What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?

People with mods on PC are a little too crazy and horny :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Niiiiice dude.

Pro tip for motion sickness: I’ve found it really valuable to close my eyes when the horizon line changes. Going up stairs, jumping down ledges etc.
Back and forward doesn’t bother me but up and down makes me a bit barfy if I haven’t been playing a while.

Also snapturning. I can’t handle smooth turning. Hope you’ll enjoy the headset!


This afternoon, I started RE8 proper.
Oooh boy, this thing is FREAKY freaky. It looks really nice, it’s cool how they handle the cutscenes with a full 360º view (but control ripped from you. Weird to be standing, when Ethan dives on the floor in a cutscene.)

I also only managed to play about 30 mins today. I am not immune to VR motion sickness it seems.
A lot of that time was spent walking around the prologue house and seeing all the cute details.
I half expected the baby to jumpscare me, since she’s tethered to my left shoulder, it’s cool but also freaky at times.

Then, once you get into the main snowy, mountainous area of the game, oooh boy, SPOOK CENTRAL.
Thanks to the VR’s OLED screens, black is pure black. And since you have to walk through a dark forest at night, then an old clearly-lived-in cabin at night. It’s terrifying.

I juuuust got to a eerily quiet village out in the daytime just before I started feeling queasy and needed to stop.

Playing RE8 for the first time entirely in VR is either gonna turn out okay, or will be the worst decision of my life :joy::cold_sweat:


You can use the knife as a throwable weapon/projectile in RE8 VR… :open_mouth:


Always annoying when that kind of thing happens. In Sega’s own wheelhouse it would be nice for them to bother re-releasing Persona 1 and 2 at some point. Not to mention there is a small mountain of Sonic games still stuck on original hardware.

At the time of writing, I’ve finished 4 and have started 5, currently just started the second chapter/playable character of 5. In terms of main plot, I would probably put Y3 last, and would actually struggle to rank YK1, YK2, and Y4, since they all have a lot of elements I really like.

Yakuza 3 spoilers:

I actually like the orphanage and Okinawa. It’s a different setting and gives Kiryu something really different to do. OK, maybe giving Kiryu 8 kids to look after in addition to Haruka is probably too much, maybe it would of been smarted to consolidate some of the kids, like maybe just have 2 girls and 2 boys instead so they would be more fleshed out, but otherwise, I like this. The Okinawa yakuza and there own problems are quite interesting too. I think it starts to fall apart a bit when they head to Kamurocho. Date, Majima, and The Florist feel like they’re suffering from the Dragon Ball problem of being legacy characters who turn up but don’t really have anything interesting to do aside from what they are known for. I think the plot just completely falls apart when Kiryu and Date meet up with the politician at the Diet who gives a massive info dump. I don’t care about Black Monday, or really that much about the politics of Okinawa. (Even if I do sympathise a little, especially since Okinawa being threated by a military base or new resort by an elite based somewhere else is something that is applicable to parts of Scotland.) Mine is an alright villian, if anything I wish he got more screentime. Hamazaki disappearing from the plot only to appear right at the end is very strange, I know he comes back in Y4, so don’t know if that was always the plan but still it is rather odd. The mystery about the Kazama look a like is a bit of a let down too, both in that it just turns out to be his twin brother, and the mystery of how he travels so quickly from Tokyo to Okinawa turns out to be that he just took a very fast plane. I still like a lot of the game, but it does feel a bit tired, with how they handle Kiryu. With 4 and 5 having multiple protagonists, 0 being a prequel, and 6 being Kiryu’s finale, I can see the writers perhaps struggling to know what to do with Kiryu at this point, and perhaps wanting to move on from him.

Yeah, seen a few examples of that already, but it is cool when they do deep cut references. Y4 substories especially seemed to have a ton of callbacks to past Yakuza games, like the colour gangs from Y1, it’s enjoyable when playing the series in order makes you feel rewarded.

Yeah, Y4 definetly gets convoluted by the end, and I think once everything is revealed, it doesn’t feel like it quite fits together. I understand the main plot points and motivations but it really doesn’t fit together quite nicely as it really should do. Definetly a slower game too, some cutscenes do like to take their time, and Y5 it feels like the pacing is starting to get borderline glacial. Still though, I enjoyed Y4, I enjoyed the new playable characters and their stories. Yeah, Kiryu feels a bit forced in, but otherwise, I think Y4 is a fun time. No idea what movies you’re referring to be honest though.

