What makes an interesting target?

Or does he out manure them :joy:

They all die by 47s hand whereas he loses his memory to the shot and that is what he was scared of, so his fate is shittier.

I´ve found it a bit baffling that they didn´t include some kind of “reveal yourself” option with Janus as they did with Soders… (or Carlisle for that matter)

She only used them as spies, no?

It´s possible in any disguise, though like Norseman said, anything but the suit pretty much ruins it. I did it SO finally a while back, and used the exterminator opportunity to clear the suite first to sneak myself up there with a bit more ease. Gotta try the more tedious method when I feel like it… (it´s also one of those moments where Bangkok´s poor level design kicks in)


What makes a target interesting to you?
My favorite targets are those that have interesting backstories/lore, personalities that interest me, funny/interesting kills, and/or interesting character designs.

What’s your favourite target and why (bio, intel, routines, kills, etc.)?
Ljudmila and Silvio are two of my favorite targets. I not only love their character designs, but they both have lore and stories that made me feel for them (and are just overall interesting characters).

Ljudmila basically was on the run her whole life (as a child from her parents, boarding school, and as an adult from Tyson as we see in Haven) then had to deal with Tyson stalking her and saying some pretty messed up things. However, through all of it, she manages to stay strong-willed, which takes a lot to do (even if she is a con-artist, I feel some of her feelings were genuine, like when you retrieve the USB for her). She also isn’t the stereotypical “dumb tan blonde”, she’s highly intelligent and has an overall charming character. Being a successful confidence artist ain’t easy.

Silvio is one of my favorites because, as stated, his story is pretty sad (having an abusive, overprotective mother, having his older brothers abandon him, and being bullied) and I can’t help but feel bad for him. While I in no way advocate/am okay with him wanting to unleash the virus, I can understand his anger and wanting to help those who were considered “weak” by society.

Both are conflicting characters who did/were going to do some awful things, but they aren’t super heartless.

What should IOI do to avoid another Ken “The Brick” Morgan?
I feel like a combination of things — like I said with Silvio and Ljudmila, there are so much more to these two below the surface, which the same can’t be said for Ken. Give them memorable dialogue and moments, as well as other elements that will make players remember them.


A target that has an interest past like wazir kale and that have a lot of kill opurtunities (and unique) like dawood rangan and also that they are more Broken then fully evil


Everything @Version_Omega said, with one addition; they’re just a little bit tricky to get to. Interesting background, lots of entertaining and practical kill opportunities, but require you to think a little bit to be able to get to them. Maya Parvati is a good example, at least to the uninitiated.


And also whit uniques kill like one prolem that the h3 targets that they not have so much of unique kills like other targets like dimo Bosco like yea h3 targets have a lot of ways to kill but they are very similar