What could a possible snowy Ether map look like?

Before Sgail and just after Shadows In the water. Olivia has been tracking a Ether Scientist for days after she discovered that he was a Providence asset, he seems to be working in some sort of DNA storage lab in Greenland. To visit the elusive isle of sgail one needs to confirm that they are indeed not an impostor by checking there DNA at the Ether test site, but Ether being the scummy Providence people they are have stolen much of Ort meyers old cloning stuff and they are planning to clone the constant and the partners mutible times over. Lars Ohly will have his cellphone hacked by Olivia to send a message to the constant that the project is shut off or destroy the clone tubes

Targets: The Constant, Sir Emilio al fakir (a tourist who is visiting and has booked a meeting with target 2), Lars Ohly (The leader of the project), destroy the cloning shit or hack the mans phone.

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Your have right. I completly forgot about “Bad Hand” and Grey’s: “we go to paradise”.
And now, I’m thinking about Ether Lab somewhere near the Isle of Sgail. Svalbard. What if, this mission is placed right before The Ark Society. In so short period of time, that Provicence cannot be informed what happened.

target doesn’t need to be an Ether employee, either—could be someone impeding or frustrating Ether efforts nearby. We’d be doing Ether a favor unbeknownst to them.

This also sounds reasonably for me…
Well, if something is up, I have hope we will find out soon

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Everyone seems to be going with the idea that this mission would be occurring around the end of Hitman 2 and near the beginning of Hitman 3. However I don’t think that’s when this mission would take place, as it would cluster the timeline around isle of sgail too much. Shadows in the water seems to emphasize pretty heavily the point that it was just some last minute business before isle of sgail. I don’t think it would make sense to go “well there’s one more thing on top of that other thing that you just did”.

It also wouldn’t make sense given that they are trying to prevent the spooking of the constant before the ark society event. Golden Handshake and Haven also don’t leave much room for extra secret storylines given that the whole point of those missions were tracking down the partners and it was effectively the only thing 47 and Gray were focused on.

I think instead they will go down the route of saying that it either happens right before or after chongqing, with Olivia trying to deal with ICA and Providence tracking, OR in the one year after during which 47 decides to tackle something regarding Ether. Just because he went his separate ways from Diana during this time doesn’t mean he stopped killing, after all that’s what he sees himself as, Assassination being the only thing 47 is good at and was literally made to do. In either case I think Olivia would be the handler for this theoretical mission and Diana would be nowhere to be seen.

As for where this mission would take place? My money would be entirely on either Greenland or Johannesburg, with a higher odds on Johannesburg. Johannesburg has been mentioned since the end of Hitman 2016 with it being given a big talk on being the only place more technologically advanced than GAMA. Effectively giving the impression that it would be the place with the tightest security, perhaps with the return of the Hokkaido door mechanic and some other possible complications (perhaps robots or turrets?). It would be logical for IO to be testing out these ideas, considering that Project 007 would likely feature similar enemies for at least few points during the game.

That only leaves the story as a big question. It would obviously have something to do with DNA, either the DNA backup itself, Lucas Gray either dead or effectively braindead, 47 trying to eliminate the possible return of the partners/the constant by deleting the possibility of their DNA being used for clones, or with Ether trying to pull an Ort-Meyer and trying to make the ideal humans with the vast amount of DNA they have.

The targets for this mission could be anything. It could be two new people we’ve never really heard of, it could be perhaps be Kohn (seeing as he is the only lead member of the Morgan, Yates, and Kohn law firm we haven’t eliminated) or maybe we could even see something like Meet your brother / redemption at gontrano / requiem, where we have to kill a lot of people in a short amount of time.

I do wonder if Ambrose confirming that Ether managed to finish Caruso virus despite what happened in Sapienza may also be related to this mission (from the laptop located near satellite control unit). World of Tomorrow’s briefing made it quite clear how dangerous the virus is for both the world stability and the business of assassination, so it could make sense for 47’n’Friends to want to destroy this thing even without ICA contract.

Maybe Crest’s plan was to raid an Ether’s lab where Caruso virus 2.0 is being developed/stored (hence the pamphlets) to then combine it with data gathered earlier to wipe out Ether clients and catch Partners that way (or just both get the virus recipe and client data with the satellite), but now 47 is headed there to destroy the Caruso virus (again) due to the potential threat it presents.

Though at this point it would also be a third time in the trilogy 47 stops Ether from developing a deadly bioweapon, which sound a bit silly on paper. And even more silly when you try to somehow squeeze it into the timeline.
Perhaps a detour to Greenland right after Sgail and before Constant gives out Partners’ names? That would fit with the reasoning of not wanting to alert Providence, since at that point Edwards would already be captured.
Although the post-Sgail cutscene in my opinion doesn’t seem to paint Constant’s interrogation as something that lasted long, so 47 just casually hopping to Ether lab and back during that time sounds like a very big stretch.

The possibility of the mission taking place after Chongqing seems promising. There could have been a very large gap between whistleblowing the ICA and discovering Diana’s location. The simplest explanation for what happened during that time period would be that 47 and Olivia were laying low until they could get more intel on Providence. If that is the case, then there must be a very good reason for them to do another mission and risk exposing themselves. Perhaps a threat such as “a virus that only targets 47”, but that’s just me doing some wishful thinking.