I’ve tried to get the restored content mod for Y5 but couldn’t figure out how to make it work with the game. I don’t know how to mod games really I’m afraid, I struggle with computing outside of the basics.

Yeah, I’ve started Y5. Probably not a smart move but after Y4, I was very curious to see where things would go from here, especially with again using multiple characters. If I do get tired from it, I can always take a break midway through. I’m actually enjoying Y5 so far, even if it is rather slow and you can just feel that it is going to be a long plot. I ended up doing the whole race mission storyline and all of the taxi side quests, which I thought were nice diversions. Weird for Yakuza to do realistic taxi driving, reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited.

I think Y4 has the best batting average of substories so far, I really enjoyed most of them. Y1-Y3 have some good or interesting substories, but alot of them did feel a bit generic. I feel like there’s like a ton of substories from those games that have Kiryu encountering various scammers.

Took your advice. Was actually good because it meant having to do some side stuff, like the whole Nair side quest series. I ended up playing Y4 on normal difficulty, and was very surprised at just how easy the game was, outside of some spikes of difficulty, usually when starting as a new playable character who starts at level 1. I only had 2 continues in the whole game, and I think both wern’t from being killed in fights but rather from failing stuff like QTEs. So I got the armor you suggested, went into the final area and holy shit, Tanimura’s final boss is such a leap in difficulty from the other 3 final bosses and anything else in the game. I could probably cheese it if I took nothing but healing items with me, but Jesus, thank god for that armor to make it more bearable. What an annoying piss poor fight to end the game on, my god.


I had a suggested video on YouTube a few days ago. Downloaded the game and am currently playing…

Castlevania: ReVamped.

I really like it so far! Had it crash a few times, but getting back to where you were isn’t too bad, especially with a warp system. You can buy cards that buff your weapons and some abilities. According to my stats, I’m about 52% complete.


I’ve been from time to time playing CoD, Elden Ring & Tf2 but have been mitigating my time playing CoD cause of how much anger it boils on me

After 5+ Restarts
70+ Hour Playthrough
From December 2023 - June 2024
Baldurs Gate 3 has rolled its credits and I’ve saved the Forgotten Realms from the Illithid.
Rejected my past as a child of bhall and sought redemption.
Most importantly, had intercourse a total of four times with unique individuals all in one playthrough.

Me (Center), Hathor “My Friend” (Left), Sven “Other Friend” (Right)


:raised_hand: high five!

Right? Companies have so many great games in their stock, but ignore them for all the remakes/remasters/new releases…

Ah yes, the Ryudo Family. Some of the most beloved characters in the series which never get mentioned again post-Y3…

Good point and observation. Majima in particular suffers from this in Y5 I think. And poor Florist just gets straight out dropped and never mentioned after 5…

Massive info dumps are something I feel is a staple of the series, but granted, this one is easily the most blatant one, so it gets a lot of flak. At least in the other games they were able to sort of space it out a bit.

Yeah, I didn´t find BM interesting either, but I do like the whole Okinawa base vs. resort angle. It´s very grounded, specific to the setting, and still a relevant issue even today.

Mine is an awesome “villain” who absolutely deserved more screentime.

I absolutely love Hamazaki´s introduction at the Chinese restaurant and him as a villain. He was a character with a lot of potentail, but sadly they didn´t quite deliver on it. Seeing him back in Y4 was great, but given the transformation he goes through there, it wasn´t quite the same obviously. I doubt his return was always the plan. I don´t think RGG think ahead too much when writing these games…

It wasn´t the most exciting/original revelation (then again, what else would you do with a dead character aside from an identical twin or doubles who underwent plastic surgery?), but man did Joji make for one hell of a fight.

Fast forward seven(?) mainline games and the writers are still struggling to know what to do with Kiryu…

I like these callbacks as well, even if sometimes I struggle to remember them when taking breaks between the games :sweat_smile: Though with some, you really have to dive deep into the side stuff to actually see/get the references. Y3 has a pretty massive one with the Hitman missions.

I found Y4´s pacing to be fine (though everything feels fine compared to Y5). The new characters helped with that I guess, as did the focus on Kamurocho. Definitely agree it´s a fun time. It´s a funky game.

