What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?

Ahh, okay, well, that’s what I feared (and might’ve heard before, but kinda forgot…

It does seem like a good Hitman-reminiscent experience (replay small sandbox levels to figure out the best paths at different times of day) though so far I’m having some trouble with the minor stealth elements involved.
(It’s not a stealth-centric game, and I’m always bad with FPS-stealths like even with Dishonored)

Finished the lengthy batch of tutorial/hand-holdy missions and stumbled upon how to retain stuff across loops, so now I’m set free… and I died 3 times pretty quickly on my first new mission, but I hope I’ll get the hang of it, maybe…

I’m a little worried the “one true solution” and the FPS stuff I’m always iffy about might turn me off from it.
Eh, there’s always other games to get to…


I’m a touch disappointed with Serial Cleaners. The first game had a cool 70s vibe, but their 90s aesthetic just seems like a weird mix of bland and edgelord, with a bit of Pop-Up Video thrown in to annoy me.

There are four characters to choose from this time, but the differences between them feel superficial, especially since they’re confined to levels that are designed specifically for them. In fact the two or three levels where you can switch back and forth between two of them–letting each of them open up new pathways for the other–just make me wonder why they didn’t do more of that. Or at least let you choose which cleaner to take into a given level, with your approach changing depending on who you chose. Do I want to do some hacking with Viper, go old-school sneaky with Bob or start chucking limbs at cops with Psycho? (The fourth one…jumps over stuff?)

But the core gameplay–dodging cops while vacuuming up blood and disposing of bodies–is still pretty fun and I still haven’t come across anything else that does the kind of arcade stealth that these games do. I just wish they had refined it more.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed Citizen Sleeper. It’s a text-heavy, combat-less RPG (or at least what I think of as an RPG–I hate video game genres). You play as a nameless runaway Sleeper, the emulation of an unknown person’s brain in a robot body. Arriving on The Eye, a ring space station, you have to figure out how to survive and (of course) help the people that you meet and maybe figure out a way off the station.

The writing is good, in a straight sci-fi/cyberpunk kind of way and the simple conceit of getting up to five pre-rolled dice to allocate to your choice of activities/jobs/goals every cycle quickly becomes more complex as they add in money, food, data and other things. It definitely takes a while to learn the rhythms of the game, so especially on a first playthrough there are cycles with far too much going on and cycles with literally nothing as you wait for timed events to complete, which can take away a bit of urgency.

The characters are engaging and they do a lot to set the mood and build the world with a minimalist style. There’s no voiceover and no avatar to directly control, so some cool character portraits and barebones music do a lot of heavy-lifting, along with the writing, of course.

It’ll be interesting to see how the sequel shapes up, since it looks like they’re adding in actual animation and voiceover, as well as taking the action out into space by letting you captain your own ship.


Finally I completed Gotham Knights, it is ok kind of game, but still that wow factor was missing when I played Batman Arkham Origins and Knight. The villians on its previous installment performed well than this. This game may be good for players who didnot play previous games.
Returnal is on the queue and I am planning to buy Sniper Elite v5 next month. Now I am back to Hitman Freelancer.
The problem with me is I made myself more expected in quality of games after playing games like Hitman, Demon Souls, Sekiro etc etc.


Despite wanting to give it a fair shake, and being a fan of weird dystopian future shit, I just couldn’t get into Atomic Heart.

I gave it probably about ten hours, getting to the point where you escape the facility and get outside and there’s cameras and bots to avoid as you make your way across the landscape to the train and after that a trailer-worthy boss fight in a landscaped garden. Then I finally rage/disappointment-uninstalled. (Making room on the XSS for Starfield was also a factor, though I would have finished this game had I actually enjoyed it.)

This game has enough little annoyances, and you quickly hit the wall of the game’s capabilities and scope, that despite liking its overall aesthetic, and wanting more games like this, I wasn’t enjoying my time.

First of all, there’s too much crafting and collecting and shit. Let’s get that out the way now, because these efforts at “creating a personal play style and approach” end up actually dragging down the experience.

The story, I couldn’t tell you much of anything about. It’s simultaneously sweeping and bog-standard.

The protagonist sucks, a detriment to the game that is well advertised by most reviews. But in addition to his character and voice actor sucking, he also sucks to control. No sprinting, slow movement when moving backwards, and no running while strafing or slightly turning to change direction. A baffling decision.

So basically you’re fighting this boss who you have to run away from and whose big body you need to avoid, but you also need to be facing it as it zips around the battlefield, especially to notice when it jumps and sends out flaming shockwaves you need to jump over. But if you want to run away and get space, your back is turned and you can’t time the jumps. But if you’re facing the thing, moving backwards or sideways slows you to a walk. It’s very annoying and I was just over the whole game at that point.

