What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?

I like GoT. The multiplayer Co-op is fantastic.

Hang on… @TheChicken didn’t we play that together once?!


We did once yes! It is a fun wave-based mode.


GoT is literally the “Thing: :rage: Thing Japan: :star_struck:” meme, it is a gussied up Assassin’s Creed game with the well refined combat system being the only real difference. I can’t believe I am saying this but just buy Power Wash Simulator or Dredge for the same price. What Remains of Edith Finch is on special if you want a nice short game (you don’t but I am just going to recommend it anyway), as is the Ace Attorney trilogy (Which is long).

Pathfinder Wrath of Righteous is discounted, it is Baldur’s Gate 3 but based on the much superior RPG game because I always pimp Pathfinder over DnD. Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is cheap and I can certainly say that game is sufficiently long and has one of the best narratives ever. Get Cult of the Lamb before they remove it from stores next year and support an Australian developer or you could support an Australian developer and buy Stray Gods, I know you are a theatre kid so you might get a kick out of it .

NORCO is a measly 13 bucks which means it is cheap for you as well, hands down some of the best pixel artwork of its year and one of the best examinations of the awful world we live in. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery: The Complete Collection is also discounted if you like reading. Also speaking of reading if you haven’t played it yet Disco Elysium, it isn’t on sale or anything I pimp it at every opportunity.


I didn’t mention it, but all of these on the list aren’t costing me right now. It’s all in the PS+ Extra Catalog. Still, I guess thanks for the advice lol

What Remains of Edith Finch is on special if you want a nice short game (you don’t but I am just going to recommend it anyway), as is the Ace Attorney trilogy (Which is long).

Played both of these, enjoyed them

Pathfinder Wrath of Righteous
Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

Second one’s on my list, will maybe check out the first one? Baldurs Gate 3 is on my list given what I’ve heard of it. But it be expensive for something I’m unsure of…

Cult of the Lamb before they remove it from stores next year

They’re not gonna remove it from stores on Jan 1st… that was their social media rep being a little too silly.

Both of those titles are on my list though to get to one day.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this one… hmm…

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery: The Complete Collection is also discounted if you like reading. Also speaking of reading if you haven’t played it yet Disco Elysium

First one ive also never heard of. Elysium is on my backlog… but tbh right now I want something with a little more player-control instead of delving into a political thriller choice-based RPG… from what I’ve heard of it at least.


I know right? I just don’t have the time or money to get something like that.

Oh I hadn’t heard that, I guess that is nice.

Hopefully you do get around to playing it sometime soon.

Ah I get it now. I suppose if you want to play a PS+ sanctioned game for free you could take a chance on Saints Row. It is free, sufficiently playable, sufficiently long and you have player input in almost every level of customisation from guns to cars to the player character.


Welp, I’m done Control now, just have the AWE missions to finish up then maybe jump into the Foundation. I don’t think I’ll try to do all the side missions this time around or go looking for all the Hidden Rooms.

God of War and Tsushima are at a tie right now, with multiple people coming in to tell me to not go with Tsushima.
Y’know I’d have expected a lot more people saying that about the Ubisoft game there but okay lol



I say flip a coin to break the tie, though personally I’ve never played either game. I just voted for the one I’m more interested in playing.


Flip a coin. Assign whichever side with whichever game. I’d go further and suggest how you feel about the outcome might suggest which game you’d rather play… Or you can stick to the outcome regardless of how you feel about it.

Edit: I did not copy Nazareth! :joy: I was typing this out as he made his (almost same) reply. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welp, I flipped a coin, best 2/3. God of War won.

I’ll start installing it tonight then :+1: thanks for the input people, I hope I like it.


Chilling out and building up Oberland into a comfy little shantytown. Also I have a lightsaber.


Started God of War tonight. Defeated the Stranger and making my way through the mountain path.

(Actually, I’ve played some of this before, about 3 years ago – the opening section up until you get to the big lake and are set free to explore some more, then I guess I kinda bounced off that and found a different game to play…)

Anyway, there’s not much I recall all that much about the opening so far. Definitely didn’t feel this long the first time, but I’m having fun exploring off the beaten path so much.

Combat is punchy and simple to pick up, the dialogue is pretty good (though Atreus acting like an angsty teen is surprising me, he’ll grow on me or character will improve… “so… we’re going towards the creepy singing?” :roll_eyes:oh-god-not-a-self-aware-joke)
And the world building feels natural in an environment sense and nicely fantasy-like in a Norse/God-like sense. Runes everywhere, lots of old weapons from long-dead warriors laid about…

There’s a few issues that have popped up for me so far, some to get used to and some that is unfortunately baked into the game?

