What things would you add to Hitman 3?

Add a version of the Classic Cut Long Coat Suit from the Dartmoor mission to include a matching flat cap.

More Vanya Shah obviously

  • Bring back Absolution’s hand-to-hand combat. I was really disappointed by Agent 47’s combat skills in WoA.

This is the only move Agent 47 can do with armed guards :pensive:

  • Local accents. I know people mention this a lot but it would make the game feel so much more authentic :sob:

  • In the announcement trailer for Dubai, the elite guards were wearing long robes and red Arab headdresses. I really wish they would bring that back.


i remember in 2016 hitman that 47 had diffrent hand to hand combat move i find you a video for it

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so what did you think of it

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I wish they never removed it :disappointed: I miss Absolution Agent 47’s moves


Point shooting; human shield; pushing an NPC at any time, allowing them to hit against walls and be KOed; a money system; more detailed neck snapping (Absolution’s was brutal); dual wielding; the ability to use any and all ICA pick-ups and hidden stashes at the same time during a playthrough; hints at how 47 and Diana reforged their trust after the end of Blood Money; hints at what ultimately happened to Victoria, Birdie, Lenny, and Cosmo; Lucas Grey being an enemy after all and not being Subject 6; a storyline that did not require (for some reason) the ICA to be destroyed; the ability to pick and wear any suit of choice during story-directed missions, such as the ICA training facility, the last two missions of Patient Zero, the Sniper maps, Dubai, Berlin, Mendoza, and Romania; a glove mode, as described in the wishlist thread; Tactical Turtleneck with gloves!

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47’s new hand to hand combat subject 47 agent 17 suit

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I think mainly what you (and a lot of other people want) is for takedowns to go back to being a bit more brutal like in absolution, and freeform like blood money. Absolution did a lot of things wrong, but it’s brutality was not one of them, I agree that the neck snap animation and sound in that game was so much better than the WOA trilogy, there were also some brutal blunt weapon takedowns in that game as well. IO went a bit softer in the trilogy because of a change in tone, but I would like to see a return to form in this sense.

What I’m thinking is like a splinter cell / MGSV like interrogation system, your able to human shield a person if you stealthily walk behind them and use your currently equipped weapon.

You can then choose whether to execute them with the weapon (or perhaps like splinter cell and use the environment to take them down), choke them out, toss/throw them, or just let them go.

I have no doubt dual wielding and human shielding will return in a future entry, and that the next Hitman game will have a much more refined preplanning and ratings system.

Another thing that I actually really want is more dynamic briefcases and weapons. A normal briefcase shouldn’t be able to hold an assault rifle that can’t really be disassembled and reassembled in the field. Perhaps for those kinds of larger weapons, you would need a longer weapons case, or a case that at the very least could fit that kind of weapon.

For weapons that actually do need to be assembled, I would like to have an actual animation, like in blood money with snipers. I know the main reason it got taken away was because it took a while and people (mainly youtubers) made jokes about it, getting into combat and being dead before the sniper rifle was even done being assembled, but that was mainly because once you started the animation, you couldn’t stop.

I’d also would want more dynamic sniping, I’m not expecting full sniper elite, but just a bit more skill to be required and dynamics when using snipers:

  • Having to actually account for wind or distance when using snipers (perhaps giving an actual use to the old binoculars now turned range finder from the old games).
  • Having enemies actually react to glare, laser sights, muzzle flash, and noise (actually differentiating between a silencer and a muzzle break)
  • Being able to go prone, or set up bipeds or tripods to lessen these factors and make more difficult shots.

Sniper rifles should feel different when using them, instead of “it’s just the kind of gun with an actual scope”. Especially considering the emphasis of “sniper assassin” in the WOA trilogy.

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Sniping should allow for SA ranking so long as you aren’t caught. It should be judged differently than being up close to a target and strangling them in a bedroom, say. There, nobody can see you and the body must not be found. With sniping, and even explosives, so long as nobody else is killed, and you aren’t seen doing anything illegal, it should count as SA, just as poisoning does.

Fixed it for you.


Gotta hard disagree. ‘Silent Assassin’ shouldn’t just be handed out. Sniping targets from afar makes it easy to not get caught, so you would never be risking anything. You’re literally creating a panic from a reaction to someone being clearly assassinated, quite contrary to the meaning of silent assassin…

Rather, people should just stop putting so much weight in the highest ranking. The game could probably do better in making people feel special when they don’t get SA, but still don’t get the worst rankings. But to be fair, the game has a 5 star rating system, and it’s weird that people don’t seem to see any value in getting 3/4 stars, which you can already get while doing Sniper Assassin.

Giving out Silent Assassin like that would make challenges such as actually getting SA/SO while sniping from afar completely redundant. Having to go to all that extra effort to get the highest possible rankings with kill methods that usually don’t support that is a great gameplay challenge.


Gotta hard disagree with your hard disagree. Firstly, SA would not just be “handed out.” You can still be spotted, and security will immediately be able to determine which direction the shot came from and rush to the area to investigate, so you still have to escape and hide. It could even be added in that if anyone actually sees the target get shot, the cover is blown, but if they’re looking away and turn back around and the target is already dead, it can be preserved. I did say that the standards for SA would be gauged differently than with a normal kill method.


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I watched the video you linked and honestly I am not sure it can be called a silent operation.


The operation doesn’t need to be silent, the assassination does.

Exactly my opinion right there

It doesn’t even need to be silent, it just needs to not have witnesses.

And before anyone tries to day that that defies the point in the “Silent” in “Silent Assassin,” remember that loud explosive accidents are also ranked as such.

I, for one at least, almost never care about how many stars I get at the end of the level. I care far more about whether I had fun playing it. IF that results in silent assassin, so be it. It just isn’t important to me.

Maybe there is a difference between an unfortunate gas leak and a person being gunned down in the middle of a crowd. Even if no assailants were spotted.

Fake surrender is so useless in WOA. Does anyone even use it?

It was so practical in Absolution.