What makes an interesting target?

Hmm, she seems too low profile for that but maybe.

Yea if they were gonna do that it would have to be like “blue flamingo” where it just looks like Kruger but is essentially a suit. Maybe with catwalk and dressing room access so that if you want to walk the runway with your ??yellow, red?? Sanguine coat you can.


For me at least, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Alexa Carlisle’s character. She’s by far my favourite target in HITMAN III, possibly in the whole game. Her personality is so brilliantly written in my opinion, especially compared to the relatively generic Stuyvesant and Ingram. While I never delved very deep into the two male Partners’ characters, I got the impression that Stuyvesant was a bland, vaguely doltish billionaire and Ingram was a bland, slightly angrier billionaire. And at first, I thought it was more or less the same with Alexa. She comes across as a no-nonsense apathetic bitch to pretty much everyone around her, including the player. To me she embodies the British notion of the ‘stiff upper lip’, never showing emotion or any kind of weakness to anyone, very important at her level of power.

So it was a shock to me to find that she was really incredibly emotional, but had repressed everything until only her cold exterior remained. When you reveal that she had killed Montgomery pointlessly and supposedly driven Zachary to suicide, the re-emerging emotions she hid for almost 50 years are enough to make her embrace death itself. On top of that, the “comfort room” symbolises her repression: she only feels safe enough to let her true feelings out when screaming into a muffled pillow inside an empty, soundproof room. All the wealth and power in the world, and yet she still felt empty and unfulfilled til the day she died.

Or at least that’s how I see it.


I don’t know but I know it when I see it, “like porn or the perfect turd.” -Trevor.

This might fit better as it’s own thread but if the seven deadly sins contains bonus missions style content then what kind of target should we get?

Since it’s all on 47’s mind I think that it will either be a manifestation of the sins themselves, a previous target in the hitman franchise, or demon Diana taking over 47’s mind whole on a mission.

Sins representing themselves taking the form of 47 so we could get a wrathful 47 who goes on a rampage and having the NPC’s cower in fear in a scenario where 47 just snaps and goes on a kill everyone challenge, A prideful 47 who is finishing the missions SA/SO and us having to stop him, or whatever @Bourbon comes up with for Lustful 47.

For previous targets in the franchise we can have those targets representing those sins, like how 48/17/Mark Parchezzi could represent Envy, Sergei Zavorotko, Alexander Leland Cayne, Benjamin Travis representing Wrath, Meat king for obvious reasons, etc.

Demon Diana manipulating over 47 during a mission will just theme the mission around the sins, so mission stories, challenges, targets, etc are based on a theme. It will happen in real-life but 47’s mind is manipulated by Demon Diana. Could be existing locations repurposed into another classy hotel for Pride, Strip club for lust, etc with targets corresponding with the sin.

I think this could be a way of introducing new and interesting targets (or reintroduction of targets) if IO really wants to experiment.

Or they could just do what they are currently doing now and keep on giving 47 random NPCs as targets, but that wouldn’t be very fun to discuss in my opinion.


The ETs will reflect the theme it seems. The Collector seems to be covetous and avaricious to an obvious fault symbolising greed.

On the plus side we will have at least seven original ETs, if the theory holds up.


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There are a lot of targets in the WOA trilogy and a lot of them I don’t really care about what so ever. There is a handful that I truly enjoy killing, and therefor they are my favourite targets. My reasons are heavily tied to story elements and their relation with 47.

  1. Janus is my favourite target in the WOA trilogy. He might be a old, weak and a shadow of his former self. What drives him straight to the top of the list is his shared history with 47 and 6. His role in the shaping of 47 makes him a very personal target and justifiable. His backstory as an old KGB spymaster and his connected history to Erich Soders, helps making him a very appealing character and one deeply rooted in the cold era. Confronting Janus as 47 is always one of the most tempting was to take him out, I simply want him to know who came to collect his life and send him down the river Gjöll.

  2. Arthur Edwards aka. the Second Constant. The big baddie of this trilogy, a simple advisor to the Partners. One who has the power of influence without the ultimate responsibility, he’s more ambitious then his superiors and outmanoeuvre them. He’s an lawful evil and extremely interesting a character and he steals every scene he’s in.