Scorsese´s The Departed. The most blatant case of “awards for merit” (i.e. for recognising the director´s legacy rather than the qualities of the film) this century I can think of. It´s a remake of a Hong Kong movie called Infernal Affairs, only instead of one somewhat recognizable Asian actor (to Western audiences), it´s filled with an all-star cast (including an annoyingly overacting Jack Nicholson), an inappropriate (as in it´s neither fun nor cool to listen to) amount of swearing, and substitutes the picturesque and attractive Hong Kong setting with the most boring and bland rendition of Bawston I´ve ever seen on screen (I´ll admit that elevator headshot fest is still funny af though). Once Y4 got to the whole “yakuza undercover as a cop vs. cop undercover as a yakuza” revelation and everyone shooting everyone on the rooftop, the inspiration was pretty obvious.

Oh, really? This one shouldn´t be problematic, it´s just copy and paste. If you wanna give it another go, PM me and I´ll try to walk you through it.

Haha, I can understand. The curiosity prevented me from stopping too. I don´t think you´ll be able to stop before you reach the credits :grin: Also, I´ll be curious to hear your opinion on the final villain “twists”.

Yeah, the taxi driving/racing was a nice and fun diversion. Actually most of the side stuff in Y5 is. Here they throw in driving and shooting, both unique for a Yakuza game. I can fault Y5 on the story pacing, but not on the side content variety.

I really should try to get my hands on TDU and try it out :thinking:

Agreed. Y4 and Y0 for me so far. I generally most enjoy the substories which add more to the characters themselves (which Y4 does) or feature story characters for more interactions (which it also does). Y1 and Y2 have very basic substories, and indeed, a lot of them are just Kiryu dealing with scammers. Y3 is chronologically a massive improvement I´d say. The substories were a lot more fleshed out and involving, often making you visit multiple locations or do more complex things (I really liked the Café Alps murder mystery, the tuna fund, Kiryu acting in a movie, the Ryukyu mysteries, and several others). Y5 on the other hand is a bit of a downgrade after 3 and 4 - some are pretty good and involving, but a lot are very basic and felt kinda like filler. You´ll have a blast with Y0´s substories though. Most of them are absolutely hilarious, not to mention all the references to Y1-Y5.

Good! If there´s anything the Jingu fight in YK1 taught me, it was “get all your fighting upgrades asap” and “if one of your final bosses is a government/police official, get bulletproof armour” :joy: I found the Munakata fight to be fun actually, but without theSacred Tree Armour, I would´ve probably smashed my laptop (as was nearly the case with Jingu). I also wanted to recommend you to stock up on some weapons, at least a spear/pole and tonfa (Tanimura´s fighting style is great against 1-3 opponents, but not so much for a brawl like the one here), but I didn´t want to completely spoil it for you :grin:

I believe they are mentioned in Infinite Wealth, some of the core memories you unlock with Kiryu are about them.

Well RGG mean can’t do much with Kiryu for much longer…

IDK what was going on at ubisoft or how development of Assassins Creed 3 went, but oh my gooood there’s way too much handholding and tutorials in this game!

I’m on chapter 5 now, and the game is still throwing me incredibly slow, tedious missions just to teach me one mechanic or two.

And some of them are entirely redundant!
Chapter 2 (as Connor’s Dad) has you infiltrate a camp to eavesdrop on NPCs. If you get spotted, that’s mission failed.
So you have to hide in lots of foliage around the area to avoid them.

Then, later on, you play as Kid Connor, and the game teaches you the mechanics of hiding in foliage again through a silly hide and seek game – and then once more in a hunting tutorial in the mission after…

It’s so frustrating. I get that some of it is for the story, going over important character moments or events, but DAMN, it’s just sooo slow and sooo simple, it drags on. A lot.

One mission was literally

“Meet me down by the lake, I have to show you something.”

You run alll the way down the hill and trudge through the snowy forest to this cabin, where a cutscene plays and you meet this old captain of a ship, who tells you he wants to repair it. That’s it. Go back home.

So, you have to run alllll the way back up the hill and trudge through the snowy forest for no reason at all (its entirely uneventful), just to get back to the house where you started. And then they slowly handhold you through a bunch of menus to show you how to grind for resources, and that’s the mission.

That’s the “task” they wanted to give you. Wow.

Also ewww. Revolutionary colonies are horrible for Parkour. (At least the starting town Boston is)
The roofs are all the same triangle shapes. The streets are wide enough that you’re almost always having to pull yourself up onto each roof, rather than straight jumping between them. Or, there’s just too few connecting trees/ropes between buildings, so you either take a big detour, or take a big jump to street level which kills momentum and your route.

