What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?

I’m playing Starfield, currently mostly surveying planets (96 of them according to the stat). Some are gorgeous ones.
I had one that basically looked like Iceland, and Death Stranding. That was really soothing to survey.
And an other one that had flora, but no fauna. Looked like the Mojave desert. Which was another good experience.

Only 6 quests done in total. That’s what I like about Bethesda games : they let you live inside of them.
Cloud gaming is much more solid than I thought.
I will have more to say about the game later on. But right now it’s solid. I like it.

I’m playing a Diplomat, with points going into the Ship Command skill. I currently have a 6 crew ship, and will aim for the maximum of 8.
All crew are unique named npcs, recruited inside bars. or during random space events.

My current ship :
(I wanted an ISS vibe, it’s a work in progress)

Also, here is an “assassin’s calibrated Beowulf” that was sold in a store. Everywhere I go, it comes back to Hitman.


I finally finished all the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters. They’re all fantastic games and the added QoL improvements make them more accessible than ever. Just being able to toggle random encounters on and off is huge, but there’s also being able to quicksave anywhere and the ability to increase the amount of experience and money you earn from battles, making grinding unnecessary (or quick) if you want. (You can also set them to zero if you want an extra challenge.)

A few thoughts, in the (weird :grin:) order I played them:

FFVI: Still one of the best games of all-time. Oodles of charm, heart and tragedy packed into one little game. As much of a pleasure from start to finish as it was thirty years ago.

FFI: The original and the one where FF’s D&D roots are the most readily apparent. The characters are literally generic character classes and the plot is “Go beat up the evil guy”. But it has old school charm and even a completionist playthrough can be done in less than 20 hours.

FFII: One of two games I had never beaten. I played it a bit on the PS1 but couldn’t get past the weird leveling system. Which in hindsight is odd because it isn’t that hard to grasp: Use sword, improve ability with sword. Use Fire spell, improve damage with Fire spell. It’s the first one with proper characters and a proper–if predictable–story. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit for a game that is routinely at the bottom of Best Final Fantasy Game lists. (I’ll also have to revisit the SaGa series, which was started by one of II’s developers and uses the same style of leveling.)

FFIV: Another all-time classic, one that I rate right up there with FFVI. Dark Knight Cecil’s journey of redemption is heartfelt and just when you think you’ve explored the entire world, it turns out there’s another entire realm underground. And then you travel to the Moon. On a whale. :whale:

FFIII: The one game I knew nothing about, except it had the first rudimentary Job system. (Up until now, it’s never had a proper console release in the West, though I think it’s been on a couple of handhelds.) Turns out we’re back to generic characters and the Job “system” is basically just a secondary level that improves your efficiency with weapons and/or spells. Honestly, not much stands out for me about this game so it’s probably my least favorite of the Remasters, but I enjoyed it well enough when I was playing it. :man_shrugging:

FFV: One of those games that is cited as underrated so much that I suspect that, in certain circles, it might be overrated. It certainly has the best mainline FF Job system and I have a soft spot for the characters, even if the story doesn’t stand out as much. It doesn’t have quite the same charm as IV or VI…but it isn’t that far off either.

Now, after all that, I just need a Chrono Trigger remaster. :pleading_face:


An update on my Sniper Elite 5 gameplay -

I completed 3rd mission last night and wow the 3rd mission is a unique in video game industry.
I am spending around 6 hours figuring out to snipe most targets for each mission.

At first I thought it was a background environment but then sniping from this starting location feels so good. But then going further to the main objective - wow - this is one of the best level design in Sniper Elite and maybe all other games. The map itself is a maze puzzle - Mission 3 Spy Academy :grinning:

I was so curious to explore a part of area that I forgot to explore another part :grimacing:




Dude I played this game back in the 90’s even before I had a cognitive thought and existed.


Goosebumps bro Goosebumps, back in those days.



I know you’re just getting started with it but by chance, is it online only (as in you can’t unlock anything unless you are) like MK 11?


I haven’t tried it but i saw people complaining about it on reddit so i guess its just like mk11 :confused:


I’ll be getting to the end of Control soon and while I still have the Foundation and other side-missions to finish if I wanna go for 100% again, I wanna get to something New once I’m done, since I’m bouncing between the same and old games I already know.
The good new stuff I’m really looking forward to are all at the end of next month…

Help me decide for once I’m done, or offer up your own suggestion if you want. Here’s what interests me from my backlog/ PS+ Catalog

Decently long game, preferably with a good narrative/exploration
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart
  • Judgement
  • God of War (2018)
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An underrated game I may suggest - Days Gone. Watch the gameplay (sawmill) and cinematic trailer Zombies once. Please ignore if you have already played it.


I very much recommend Origins and God Of War. Both have excellent stories and a good length.


I cannot recommend Ghost of Tsushima. The game is alright, but holds nothing compared to other PS4 exclusives. To be quite frank the game feels outdated in its world design and encounters. Like a early open world game from the PS3 era.

I find it overrated. Not bad, but far from a PlayStation exclusive must play.


I tried that one once. Or maybe twice.

Got to the second settlement in the game, but the game felt a little too packed with busywork with scavenging and crafting (and there were a few tedious forced stealth/eavesdropping missions near the start that turned me off)

Good. Thanks.

Really? A lot of the buzz I heard surrounding this game was how unique its navigation was compared to any other open-world, and how the encounters and side missions were worked into the gameplay+story very well.

I’ve played the multiplayer mode when that became free on Plus and enjoyed that for the combat.


These are all terrible except gow 2018 being decent


The game is unique in it’s approach to combat, seamlessly switching between combat stances.

But the approach to the world is very classic and formulaic, especially for a game in the PS3 era. Random encounters can be pretty much summed up to a few different scenarios, it all feels very empty and scripted. The beauty of the world comes in design and pretty countryside Japan and it’s different seasons.

The main missions often follow the same formula, do “side” missions, then liberate castle and do it all again.

Every now and then there are some exciting and cinematic missions that are great. But in the end I would say it’s a pretty formulaic PS3 era open world game, but almost two generations too late.

It’s good, but nothing special. There is a reason why many describe it as Assassin Creed Japan. I plan to replay it again, but that is more to due with my own experience with Japan. It’s more likely I’ll replay Witcher 3 for the third time, before this.


FWIW, I only voted for Ghosts of Tsushima because it involves a theme I like very much. I have never played it… not yet anyway.


lmaooo Khaki at it again with the weird gamer take! Thanks buddy, noted! :joy:

Hmm, okay. Sounds like any old open-world game, but as it’s all based around combat I’m sure that’s still fun. Thanks for the input.


Lets just say that professionals have standards, and i completely skipped over judgement, a game i havent played but heard many good things about


There we go! :joy:

I was gonna say, I was surprised you were lumping this one japanese mystery-puzzle game with all these other action-adventure titles with heavy narratives that I know you dislike…

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God of War 2018 is a far cry from what the series used to be, the violence is toned down, Atreus is nothing more than annoying, Kratos is irritating and the bosses except the one Dragon you fight are lame as fuck.

The Troll “Bosses” are like the worst and uninspired boss fights in a modern videogame.

Ragnarok is far better in every regard, but also just not as good as GoW2 was.

I recommend you to play Ghost of Tsushima, it’s probably not like the best game ever, but it has a wonderful artstyle that made me more often stop right in my tracks to just admire the gameworld than not.
Also the Sword Fighting is hella fun.