You bring back The Fixer!


Bring back Ghost Mode so I can fight this guy


It sounds like you no like the Fixer. :unamused:

But what about…

Revenge on the Fixer? :thinking:

(insert Drake meme)

Edit: I too wouldn’t mind having him back, especially since the one rule is known by most people now. Then again, I was one of the people that paid attention to the briefing. :sweat_smile:

Edit2: Regarding ‘The Sensation’… That’s one I personally don’t care for. You’ve got to hurry down in a waiter disguise to poison his drink. Otherwise, you’ll need another emetic weapon. I don’t think there are any other opportunities where he voluntarily goes off on his own.



Bring back the sensation.

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We’re bringing Sensa’ baaack!
That mutha fucka gonna get attaaacked!

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The main problem I have with the fixer is that the whole mission is based more on following the courier rather than eliminating the target itself.
You spend almost a quart of a hour following the guy without even taking any action until the fucker finally decide to retrieve the diamond from the right street vendor. The target itself it’s nothing special, he just return to embassy and following Stranderberg like a dog.

The concept it’s not bad, but it could be executed better IMO.

Your point is well made and noted, but in this case, unfortunately, it’s also irrelevant, at least for me. This is personal. I’ve never succeeded at The Fixer, either by botching the hit and ending with an imperfect score, or forgetting what order to do what and failing completely due to auto-fail restrictions. This fact makes my blood boil and gives me personal hatred for this ET. I want The Fixer back to finally get it right. Even better, I want him added to Arcade mode so I can kill him over and over ad infinitum, world without end, Amen. :rage: Whatever difficulties are involved in that, whatever dislike individual community members have for the ET, and whatever shortcomings there are for the ET itself, are no concern of mine.

The Wild Card and Undying ETs never returning are one thing; that’s merely annoying but understandable and I can live with it. If the Fixer never comes back, I will be truly, genuinely pissed.

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Yeah, I feel you. I remember the first time I fucked up this ET: I still managed to complete it, but I get spotted two times in a row, one for killing Xander in the embassy, and the other for wack the courier inside the school. I never forget that frustration.

This is why, in his 2nd reactivation, I zapped him with the phone after I collected the diamonds: my only regret was not being in the place while he felt fried on the ground. :smirk:

Btw, despite this ET not being my favorite of mine, I wouldn’t mind to play it again. The e-phone is gone, but I still have plenty of tools for dispatch of both fuckers undetected. I know it’s cheap but I guess Xander and the guy doesn’t deserve any better.

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Ditto. If he ever comes to Arcade, I’m gonna kill him with every method imaginable, for the aggravation he’s caused me.


IMO you should bring back ones that haven’t been back in a while…

Ex-dictator/Gold digger
And then the badboy because I missed him last time


I would want to see every ET at least have 1 return in H3 just so I can play them all again