  3. Alexa Christine Carlisle like Janus is personally connected to Ort-Meyer and 47. She is by far the most intriguing member of the Partners, fiercely intelligent and a force to be reckoned with. Confronting her with 47’s true identity lures her into the a false sense of safety, her downfall is ultimately her inability to recognise she isn’t untouchable.

  4. Erich Soders is yet another target who is directly connected to 47, a man who would have thrown 47 under the buss at the start of his career at the I.C.A. He ultimately betrays the I.C.A and directly threatens 47 with his betrayal. He’s also a target you can confront before you send him to the goddess Hel.

  5. Dalia Margolis, as great as her husband Victor is. Dalia is the true MVP of the Showstopper, her roots into espionage and using models as assassin’s, makes her one of the best targets in this trilogy. Victor might be the star of the show, but Dalia out shines him at every turn. I would have liked to see her survive and given a bit more “screen time”.

Honourable mentions

  1. Etta Davis - the Angle of Death is one of the most unique Elusive Targets and breaks the mould with her innocent appearance, yet she is a serial killer and it’s a departure from the larger then life villains we are use to.

  2. Mark Faba - The Undying what else is there to say he’s Sean Bean. You killed him and yet he returns.


I always thought it might be that way between the two, but do we have a direct naming of them as “husband” and “wife” in relation to each other in the game? I never saw that

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It might just be me not remembering the details quite right.

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Your paragraph of Janus really reminded me of Jordan Cross (more specifically the kill where we lure Jordan with the Hannah video). Even though he doesn’t have any personal connection with 47 I still think this one kill on him deserves a mention.

By not killing Jordan and allowing him to turn around 47 will confront him. Everyone knows what happens by this point but by having 47 confronting Jordan right here, with him pleading his life and trying to defend himself only for 47 to brush it off and kill him, makes this kill my favourite in the entire trilogy maybe even franchise, but I haven’t made up my mind).

There hasn’t been anything like this in the trilogy. We have got something similar (nursing Janus, detective in Dartmoor, confronting agents as club owner, Constant in train, etc) but those ones don’t feel the same because either the target doesn’t personally realise what they’re up against (Janus), thinking they’re safe (Alexa) or being selfish and underestimating 47 (Montgomery and the agents), or having already accepted the fact that they’re going to die (The Constant). Jordan Cross is different, he saw 47 and immediately thought he was in danger, he knew that 47 is dangerous, he wasn’t underestimating 47 and he hasn’t accepted the fact that he is going to die. He pleads with 47, trying to defend his actions and bribing 47, with 47 not caring at all and killing him.

The entire event leading up to the kill is just amazingly done. I really enjoyed seeing targets in their most vulnerable state pleading for their lives. Even more so seeing 47 being professional about it, he didn’t hesitate anytime during the kill.

I don’t know what to write anymore I just really like this kill and wanted to share it.


It’s a very cool confrontation, sadly it’s quite hard to pull of if you want to do it SOSA. Using the bodyguard out fit just straight up ruins it. I feel it’s a moment that requires the suit to sell it 100%.


Isnt the Confrontation only possible in the Suit?

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No It can be done with whatever you are wearing, unless you are talking about Soders. I believe that confronting him can only be done in suit.


What?? Did this change? I distinctly remember the Jordan Cross Confrontation being Suit only possible :thinking: could be wrong tho, its my least played level

I killed him recently and choose this kill method. I planned to do it with the suit and then I remembered the awkward design of that floor in Bangkok. So I choose the easy method of using a bodyguard disguise.

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Forgive my overly literal interpretation, but the Jordan Cross chair pistol kill is suit only possible, but it’s also possible non suit only. Did you mean to say it’s only possible in the suit?

It is possible in any costume and I remember it that way even back in H1 days.


I’m hoping that you meant to say “outmanoeuvre”.

Alright, maybe I’m misrembering it then. I thought it was only possible in Suit.

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Manure makes it a lot more fun.

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