What 47 Suits Do You Think Goes Well With the Locations?

I don’t know why but I think the tactical gear with the hunter’s hat goes well in the Berlin location.


Not popular: Lynch suit - Landslide

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The wetsuit is a timeless look :stuck_out_tongue:

(Way to wear something skin tight when you don’t even get a drop of water on you, 47)


I actually never bother picking a special suit. I just play with whatever suit I get when I start a location.

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Some of my favourite suit combos.

Paris: Winter Suit
The Author version of Sapienza: Tactical Gear with Hunter’s Hat
Miami: Summer Suave Suit
Mumbai: The Tropical Suit
New York: Smart Casual Suit
Haven Island: Cowboy Suit (I like to imagine him going undercover as an eccentric rich Texan)


I think the winter suit is perfect for Dartmoor



I use the Signature Suit with Gloves in all Levels, except for Hokkaido, i go with the Winter Suit and in Chongqing i use the Neon City Suit with Gloves.


I love the cowboy suit in Sapienza :blush:

I like the Lynch suit for Mumbai. Just fits those slums so well… (gotta try it in Chongqing for those KaL2 vibes, and to hang around with the hobos).

I also find myself using different outfits for Colombia: Summer Suave, Cowboy (makes me feel like a Mexican sicario), or Freedom Phantom (on the rare occasion I play Embrace of the Serpent - though I would prefer proper jungle fatigues for that one).

Haven is fun to play around with just for the opening cutscene itself. Nothing beats arriving on a tropical island on a boat with cool music dressed as Santa Claus or a Flamingo…

And I want the regular ninja suit unlocked so I can mess around in it in Chongqing :joy:


I always loved Signature Suit and thought it can blend in basically anywhere, from a remote village to some luxurious event.


Summer Suit with Gloves - Any hot climates (Sapienza, Marrakesh, Santa Fortuna). The white just pops so much and makes 47 look relaxed yet classy

Winter Suit/Blood Money Suit - Any cooler climates (Colorado, Whittleton, Berlin). The dark colours give 47 that dangerous and mysterious feeling with a pinch of intimidating

Cowboy Suit - Any high class events (Paris, Sgail, Dubai). I like 47 throwing everyone off, while they’re all in tuxedos and dresses, he’s rocking full southern charm

Gonna have to settle for neon white ninja today :wink:


Good thing we have so many snowy levels where it fits perfectly. Wait…

(On a serious note though, I hope the NPCs will at least pull out those unique ninja-suit reactions when they see you in this one…)


I always use a Cowboy Suit for Sapienza, Miami and Bangkok.
But in HITMAN 3 I changed my suit for Bangkok, temporary to Devil’s Own.
Because it looks quite fitting. All the gold tones, you know, match to the coloring of the hotel.
For other missions I don’t have any firm preferences and can change suits time to time

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I find the suburban suit with gloves goes well with The Author location. Especially nice when standing next to one of the lampposts

I´m looking forward to trying the Devil suit in Sgail, given the mask theme, but I´ve just tried out the Cowboy suit in Dubai and man it is dope! You can smell the oil money off that (and the white and blue combo fits perfectly with the aesthetics).


Paris: Signature suit.
Sapienza: Casual suit.
Marrakesh: Ashen suit.
Bangkok: Imperial classic.
Colorado: Freedom Fighter.
Hokkaido: Premiere white suit.
Hawke’s Bay: Raven suit.
Miami: Italian suit.
Santa Fortuna: Midnight black suit.
Mumbai: Number Six.
Whittleton Creek: Blood Money suit.
Sgail: Devil’s Own.
New York: Undying look.
Haven: Summer suave suit.
Dubai: Summer suit.
Dartmoor: Ultimate Black.
Berlin: Terminus.
Chongqing: New Yorker.
Mendoza: Requiem suit.


Typically for each location, I only wear suits that “fit” the general environment of that level.

Some suits are universal and fit almost any location: Signature Suit, Absolution Suit, Ashen Suit, Blood Money Suit, Phantom Suit, The Undying Look

But other locations have specific feels to them. Here are my choices for each location for which suits “fit”, besides the universal ones:

  • Paris: Elegant and classy environment. Suburban Suit, Tuxedo, Classic All-Black Suit, The Cashmerian, Black & White Tuxedo, Requiem Suit

  • Sapienza: Sunny, tourist, Mediterranean climate, but still high end. Imperial Classic, Casual Suit, Italian Suit, Florida Fit, Casual Tourist, Summer Suave, Summer Suit, Tropical Suit

  • Marrakesh: Pretty much the same as Sapienza

  • Bangkok: Also the same as Sapienza, but might add a few additions for a “ritzy hotel” feel, like the Imperial Classic.

  • Colorado: Cold autumn weather and muddy environment. Pretty much none of the classic or formal suits. I stick with: Number Six, Raven Suit, Tactical Gear, Freedom Phantom.

  • Hokkaido: 47 is supposed to be undercover as a patient, and none of the patients are wearing anything other than robes. All suits are out. So I stick with the default VIP patient robes or the White Yukata. Though the Terminus Suit works great starting in the morgue, if I’m pretending to have snuck in as a corpse.

  • Hawke’s Bay: A cold beach is no place for a nice suit. I stick with the same “tactical” outfits from Colorado, plus the Wetsuit.

  • Miami: Same as Sapienza, plus the Cowboy Suit fits being in the American south. Though the Summer Suave Suit or Tropical Suit are my favorites for Miami.

  • Santa Fortuna: Hot, muddy jungle. Classic and formal suits don’t really fit. Either the casual set of suits from Sapienza if I’m sticking more to the village during the run, or the wetsuit or Freedom Phantom if I’m planning more on creeping through the jungle. Though the Summer Suave suit is my favorite for Santa Fortuna, most likely due to the “CIA agent in South America wearing a Hawaiian shirt” archetype I’ve seen a lot in movies and on TV.

  • Mumbai: Same as Marrakesh, though I really like the Tropical Suit in Mumbai as I feel the coloring of the level really makes the tan suit “pop”. The Terminus suit is great if I’m starting the level coming in on the train and/or wanting to “blend” with the destitute populace.

  • Whittleton Creek: Suburban garden party means a casual suit would be a good choice. It’s autumn, so probably want long sleeves, but a necktie feels too overboard. I like the tie-less suits: Casual Undercover, Midnight Black, Summer Suit, Tropical Suit.

  • Isle of Sgail: 47 is supposed to be undercover as an Ark patron, so that means he should be wearing a mask like everyone else. Tuxedo & Mask, Arkian Tuxedo, Devil’s Own.

  • New York: 47 is undercover as a millionaire patronizing a bank, so he should be classy in a suit. And it’s raining, so he’ll be wearing a coat over his suit. Neon City, New Yorker, Winter Suit, or Black Winter Suit.

  • Haven Island: It doesn’t feel like there’s much of a choice other than the default Tropical Islander, Tropical Suit, or Summer Suave. Nothing else really fits the tropical island theme.

  • Dubai: High-end, classy affair. Anything appropriate for Paris can be worn here. But it being Dubai, you can also be a little more outlandish and still fit in - like the Trinity suits. I also like the Cowboy suit and pretending 47 is undercover as a Texas oil baron visiting Dubai because the Middle East also has oil and he’s a businessman doing business.

  • Dartmoor: Since unlocking the Formal Hunting Attire, I really haven’t worn any other suit in this level. Maybe also the Tactical Gear or Freedom Phantom, for the same reasons as Colorado.

  • Berlin: It’s an underground nightclub, so anything and everything fits. The real question is, what kind of club-goer is 47? Each run, I like to imagine 47 trying to blend as a different type of club-goer. Is he the “suit guy” in a club? If so, I like the Trinity suits, the Black Streak, Midnight Black Suit, and Summer Suit. Is he a casual club guy? If so, I like the Casual Suit, Italian Suit, Florida Fit, or Casual Tourist. Is he a raver? If so, I like the Lynch suit. Is he a “peacocker”? If so, the crazy themed suits (Devil’s Own, Blue Flamingo, Clown, Buccaneer, Santa) work well, too.

  • Chongqing: It’s cold and rainy, and 47 needs a coat. But it doesn’t matter if it’s formal or casual attire. Classic Cut, Number Six, Neon City, New Yorker, Winter Suit, Black Winter Suit, Snow Festival Suit, Raven Suit, Tactical Gear. Or the Black Dragon, because where else does that really fit? The Terminus suit also works well to blend in with the homeless population.

  • Mendoza: Right back where we started, with the same set as Paris for the same reasons. 47 could probably also get away with the Midnight Black Suit or Tropical Suit, since it’s an outdoors party, but more formal attire would blend in better.


やめ! やめ! やめ!

I know they’ve said they want to do stuff with existing levels and not new maps, but I really hope whatever DLC we get it involves more snowy climes. Winter in Vermont (one of the most seasonally changing states) some smart map changing DLC closer to 2016s bonus missions than 2018s special assignments which were basically (let’s face it) cut ETs turned into missions. Holiday Hoarders didn’t dramatically transform the level to the extent of the icon or landslide, but it worked. Even just add some unlocks to special assignments and make ETs permanent special assignments with exclusive unlocks and challenges.


Regardless I always play as 47 in his Blood Money, Absolution or Winter suit. In my opinion you can’t beat his classic looks in the black suit and red tie.

I’ll play as him in his signature suit with gloves when I eventually unlock it.


I’ve been using the Chinese suit that gets unlocked with the Lee Hong escalation almost exclusively. I just love how it looks!

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