And finally, god I hate the “only hold R2 to run+parkour” system change
They increased the magnetism of parkour objects and I’m sure made the predictive algorithm stronger, and it just is so hard to fight against all the time. Jumps that I would normally nail in the Ezio games now send me jumping off into a completely different angle. I’m constantly jumping onto boxes or running up walls just by being near them. It’s frustrating.

Yeah, these aren’t all nice things to say about the game,
yes, I like the animations and sense of momentum with Connor. Yes, the weather systems are pretty cool. Yes, some added parkour moves and variety really make traversing easier sometimes (snaking around poles, climbing into V-shaped branches, or climbing natural rock formations)
But man, this feels way too big and takes some surprising steps back from the enjoyment of the previous games so far…


I finally finished TR1 and started playing TR2 :slight_smile: i really like classic Tomb Raider but i have to admit I’m not very good at it. Had around 100 saves during TR1 :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry, they only get harder :joy:


I know, i played them with my brother as a kid :heart:


RE8 VR be like…

Item jumpscare, huh!

I met the big vampire lady yippee!! :smile:
(I had to mutilate my hands to escape WTFFFFF ETHAN :pleading_face:)

Heheh BIG CHAIR heheh I wonder whose this is

Nyahaha! Dual Wielding Knives! I’m unstoppable! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also OMG this game is SO SPOOKY.

Recently had a mandatory chase sequence where this locust-transforming vampire gal chased me through hallways until I fell into their creepy dark pitch-black basement UGH.

And now I’m back in the main hall, where it’s eerily quiet, filled with multiple paths and I can only imagine that I’ll soon have to face a roaming enemy like Mr X or Jack Baker.
IDK if my heart can handle that… :grimacing:


More RE8! Fun but Very Spook! AAH

Fuck this basement level in particular. Yikes.

cuts your hand off
“Your hand is unusable”
Shit. Youre right!
(I could still grab guns with my left hand, but wouldnt be able to reload them… neat detail!)
(Also a neat detail is how the Healing Juice is a miracle drug to reattach and glue together limbs! Like WTF??)

Lady D picks u up in a cutscene owo??
(she’s gonna turn me into chicken fingers)

She is also a fan of Snoop Dogg confirmed lmao.
Puzzle solved! I think me hitting the wrong notes at times filled in most of the puzzle, but haha, it worked by just playing those 4 notes!

Also wow yeah the whole piano is playable with two fingers in VR. Neat.


This made me laugh out loud while I was playing. Such a great game in VR.


@Rimland Just finished Yakuza 5. Yeah, it is bloated, it has some pretty severe pacing problems, the plot is pretty convoluted, but honestly, I kindof love it. Not sure I’d ever want to replay it, but I really had a great time with it, and enjoyed the whole plot, even if it is rather meme worthy about the “dream” theme. Kindof sad actually that this is the end of the multi-character Yakuza games. I am very much looking forward to see how Y0 ties in with Y1-5, and how Y6 ends the Kiryu saga.

Good lord, I was surprised at how right you were with Majima. I knew ofcourse he wasn’t dead, but I didn’t think we’d have to wait so long for him to resurface. I like the Florist but from Y3 onwards he hasn’t really done much new, so can’t say I’m going to miss him honestly. His story feels rather wrapped up.

Yeah, Y5 is pretty guilty of info dumps, but there is something very egregious about the way Y3 does it. It really is the politician calling Kiryu to just have a meeting to explain everything.

It’s funny, since ofcourse Y2 did the doubles who went underwent plastic surgery. It feels like the kindof thing that someone thought in the writer’s room of a cool opening for the game, then had to work backwards to justify it. Joji is alright I guess, but hard to exactly care about him when he doesn’t return in Y4 or Y5. Feels like a thing that you remember and go “oh right, Kazuma has a twin CIA brother who showed up that one time.”

I think Y5 does a good job with Kiryu actually, I liked his thing as a taxi driver. Although I can imagine going forward how they’re going to contrive more drama for him in the future.

I liked Kurosawa, he was a fun nasty villian. Baba is kindof boring honestly but I do like his arc. Aiziawa as the final boss is extremely underwelming, I do not care about him in the slightest. Liked the stuff with the Omi Alliance and the other Yakuza bosses, Watase, and Katsuya make for entertaining characters with their own motivations.

TDU 1 and 2 are great games if you’re interested in car collecting and car culture. I’m really hoping Solar Crown can live up to their legacy.

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Finished Assassin’s Creed 3 tonight. (Well apart from the final Epilogue mission, but like the major major story is all done now.)