I haven’t had a chance to read everyone’s awesome ideas just yet, but I wanted to throw my initial thoughts in before it sees everyone else’s ideas.

I don’t think the Ether Pamphlet sets up a “map” per se. What I think it sets up is one of the story lines that will appear in Freelancer.

They showed several different plot lines all having multiple maps you will complete in order to complete essentially a small story (similar to Patient Zero) I assume, this Ether Pamphlet is kind of an easter egg or reference to one of those story lines being about Ether directly. Taking place in the timeline wherever Freelancer ends up being place canonically.

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That is worth considering. If the objective is to dissolve Ether, then eliminating all of its directors/shareholders/whoever who are spread out throughout the world would be far more effective than eliminating one person who could be easily replaced.


Although everyone has some wonderful ideas in this thread, I am still unsure of a new map. New York having a pamphlet for Haven wasn’t really the same kind of thing. We already knew about a second map before we even got New York. They told us from the announcement of the Silver and Gold editions of HITMAN 2 that there would be 2 post launch maps. Whereas with this, they only told us about 1 map so far. Now to be fair they could easily announce a third year of support and say, yet another map is coming, I would love it. I am just saying we don’t have much concrete to go on that says a new map.


That being said, if it were a new map. I think it would actually take place after Carpathian Mountains. Because the timeline isn’t as solid as we are all thinking it is. The Constant is dead, but the threat of Providence is still alive. Yes, most of the fat cats are dead, yes Diana is technically the new unattested Constant, and working to close everything from inside out. But there will always be something that calls for some wet work. One last job to put the last remnants to bed.

There must have been something else that needed doing between 47 walking away from the Train and his year long hiatus. I don’t think he would tell Diana “no” if she called him and said that there was one last thing to do. Especially if Grey’s body was involved.

This… is actually a really interesting idea. What if an Ether mission took place between Ambrose and Sgail, and using that idea of a “genetic invitation” the mission would include adding 47’s DNA to the Ether vault, thus adding him to the system and giving him an invitation?


What if it’s the Partners who used this? Wanting to live forever, they have clones of themselves ready.

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Despite my desire for the writers to leave Grey’s fate as it is, I still believe that the Constant or other Providence agents would be motivated to recover Grey’s body, being the opportunistic bastards they are. After all, the Constant never throws away anything useful…

The only snag in this idea is that the opening of the Old Habits cutscene (part of the briefing for The Farewell) has 47 barge into the now empty Berlin safehouse, victorious after a huge ordeal such as whistleblowing the ICA. It’s kind of a triumphant little moment.

To insert a mission after Chongqing and before Mendoza means to now apply this moment to “emerging victorious” after said mission. Obviously IOI intended the effect to occur after taking down the ICA. It’d have to fit the narrative puzzle already constructed by IOI, so to speak.

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It’s definitely an interesting thought. The only reason I didn’t consider 47 adding his own DNA is because I’m not only unsure of where the past canon stands on that issue, but also unsure of where IOI stands on that issue in regards to WoA. Wasn’t 47 created from the DNA of 5 different guys? Would that be detectable as 5 different people or does 47 truly have his own genome—cloning and all? I also thought at one point 47 didn’t even have a DNA profile or fingerprints…

To add one’s DNA in order to receive or verify a genetic invitation also precludes the idea of the DNA Vault Initiative itself, which is that Patrons must first buy in to the program, and 47 and the gang can’t do that pre-Sgail.

Either way, a “biometric RSVP” is a cool idea.

Oh, we also don’t even know if the Ark Society sends out invitations to Patrons, or if it’s by word of mouth. I’ve scoured the map for relevant dialogue but all we know is that it costs Patrons 7 figures just to get in.

Perhaps this is just a really convoluted way of getting a regular invitation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to Ether’s biotech programs.

Another idea: We gotta make sure the satellite control unit reaches its intended destination somehow to make absolutely sure Providence doesn’t suspect any militia tomfoolery. No idea how that relates to eliminating targets though.

It’d be a lot easier just to say that we need an invitation, so we eliminate an invitee and assume their identity. That’s it. Can take place anywhere in the world. But that means we’d be giving up on the pamphlet.

On the topic of 47’s genetic identification, Alexander Leland Cayne from the end of blood money states that 47 was identifiable through the key genome sequences from the five men of the ort-Meyer project. So although 47 likely has unique as well as common genetic sequences, he also has certain sequences that easily identify him in relation to his five fathers.

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Someone give this guy a medal :medal_military:

If it even exists in the first place!

I am afraid that at one point adding too much locations within the Woa could harm the narrative flow.

Nevertheless, I like the fact that they added Ambrose as a set up to Sgail. It really sells that trapping the constant is a big deal.
Another Vault like mission before Sgail could be a nice narrative set up.

New York and Haven was the dlc set up to the downfall of the partners.
Ambrose and Tundra Ether Vault could be as well a dlc set up to the capture of the Constant.

One other possibillity, that I find unlikely, is that they could set it right after The Carpathians Mountains but before the epilogue.

Imagine going to the Mongolian Cicada base to destroy a copy of the memory juice.

As a side note, is Ether the hitmanverse version of Bayer?

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