What Hitman location would you like to live at/visit?

I would love to live in Sapienza and visit Dubai


I suppose living in Whittleton Creek would be nice.

There’s so many places I would love to visit from the trilogy but I’ll narrow it down to 5:

  • Viñedo Yates
  • Club Hölle
  • Haven Island
  • Global Innovation Race
  • Sapienza

Whittleton Creek is such a beautiful picturesque suburban town but they get a lot of serial killers :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sapienza (Vernanza) is on my list of places to visit. I am positive I would have made it there by now except that Covid messed up the worlds (and my) plans for 2020.

I also would love to visit Colombia, but not the middle of no where small town next to the cocaine fields. Downtown Cartagena is supposed to be a blast!


Dont come to South America please, btw Whittleton Creek would be a dope place to live in, you have a cool neighbour that makes a party, an old bastard from the KGB, an old lady serial killer, some dumbass guy like James Batty and a nice close creek to alert ducks

??? Why not ???
My best friend was in Santiago with his wife right before Covid happened and they loved it.
My South American travel wish list is Cartagena, B.A., Lima, Santiago, and São Paulo (for F1 race weekend).

There are so many beautiful places on this planet, but not enough time and not enough money to see them all.

Saint Petersburg, Banghkok,

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Oh I just noticed this isn’t specific to the newer games!!! I have to add Saint Petersburg to my list too. I want to take the night train between Moscow and Petersburg and I have heard from many friends that they all stayed a week in Moscow and only a couple nights in St Petersburg; every one of them wishes they had done it the other way around, so I’ll be learning from their mistake. More time in St Petersburg and less time in Moscow.


Been there twice :grin:

And it’s nothing like Sapienza. I strongly believe Sapienza is a mix of more towns combine into one.
If you go there one day please let me know. I can come for quick tour.
Last time I went I stayed for a night in a wonderful B&B just above the sea and it was such a beautiful experience. The room wasn’t even expensive but I guess it depends on the period you’re going. I went at the end of October.
There are 5 small towns like Sapienza distant not so much one from another and together they are called Le cinque terre (the five lands).
Very small towns that can be explored in 40 minutes each. You can reach them by car but the streets are a bit bad because it’s all mountain tight roads or you can go safer by train. There is a train every 15 minutes till 23 at night that passes each day across them all.
Next time I plan to leave my car in Spezia and reach each destination by train because every time paying the parking lot costs a bit.

This was my room


Oh I know you’ve been there! I have seen the photos and the video. Hopefully travel is a bit easier this summer, and I will absolutely let you know if I am going to be there. Beer time in Sapienza!!! :beers:


This is just great! Love your dedication to wear a suit for this picture. :sunglasses:

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I don’t know Vernazza, but Sapienza should be more similar to Amalfi, since Diana says it’s on the Amalfi coast. However I can’t say what city is more similar to Sapienza, because I’ve never been in Amalfi too. It’s nearer then Vernazza from where I live, but it’s very expensive to go there


Vernanza is the chief influence on the fake town of Sapienza. It is on the amalfi coast. This is a photo of the real life place. It even has the backwards facing church (=


Maybe they used also Vernazza as a model for Sapienza, but it isn’t on Amalfi Coast. Vernazza is in the north of Italy, in the region of Liguria. Amalfi is in the south, in the region of Campania (near Naples)


Sapienza is definitely also partly inspired by Positano. When I was there I was reminded of Hitman a lot. Hitman describes Sapienza as being on the Amalfi coast so I think IO’s location hunters were there.

I want to become an IO location hunter by the way.

Place I’d really like to visit is the Hotel Gellert in Budapest!


They for sure used it as a model. Thanks for correcting my geography skills. I didn’t realise it was so far north.

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New Zealand and the Maldives.

I’d say Sapienza too but I go to Italy a lot anyway, will probably end up living there at some point anyway so it’s not as fantastical

In a morbid way, I’d also like to do urban exploration and visit the asylum, post-Ortmeyer. I bet it’s creepy as heck there as it’s almost certainly been abandoned since the events

New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit. I haven’t seen enough of the North Island, so I’d probably pick Wellington and Napier.

St. Petersburg would be interesting too.


I’d love to visit China, Japan, Thailand and Colombia.


visited in 2019. beautiful city