Overall it was… just pretty messy? This is definitely the Black Sheep of the Desmond saga. It stands out for being different and "more" and just… doesn’t do what it intends to I think. Like, they just didn’t have the time to iron out everything.

The gameplay is just… ehh?? The lack of control that the previous games had stands out A LOT. I’m jumping off things I didn’t mean to WAY more than usual, or jumping ONTO things like my hands are made of magnets. It’s weird.
The new animations are very fluid and great to look at though! Nice stuff!

Sometimes when you get into a flow (in one of the many very linear parkour-paths in the game) it can be fun and cool. All the new free-running tree-running is a nice new “feature”, but honestly, just serves as a new way to Horizontally cross the Frontier where there aren’t plenty of buildings, scaffolding or wooden posts. (And yeah, both this and the “sides of buildings” in the colonial areas are very straight, linear paths that are practically the only viable way to cross the area that isn’t on the ground.
At least the previous games had way more bustling cities and a whole lot of ways to mix up and jump around with intention. :person_shrugging:

The story is also… ehh??
Like, the one thing I quite like about this one is that in the Past, you see the once-again battle between the Assassins and Templars, who usually have very opposed goals and are at times literal war with each other, but in this game, they’re in a more political war.
Both teams want America to become its own nation and split off from Britain. It’s just that the Templars want to install Templar Reign and have peace through total control, but the Assassins want not-that and have people fight for “Muh Freedom”. Essentially…

Things get mixed up and underbaked. It’s a little weird. I’ll try to summarize my thoughts on it quick-ish…

Connor, or Ratonhaketon (I butchered that in my English keyboard but the intention is there) is a First Nations/Native American boy/man chooses to stand up for his people and actually help the rebels fight back against the British, after seeing a Redcoat guy threaten to kill his people if they don’t choose to give him their land (in the name of securing peace, which makes no sense lol)
He also comes under the wing of Achilles, or “Old Man” as Connor likes to call him, (affectionately, by the end, but I always felt it demeaning a little) after he has a vision of the Assassin symbol which will bring his guidance and to secure peace and keep his people safe. This is also where the “You must kill this Hit-List of high-up Templar people” plot comes in as always.
He wants to help America be free of Britain’s and Templar’s rule, but throughout the story the only justification and argument behind these words are: Controlling people is wrong, Everyone should be Free. And that’s basically it from what I can gather. It’s weirdly flat.

(Also Connor’s voice acting/delivery is also pretty consistently flat. I looked it up, and it might be intentional since the Indigenous language they use in the game is known to be very monotone in delivery (and Ubisoft thankfully used A LOT of experts and contacts with native peoples in the development of this game) it’s just a shame that they give this very flat-voiced character equally flat motives and characterization.)

As a boy, Connor meets Charles Lee, a british guy who gets pretty racist and physical with this kid who he stumbles upon for no reason at all. (And who you previously saw in the prologue as a pretty well-mannered, composed man when you were playing as Haytham) and proceeds to be Connor’s revenge-north-star as he believes Lee, seen soon before his village is burned down, to be the instigator.

This, later down the line, allies him with Haytham, his dad, who is actually an Assassin-turned-Templar – that the prologue very deliberately makes Zero Mention of the words Assassin or Templar right up until the “twist” and instead vaguely refers to Haytham’s quest as “For the Order” all the while he literally sports a Templar Cross on his little cape. Lmao.
And there could have been a great moment that aligned them both and offered more cooperation than we had, and also offered a greater goal and (more cliched but also driven story) after Connor finds out that Haytham did not order Lee to burn down his village, and also even later finds out that Washington was the one who ordered it, but for whatever reason, Haytham is still no matter what oblivious to Lee’s psychopathic racist nature, and advocates for him to be the true Commander in Chief for the new nation. Wow, I see great peace on the horizon for sure.

Seriously. The heel-turn between Prologue Charles Lee and Main Game Charles Lee is insane. Literally insane.

Dude is a proper, well-spoken servant/butler/assisstant to Haytham all throughout the prologue, and then flashforward into the main game as Connor, and his hair is constantly unkempt, he’s sporting a massive beard and is wild-eyed to be the most racist and cartoonishly villainous villain to ever be evil in this game.
Maybe the intention was to say that “Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts” since the last thing we see is Lee being inducted into The Order, an organization with many ties to higher-up people, so he could have had a megalomaniacal awakening or something, but yeah, wow, weird in my opinion. And not really supported with evidence or reasoning in the plot at all.

