What legacy games would you like as DLC in HITMAN 3?

I think the better question is which missions would I like a nostalgic homage level like Whittleton Creek to be made for in the next game. My answer to that would be any of the snow levels from Hitman 2 or Contracts, like Bjarkhov Bomb. Not my favorite level in that game by ANY means, but a snow level and blowing up submarines are cool things we didn’t get in the current series.

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If that’s a 50 Shades reference I won’t hear it and I won’t respond to it.

Hey we have the outfits for some of them. Why not put them back in a remix of their original contexts?


I mean, the only benefit is having better graphics, (possibly?) gameplay, and probably mastery tiers or something
It would be easier for people who prefer World of Assassination type of game mechanics, since literally from 2000 - 2006, the gameplay mechanics aren’t that simple for the current game

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Great metaphor dude :joy: Really, you killed it. Alexa’s red room :joy:

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@scat1620 @Hichkas - honestly you two :stuck_out_tongue: The whole thing falls apart with the slightest bit of scrutiny.

  1. That story is romanticized domestic abuse. Barf.
  2. You made me think about Diana putting on “dom jeans” and now I’m honour-bound to kill you on sight.
  3. 47 is a virgin! Do you really think I’d have him canonballing into the deep end of hardcore BDSM right out of the gate?
  4. Alexa’s room seems to be exclusively for her to rant incoherently about her problems before screaming at the top of her lungs into a pillow. She’s an awful person clearly but who can’t relate to that?

Once you sent a link of a fan-written story about the ICA fuck cabin which says he’s not. Which of your words should I believe then?

The Fuck Cabin is mostly a joke man lol Fanfic can talk whatever shit it wants but canon sources will always beat it. And man are we spoiled for choice in H3.

Contracts, beldingford, traditions of the trade, deadly cargo, meat king, etc imagine these with the rain effects of the new china level

I just want them to add The Sarajevo Six and even though I am a PlayStation owner (and agent) I want them to put it on every platform so we all can enjoy those missions.


One can dream I guess!! :drooling_face:

If this were to happen it would be absolutely fantastic.

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A little off topic but I’d like to see “Death of a Showman” re-worked into a full scale level.

An old dilapidated fairground with a drug packing operation behind the scenes.

(with references to the original BM level.)

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Hitman contracts.
The most maps i wanted to see its
Las vegas from Blood money
Hong kong from Hitman contracts
Honshu japan (the firat level from silent assassin)
Budapest (hitman contracts)
Rotterdam (Hitman contracts)
and maybe Russia ftom Hitman silent assassin could be nice.

lmao i came back to this old post i made a year ago didnt expect for it to blow up

The Columbia missions from C:47. That way, like all the other missions that were retold in Contracts to better match the Silent Assassin style of gameplay that IOI started basing the games around, the one holdout from the original game can also be officially told in an SA format under the WoA engine. Then those levels can be properly retconned to match the rest of the series.

The Massacre at Cheng Chau Fish Restaurant from Codename 47 or The Seafood Massacre from Contracts.

Really wonder how one of these missions (or both, ideally) would fit into H3 mechanics. It doesn’t need to be a new map even, it could be just a bonus mission in Chongqing. But that would never happen, right?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A fusion of 3 St. Petersburg missions from Silent Assassin:
Kirov Park Meeting, Tubeway Torpedo and Invitation to a Party.

Mission starts with cutscene showing shortened version of St. Petersburg Stakeout showing 47 killing General Rumyantsev with sniper rifle before proceeding to briefing where Diana instructs 47 that other 3 generals also need to be eliminated.

3 generals (Makarov, Bardachenko and Zhupikov) are the main mission targets here, while Igor Kubasko, freeing Agent Smith and Securing the Suitcase are optional (after clearing mission once).

Map-wise location covers Kirov Park, German Embassy, sewers with military facility and streets with additional buildings like church and water tower (for sniping).


Meat King party, or atleast inspired by

Tbh even if it was just Berlin reskinned I wouldn’t mind either, if they changed the feeling/music etc enough

They had a Deluxe escalation planned in Berlin that was very likely an ode to this mission, but that one got cut, IO said they’d maybe consider reusing the unlocks from it for something else but we have yet to see it happen :pensive:

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None. If they’re gonna bother porting an entire game into H3 engine, might as well remake the best missions from SA and Contracts.

All I wish they would add is the Sniper Challenge map from the Absolution preorder since its not possible to obtain it on any platform at the moment… And who would be against a 4th sniper map with… (lets be crazy) that coatless suit that 47 wear in it as an unlockable! :heart_eyes:

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