The combat is going to take a while to get used to. Anything more than 2 enemies is tough, especially if they’re special enemies that can’t be stunned easily. I’m dying quite a bit on normal.
Attacks from behind are hard to keep track of, and I have a hard time figuring out whether it’s best to use Axe for damage or Fists for that sweet grab finisher.

The environments and graphics quality looks good, but there’s something about the textures in this game that looks a little off. Everything looks too “rough” as best I can put it? Like what’s supposed to look like beautiful snowy nature just looks too gritty in a sense… I find it strange.

Ooh, also, the objectives UI is annoying me. I don’t need to be told “escape the ruins” or “follow the mountain path” or “hunt with Atreus”.
I can pick up on dialogue cues and what the story is telling me already thank you! And there doesn’t seem to be any setting to turn those off. Lots of combat-related UI, but not game notification ones…
For such a cinematic game, it feels weird to have this feature. Also the RPG elements are a little daunting so far, but I hope with more I unlock the more I’ll get better at combat.


@MrOchoa Hey, what’s the word on MK1? Best game in the series or not so much?
I’m currenty swept up in Starfield so it’ll be a little while before I pick it up.


It’s very good, but i dont know, sometimes I think something feels a little off but i can’t exactly put my finger on it :thinking:

Invasion Mode is very boring and uninspired, i dont understand why we can’t have a Konquest Mode ala Deception or Armageddon and i really miss the Krypt.


Yeah, I miss Puzzle and Chess Kombat the most, but unfortunately MK never carries over past features (for long) to newer games. I’m a little bummed out that character variations was cut. But I can still pick this up at some point.


So… I just learned there’s a wrong way to Fast Travel according to God of War :joy:

(Turns out I missed a massive glowing door to the left of the path. This was my first time using it too! I didn’t think you could actually “stray from the path!”)


Starfield, 40 systems fully surveyed. Or 483 planets. Or a third of them all.
The game save is starting to be too large, and I can’t have more than 30 at a time.
I guess now I have to go into cities, and talk to people, and do quests and the like. I purposely avoided them all. Level 60, a million credit just with that, and all level gated ship parts unlocked though.

I found this very unique planet, where I will build my only base. Only one like that.
(more screenshots of my surveying adventures on the relevant topic)

(Ampere, moon of Faraday, Delta Pavonis system. Habitable)


Got two other mobile games on netflix, Twelve Minutes was nice. I play these games when my console is far away. Sharing Screenshot of my gameplay.


Valiant Heart


You visited almost 500 planets?? And in which way is that one special? Did not play the game yet and you seem to be a great spoiler free source right now. :laughing:


It’s :sparkles: pink :sparkles:.
And of all the planet I surveyed, it was the only one.

So, it’s 483 planet surveyed, but if you exclude the gas giants that you just scan from orbit, I would say that I landed on 400 planets and moons.

The planets, and moons of Starfield are not randomly generated. What they are is set in stones, and so curated.
The procedural generation is made at landing, it is made from the biome you select to land one, and from the planet characteristics.
Most of them have just a few simple ones, some have much more features to find.

  • A good third of them are frozen moons, and surveying them is a two minute affair of finding and scanning two-four minerals.

  • Now for the rest, a majority of the planets are barren.
    You still have different biomes, like plateau, hills, frozen plains, mountains, wetlands, even oceans sometimes (and more time than not, not water oceans). Some have atmosphere, different skies, their temperature and climates changes…
    In them you will find 6-8 minerals to scan. You will have to know where to go (gas are at the poles, or in caves, alkanes in mountains)
    Half the time you will also have to scan “traits”. Those traits are geological, or biological.
    It allows some story telling for the planets (I had a toxic atmosphere barren planet with a tar pit and its skeletons, and traces of massive volcanic eruptions and active gas vents).

  • You then have planets with life on them. I would say 5 percent.
    You have preys, scavengers, fish, flying creatures… You will have to go to different biomes, because the fauna and flora are regional. (a tip : if you want to find scavengers, they come out at night, and are in caves). They are both unique, and still in a way the same. You will understand when you play the game. They are variant on the same theme.

Finally, you have very rarely “unique” planets.
They are, like all planets and moons, curated, but a bit more. Like you have a twist. And those twists are unique to them.

The notables one I found :

  • one where the soil is pink.
  • one where the sky is lilac.
  • one where you have no animals, and all life are plants, it’s an arid planet that looks a bit like the Mojave desert.
  • one with the same no fauna, all flora, but the climate was tropical, and so are the biomes.
  • one that looks like a standard moon, but has two species of animals. They are geophages.
  • one where a species you can find in the oceans of other planets is a flying creature (the swarmimg whaleshark).

If you have any questions about the gameplay of the game, ask away. I have not explored any narrative in the game yet. I just wanted to explore.


Thanks! Really interesting!
Hmm… any differences between moons and planets? Is the gravity the same? Any weather?