Vote for upcoming Legacy Elusive Targets

Hey everyone!

We’re picking the Elusive Targets that will be playable throughout all of Year 2 - and I want your input to help guide the decision-making. I’ve already made a list, but want to see how close it matches with the general consensus here.

Some useful info:

  • Most ET’s from H2 and H3 will be released with a ‘#2’ version in Y2 (so they are not included)
  • Due to poll limitations (max 20 choices), the ETs are split into two polls & listed by release order.
  • Pick your favourite 3 ETs from each poll.
  • This is to guide us, not give a perfect statistical analysis.
  • There’s no guarantees or promises that the ones that come out on top will be included/released.
  • The polls will close at 11am CEST on Monday 28th.

Thank you :grinning:


  • Forger
  • Congressman
  • Prince
  • Sensation
  • Gunrunner
  • Twin
  • Black Hat
  • Pharmacist
  • Fixer
  • Identity Thief
  • Ex-Dictator / Gold Digger
  • Chef
  • Angel of Death

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  • Guru
  • Food Critic
  • Chameleon
  • Blackmailer
  • Warlord
  • Surgeons
  • Bookkeeper
  • Paparazzo
  • Badboy
  • Fugitive
  • Entertainer
  • Deceivers

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Does this mean that “The Undying” or “The Undying Returns” will be released as well?


I’ve updated the OP. “All” → “Most”
Currently, both of the Undying ET’s are not planned to return.


Thank you for your response. I was only asking as I really want to unlock Lil Flashy. Perhaps you guys can make it the next ET Arcade unlock? @Travis_IOI


travis ioi will there suits that is not in the game like the unreleased ones

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I have a general goal to find a place in H3 for unlocks like this. When the time comes, we’ll share how.


Also would really like an opportunity to unlock Lil’ Flashy.

However the 200 inventory item limit bug is still a major issue and is preventing me from wanting to unlock anything until it is fixed. Would also like to see this patched very soon so I can continue unlocking items without fear of losing access to my older unlocks.

To clarify the issue (and yes I have reported this via IOI Support and know of others who have too)… the loadout planning screen appears to have a limit of 200 items. Since H3 now offers way over 200 unlockable items, this limit can be/has been surpassed by the most dedicated players. There is usually no issue when it comes to normal ‘Gear’ slots which only allow you to bring in small items, because the total of small items does not exceed 200. However in any briefcase slots and Agency Pickup (not ‘Stash’) smuggles, the total items exceeds 200 items, and as a result, your oldest items go missing from the screen.

I am unable to bring the default ‘Coin’, ‘ICA Silverballer’ (the original) or ‘Napoleon Blownapart’ in a briefcase slot or agency pickup smuggle now.


this is really good and welcome, awesome that yer polling the community


Is it really necessary to put Standalone Congressman and Guru in there when we have The Deceivers?
I think in general it would be nice to include ETs that haven’t come back since H1 since many H3 players may not have own that game


I literally updated the Known Issues today:

We’ve got this fixed and expected to roll out with our next patch. We had it on our radar but couldn’t reproduce it. The extra info we got in support tickets pointed out the 200 limit and helped to refocus the investigation - and ultimately fix it.

I asked myself the same thing. With the poll limitation to 20, I was considering removing them (and a few others) to make a cleaner, single poll. In truth, I saw a few comments recently about wanting to take them on individually, so I decided to try and have a full list and not exclude anything with my own bias / knowledge.


I see the combined and standalone ETs like separate targets.
I mean I would like to kill them one by one and as a Decievers as well

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Are you able to tell us when the next patch is planned to release?

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I don’t know what y’all’s best go-to resource is for seeing a full list of ETs but I figured that might be helpful for folks like me who can’t remember each ET based off alias alone.

Unless there is a better page/topic here on the forum, I suggest going here for a refresher (I couldn’t find a basic one; I did find the “your methods” list which isn’t as simple and straightforward as I needed as a resource): Elusive Target | Hitman Wiki | Fandom

For H3 (which includes some legacy ETs) we have a good list here: 📝 List of Elusive Targets Threads

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Well, that’s one bet (if it were a bet) I’m glad I lost. :grin:

Me too. But I had another tab open on an image search. Some I knew, others I had to search to refresh my memory.

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The Sensation is my vote, my only failed contract. I did miss a couple of earlier ones, but I want another chance at him.

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From the wiki:
“ Smythe bears a strong resemblance to Justin Bieber, particularly how Bieber looked in the early 2010s. To further strengthen the resemblance, his file name is “jbjr”. “

Let’s goooooooooo


Hi, so how can we unlock Florida suit? Normal ET of Miami not plan to be? And Serial Killer from Whitelon creek ? :woozy_face:

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The only Elusive Target outfit I’m currently missing is the tactical with hat from Colorado so i’m hoping for another chance to unlock that. Either the Chameleon or the Bookkeeper (or add those unlocks to the Elusive Target Arcade).

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I played just Hitman 3 Elusive Targets so just what they put in Year 1

too bad they put just 2 from Hitman 2
New Zeeland & Isle of sgail🥴

I need Miami suit, Santa Fortuna & Whitelon creek🥴


How about this one? :slight_smile: