i have been trying for hours to do this mission on suit only challenge and everytime i am close to finish the challenge something completely random happens like a random NPC decides that its time to go and check whatever the hell there is in 47’s Suite !! or someone sees me dragging a body through walls!
also the fact that the target’s body guards have eyes at the back of their heads, and finally getting into that trespassing area to get the files from the safe.

i could do it silent assassin but not suit only! Mr.Freeze2244 uploaded a video on youtube but he mentioned that its completely relying on luck and its too complicated also his method didnt help

so if anyone has a consistent strategy help a brother out!

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SO isn’t a requirement for that ETA contract. Self imposed restriction?

Maybe not consistent, but a cool strategy nonetheless.


I don’t know what’s the weirdest about that vid, the glitching and general chaos or the fact that someone replaced 47’s model with an older one :thinking:

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That’s the upcoming Codename 47 suit unlock. Pretty soon we’ll all be able to rock that. :joy:


i know its not required its just how i like to play the game,
im gonna give it another try

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omg this is gold !!! i love it
unfortunately i’m playing arcade escalation for this one and it is a requirement to kill the target with a melee weapon but still stealing the files from the safe is a good strategy !!
thank you

Yeah, this ET is too difficult to do SASO without compromising on other things that I’m not willing to. So, when I get to it, it will be SA, but not SO, mainly because of the usb drive. If not for that, maybe.


I got halfway – into the Warlord’s den with my Suit, and SA (so far). But not being online makes progressing impossible because reasons.

I have no clue how I would be able to get the files… Short of using the fire alarm, but that’s no guarantee someone won’t have an enforcer circle over their head even while all the confusion is going on. So I’m going to count that as beyond my skill level.

Edit: Could’ve done without the leak, but whatever. It’ll happen when it happens whether I know about it or not. :nauseated_face:


by using Emetic device and Emetic shaman bomb and Seiker i can get everyone leave that room
this should be enough but killing the target in the first place without using any special items and get out unnoticed is extremely difficult :pensive:

right now i’m planning on clearing the entire left wing floor before going for the files once done
i’m going to use emetic poison device a shaman bomb and seiker to make everyone leave the room
i am out of options i am going to do this no matter the cost

But getting to that room in the first place? Without getting spotted? Without running? How are you accomplishing that?

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I didn’t try to do this suit only but there’s a window of opportunity just before the target meets with her son and the officer, where she’s alone in a room (the one with the machete) and her guards stay at the door. If you can get in that room beforehand you can easily ambush her, hide the body and hide yourself until the coast is clear.

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My method for her, always.

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lol i am really shy to say this dude but to get there i have to work my way up baiting every single NPC with a coin and just subdue the entire area :rofl:
i know i am a sad and lonely and i need friends and there is allot of time on my hands after a long day at work


There aren’t enough places to hide the bodies of every NPC. What do you do after you subdue them?

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so it is finally finished and i made the first part of the mission much easier and way faster using a breaching charge thank you @PapaLevy for the wicked idea …i did allot of practice with the original mission (club 27) and put everything i learned into action
here is a storyboard for escaping the first part of the mission going in and out of the warlod’s Den unnoticed with very little effort (method is very consistent)


yes for sure that is the plan and the most optimum thing to do without breaking a sweat but my main problem with this is her guards they don’t get distracted by literally anything unless you throw something that grabs her attention she asks one of them to go and check it out
problem #2 is that once she is dead the entire area goes bananas every soldier starts moving randomly especially her bodyguards they become free to check out the bathroom or the kitchen places you might have stacked some unconscious people due to the lack of closets or crates that was my struggle and then after going through that hell i have to go and steal the files from a room loaded with 700 guard inside thankfuly the emetic poison trick worked and everyone left the room and i managed to steal the files …phhew

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Thinking about the guarded Rm with the USB/Safe…

A quick note regarding the safe key. You could bring a banana, and set it down in the path of the red beret-wearing guard if you start at the default starting location. Or get it from the target after killing her.

Getting to the room unspotted is another thing, but once in there - here’s what you might try.

There is one soldier that looks to the other side of the Rm. You could ‘peek-a-boo’ him to come where you are, then subdue him from around the corner (pretty risky), then hide his body in the container in the corner before the staff person and other security guard comes in (so you’ll need to keep an eye on your soliton radar map). Hide in the container if you need to.

Then it might be a matter of tossing a coin past the farthest desk to get the other soldier to move. That might give you enough time to open the safe and retrieve the USB.

Then you have to get back out. :grimacing:

^All this should theoretically be doable given the routine for the main security guard that has a loop.

AND there are plenty of cans to toss to KO, even a bartoli gun to set down…


Easy solution, SA/SONKO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: