What am I doing wrong? Hitman: Blood Money - A New Life (SA)

Hello, everyone! I’m VeNoMZx1 and I am new to this Hitman forum. I decided to create an account on this forum because I need some help/advice regarding the mission “A New Life” from Hitman: Blood Money series. My problem is this… I have a YouTube channel where I have the full gameplay/walkthrough of Hitman: Blood Money uploaded in 2019. Now I want to re-upload some missions because I didn’t get “Silent Assassin” rating in all missions. Now is the turn for “A New Life” mission.

This is my way of doing the “A New Life” mission… PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK! Hitman: Blood Money - A New Life - VeNoMZx1 - YouTube (What am I doing wrong?)

I don’t know why but I’m always getting the “Hitman” rating at the end of the mission and I don’t know why because I’m doing all the things to get “Silent Assassin” rating. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong in the mission? What do I have to correct for achieving the “Silent Assassin” rating? By the way, I want to get the SA rating without changing my strategy/way of doing it.

I’m not doing things like shooting the dog with the air gun rifle with the tranquilizer darts or shooting the dog camera with the air gun rifle. I’m using the sedative syringe only for the donuts for FBI and the sausage that I throw to the dog. Then I use the Silverballer gun to knock the garbage man and the target (Vinnie Sinistra’s) security guard. Also not harming Sinistras wife, etc, etc…

Also, I saw this video where the guy gets f’n melted by the guards and still gets SA rating which I don’t understand, while my self I’m doing the mission in the most complex way and still get “Hitman” rating… A New Life - Fiber wire in safe room - Silent Assassin - Hitman Blood Money - YouTube (video of the guy getting SA while being shoted)

Please I would like some help from you guys, I love this mission and I want to upload it to my YT channel with SA rating.

Thank you, all the best!


Hmmm, really can’t see any faults in your run but can you try shooting the pool guy with tranquilizer without him noticing you? I know you have 0 witnesses at the end but you can give it a try. Also after you shoot Vinnie, try not to reload your weapon. I may be 100% wrong with this but don’t magazines left behind after reloading affect your rating?

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I haven’t known until now that there was a sausage on that level… :sweat_smile:

Getting shot for tresspassing in your suit doesn’t affect the rating.I don’t like this either,but this is how it works.

I watched the video and I think that the problem is shooting the pool guy with the air rifle.I remember this weapon being a bit problematic.According to wiki,using it on NPCs prevents getting SA.You could check this link for more information about it,but from what I found on the site,the explanation would most likely be this one:

I hope this helps.


I also remember the air rifle being an issue in that game.
Spoilers ahead if you want to know how I do the level…

I always thought the easiest was to do that level was to sedate the doughnuts and give them to the FBI guys inside the surveillance van. Just don’t let the jogger or the garbage dude see into the truck when you go inside to steal their costume. Now you are allowed to go everywhere and the wife will seduce you just like she does to the pool boy (only she takes you to a different part of the house).


Hello, thanks for your reply! How can I shoot the pool guy without getting noticed? I need that information. Also, I will try like you said not reloading the gun after I shoot him. Let me know how can I shot the pool guy without getting noticed and I will try doing it like you said. Thank you!

Okay! Thank you for the information, I will find a way of doing it without the air rifle gun. It’s a shame cause this guy is getting SA rating and he trespasses and gets shot, he shots the camera and he kills the dog and still gets SA so I don’t understand anything :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha. Thank you anyway! :grinning:

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Hello and thank you for replying! You are the 3rd person that tells me that the problem is the air rifle so it must be that for sure… I knew the way of doing it as an FBI but I wanted something more complex instead. I’ll try out more ways of doing it and will choose the coolest one for me. Thank you for your response! :grinning:


Also, keep in mind. The dog does count as a “witness” if he spots you trespassing… don’t get how the dog can be a witness but. Alrighty!


The Hitman rating is weird because you can often get it despite having impeccable stats. The issue, as far as I recall, lies in damage dealt to non-target NPCs which is not tracked at the stats screen.

You can also get this rating (again with otherwise SA stats) on this level and A House of Cards if a non-target NPC is run over by the limousines.


Why to use air rifle? You have syringe for that pool guy, you don’t need his disguise anyway. Also, damage to NPCs is not a rating factor tho, I killed like 3 people via accident and still got Silent Assassin.

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Yes you can throw EVERYONE over the short balcony on the riverboat and they will all be accidents. Still get SA. :joy:

Cops walk on and see a bunch of people who all fell and broke their necks.

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Are you saying that the air rifle is the thing that makes me get “Hitman” rating? I like to use the air rifle because I think is kinda cool, lol. I know there are like a thousand ways of doing the mission and getting “Silent Assassin” rating but my purpose here is to know what should I change/do in my way of doing the mission to get SA rating, why do I get “Hitman” rating if I’m doing all the correct things? If the air gun is the problem well… I think I have to find another cool way to do it. Thank you.

We can’t see what you actually did, but yea, it’s propably air-gun.

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Not quite sure without footage but here is my way of completing the mission, Hitman: Blood Money - Pro Walkthrough - Mission 05: A New Life (Silent Assassin) - YouTube

Yo can kill as much dogs you want, as long nobody hear it. I Have killed the dog in that xmas level and even the dog of the president and got sa raiting both times. But as far I saw you killed a civilian so no sa raiting posible.

No, I didn’t kill a civilian, I shot the pool guy with the tranquilizer darts so he didn’t die, that’s why I don’t know what am I doing wrong :confused: Thank you anyways!

I was tallking about the other guy, not pool guy. Also the rifle is not silenced, so everibody heared the shot, so no sa raiting.
Also you was caught on camera.

Man… what other guy are you talking about? Before leaving the mission I enter into the FBI truck and stole the tape… Maybe you are right about that the rifle is not silenced. Still don’t know the true fact of not getting SA rating.

I am tallking about the guy from the garbage truc. You have to steal the tape befor entering the place with camera. At least using the rifle is not good for your rating, have experienced it myself long ago: have plaied the mission twice quite the same way, the only diference was the rifle and without rifle I got sa raiting.

I knocked the garbage truck guy, I didn’t kill him, I don´t know if knocking someone with the gun counts as damage… :S Okay, I will try the mission without using the rifle then and try to steal the tape before getting caught on camara, thank you! :wink:

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