I’m a “patient gamer” who missed years of prime gaming so my game time is usually catching up on slightly older titles. For example Im playing through The Stick of Truth and Axiom Verge on my Deck now. But I’m going to be playing STARFIELD because I pay for Gamepass and I’m so rarely playing whatever the zeitgeist is, never able to participate in the conversation. So that’s on the docket and despite not being a Bethesda or Fallout or Skyrim guy, I’m excited for the possibilities.


As always when Fall starts, i get in the mood to replay Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The Game is 13 years old, but still holds up so beautifully.
Story, atmosphere, gameplay and especially the voice acting are just fantastic.

It’s an absolutely underrated masterpiece.


I would love to replay it again. Sadly I don’t own a ps3 anymore and I doubt that a PS4 port exists.


That’s why i keep my xbox 360 around…but it’s on steam too and if you happen to have the highest ps plus tier you can stream it.


GOG is giving away this little spooky gem :grin:


Does the steam version support controller?


Yes it does. I have it on steam too, but my pc is dead at the moment :cry:


Thank you, that looks really neat lol


I recently re-played all Mafia games. I started with the Remake of first game. Under going this adventure I quickly learned that I hadn’t gotten very far in the original game, some 21 years ago. This goes without saying that the race was to big of a hurdle for 12 year old me. Even though it was easier this time around, it still took me a few attempts.

I was surprised that on foot controls where a bit clunky and felt dated. The shooting was a lot smoother and so was the driving. I heavily enjoyed this game from start to finish, very well told story and some iconic moments that mimic classic Gangster film darlings.

It’s not the last time I replay the remake. A contained story in a open world without free roaming (expect outside the free roam mode) felt refreshing compared to the modern open world game full of bloat and busy work. The game was full of small details that one might take for granted, going through a tunnel and the radio signal gets worse.

Mafia II one of my favourite games, I replayed it a lot surrounding it’s release window. I can say that outside characters and a few missions. It doesn’t really hold up, the combat and physics feel very dated. The amount of environment destruction that the game sold itself on with it’s fysic-x engine isn’t as impressive as I remember it being. It was alright to replay, but it lived a better life inside my head then it did in reality.

Mafia III - Originally when it was first announced, I didn’t really care. I hoped for more Italian American action and I had a hard time seeing how Lincoln clay would fit in and I also heard a lot about it being very repetitive, so I put it off. Then after playing the remake of the first game, I decided to play the hole trilogy.

I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed Mafia III, all from characters, to story, to music. Let me linger a bit on the music, it’s one of the best ingame soundtracks, next to Vice City. From one 60’s banger to the next. The gameplay was tight, smooth and the gunplay was very satisfying. I created my own little addiction of serving justice in the 60’s south. Walking into all kind of establishments, knowing that some places do want a coloured man in there. Then only for me to punch them in the face and empty the Cash register. I used a lot of time, doing just that. Knocking out some racist hillbilly and taking everything he owns.

The repetitive nature of the game, never bothered me. The gunplay was to fun and the narrative held it up until the credits.

Now I’m eagerly awaiting Mafia 4.


Sniper Elite 5

Thanks for the reviews, I am enjoying this game.
That signature sound masking and bullet kill cam is evergreen. Hiding body in crate like 47 !!
This game series quite similar to stealth action game like Hitman and Splinter Cell.

Here is a screenshot I just took (crate and the generator) :

Ah, the first Sniper Elite game I played back in year 2006 during my university days - nostalgic :face_holding_back_tears: That tank mission … wow.

Picture taken from Gamespot website - Sniper Elite Review by Greg Mueller November 15, 2005


Fallout 4 is very fun. Fallout 4 is specifically very fun if you mod it so that you can fly and use superpowers which include slowing down time, force pushing people and turning yourself into an extremely dangerous walking electricity person.

Highly recommended mods. God mode in console commands helps, particularly with flight, but that’s personal preference.


Sony was handing out a game for free, I had my eye on it for sometime and I decided that since it was free I might as well see what all of the hubbub was about, I bit the bullet and got Saints Row (2022).

It was surprisingly decent. Not as bad as the internet thinks but it isn’t Last of Us Part II, I would put it as being better than Four, roughly below three possibly rivalling 3 if a little more love (and by love I mean Swedish Krona and time, the two most valuable currencies in the world) and below 2. Weirdly enough this game reminded me of two in a lot of ways, like if Volition made Saints Row 2 it would be this but better.


I’m replaying the first Resident Evil Revelations, it’s a great little game.


It is. Dare I say one of the better games in the series.


I had fun with Revelations, I still need to get around to playing Revelations 2. Got to pick up the RE4 Remake at some point too.


I ended up liking Rev 2 my 2nd playthrough compared to my first. The only bad part about the game is the Raid Mode for Rev 2 which imo isn’t good compared to Rev 1 Raid Mode


I haven’t gotten to play Starfield yet, but I have played a little bit of HUMANITY on PlayStation, and it’s cool. Not perfect (particularly camera and movement), but a very cool and well made spiritual successor to Lemmings, which is one of the first computer games I remember playing.

It’s available in the PS+ Extra tier.