Ah yeah, and the Modern Day.
There was a lot of buildup to Desmond having his time in the spotlight. (I think the original plan was to have him get his own full game? Anyway,) Desmond only gets 3 Missions, and most of the plot for some reason revolves around Sleeping in the Animus, Occasionally travelling the world to find Magic Ancient Batteries to power up this cave they’ve holed up in, and Unlocking a Magic Ancient Locked Door to find The Thing that will Save the World.

The first mission, scaling a big skyscraper under construction was the best one. Because it’s all parkour (despite being linear) and that’s always neat.

The second mission was kinda forgettable. Some MMA fight in an indoor arena, and you have to avoid a few guards and climb on the rafters to get to a place?

Then mission 3 is saving dear-old-Massive A-Hole daddy from Abstergo, back where it all started. It was kinda neat, going back and fighting back against the guards with guns using your assassin skills.
But wow. For all the talk of Templars being All Powerful and you can never hope to defeat them… Lmao wow Vidic got done dirty in this game. He used to be psychologically manipulative and clearly thought he was doing the right thing by scanning Desmond for ancient artifacts for his bosses.

In this game, he taunts Desmond vaguely about how he’s messing everything up, that Abstergo HELPS people vaguely, and then willingly lets Desmond into his office where he’s supposed to exchange The Mind-Control Device for his Father – But here’s the kicker: He uses the mind-control device to kill all the guards in the room AND Vidic and just walks out with his dad. LMAO HOW ARE YOU SO DUMB BAD-GUY LMAO.

(2 Villains in Connor’s Story also die because they fail to see the very visible weapon he’s holding right as they think he’s been downed.)

Then, finally in the ending, as Desmond finally unlocks the Ancient Magic Door,

we get two gods debating about A: “We must let the Human Race die because This Other God is Evil and you will Release Her” and B: “You must save the Human Race because the remnants of what remains will rise up, view you as a god, twist your words into a new religious war for power and we’ll be right back at square one.”

Honestly that second point the “Evil God” makes is probably the coolest bit of writing (and cutscene) in the entire game, since it actually makes sense and is ominous for the fate of humanity.
The other point there is… “Juno is Evil, she wants to Rule the World, Let Billions Die so she stays trapped or something” with zero explanation as to when this shift took place, how she’s going to rule the world, or why it’s SO imperative and what the consequences to THAT might be…"
Like, CLEARLY Juno has lost many of her marbles and (through side-emails) mentions her hatred for the human race and she really shouldn’t be trusted, but also…

Desmond does the obvious thing and touches the Magic Ball That Saves the World and – you guessed it – saves the world from the apocalypse somehow.
Then he dies and the game awkwardly cuts to black for the credits. Oof. And that’s the end of Desmond. Thanks Ubisoft. :confused:

PS: Ohh yeahhh and there’s some random henchman dude who Desmond meets in every mission called “Daniel Cross” – and after their first encounter, Desmond asks “Who is this Cross guy?” despite him having zero way of knowing his name that was never mentioned, other than 4th-wall reading the subtitles or something!
And this guy just shows up 3 times to get beaten 3 times super easily by Desmond, and also apparently he’s used the Animus beforehand since he has Mind-Altering visions butttttt we’re not gonna dwell on that, we have a story to rush through!!
Seriously. This guy’s inclusion is a total mystery and the game feels like they could have had way more planned for him, but didn’t have the time or budget for it.

Welp, at least we got dozens of Feathers and Chests to collect, bunches of areas to Un-Fog-Of-War, lists upon lists of “Perform X Move 10 times” and a lot of side-missions of “Kill this one Basic NPC Randomly placed on the map”

Oh yeah but the Homestead Missions are at least pretty good, at least in giving Connor a driving goal of unifiing a people and helping out this small growing village as their de-facto “Leader.”

I didn’t touch the Naval missions apart from the mandatory story ones, and I’m not going to play AC4 Black Flag. Already tried that, It’s not my jam. (I played Freedom Cry a month back and that’s all I’ll do.)

Now I think I’m gonna take a break from big AC Games (and AC-like games unfortunately – I’ve heard great things about Ghost of Tsushima – but I don’t want to burn myself out on the series’ gameplay formula. Which this latest entry here just didn’t sit well with me the whole time.
I’ll still check out the Alt-History Washington DLC packed into the Remaster, since maybe if they can make up their own history then the story will be a little better idk