What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?

It is, but from a gameplay perspective it’s the only real thing it got going for it. Even with the combat, it takes a long time for it actually become fun. Combat against multiple enemy types before you unlocked all four stances is a tedious experience. I quite like the combat of both games, but the Jedi (Fallen Order and Survivor) can be played and mastered with one saber stance. Trying to do that in Ghost you are actively fighting against the game itself. They are similar, but yet both have drastically different approach to combat.

I feel it’s the other way around, it’s not for fun that I completed Fallen Order 5 times and Survivor twice. I plan to replay Survivor again. I’ts a rarity that I replay the same game twice in this day and age. We need to go back to Half-Life 2 and Assassin’s Creed (2007) to find a game that I played more then twice. I tried with Ghost of Tsushima and I couldn’t be bothered.

It absolutely is. Yet as beautiful the game is, as life less the world is. All this is my opinion and I do understand if others find the game more captivating, it was for me a best a 6/10 game experience.

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All your points are completely valid and fair imo. It very much felt like a copy paste of that classic Ubisoft formula. To me, it’s one of those games I enjoyed on a first playthrough but cannot really go back to.

I found the story and characters obnoxious tbh. The world, albeit preeeeettyyyyyyyyy, was soulless with no environmental storytelling.

What it does have going for it, is its polish. It looks immaculate, very stable performance and has that buttery play feel that’s hard to put into words, you just feel it.


It was free with my PSN so I have been playing Sea of Stars, I have to say that sea really is filled with stars.


Last night I finished the AC Ezio Trilogy and while I was planning on getting right back into HiFi Rush once that was off my plate, I had that weird post-game depression feeling, and I decided to go to bed instead.
Because, wow, that was a pretty great series of games, it ended off the historical story on a great bittersweet note, and I know that this is the last time the very manual parkour control scheme is used…

So here’s a brief (edit: it was NOT lol) review of my likes and dislikes of each title.

Assassin’s Creed 2. —

Great continuation of Demond’s story – mostly – though a lot of the modern day action takes place in a warehouse and you’re basically confined to another room to just interact with the friend group when for whatever reason you’re sooo bored (unlikely) of playing as Ezio.
The story overall is a great revenge tale, Ezio forming an alliance and becoming a great Assassin, after essentially having that role forced onto him after his father’s death and the hunt for his family by a rival group.
The timeline is a little hard to keep track of with time passing, since you’ll be doing a lot of exploring and mission-doing in between the quick year title cards of each chapter, so unfortunately time passing just… passed me by.

The diversity in the 3 locales is pretty cool. Florence has a much more diverse playground to parkour in, lots of stair-climbing involved to get to higher places and is way more engaging than AC1’s mostly flat roof maps. Some streets are pretty wide though and need you to traverse via tightrope to get across. Forli is interesting in that there’s massive multi-story guard towers to scale, though mostly only serve their purpose in a few missions and needing to reveal the map. And finally Venice feels similar to Florence in its roofing levels, but there are often massive gaps you have to cross due to the canals. But thankfully water can provide safe landings from high places, so they’re useful to get to the ground easily and escape chases.

There is a great number of Assassin Tombs and a few Templar Tombs that serve as fairly linear but fun parkour challenges, engaging you to find the right path forward to get the treasure or tool at the end. Very fun stuff.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood. ----

For the story in this one I thought the Modern Day portion was better than last time, since it involves a couple of Desmond parkour sequences at the start and at the end, and lets you have fun in an empty, modernized version of the Monterrigioni map from the last game whenever you want. The gang also holes up in Ezio’s old villa, which is cooler and has more significance than a random warehouse.

Ezio’s story I found more lacking in this one than the last.
It’s yet again a revenge story as someone he loves is killed, this time by a younger and more ruthless adversary. Also the villain from the last game is still alive because Ezio’s “I will make you live with your mistakes and hubris” cool fade-to-black moment at the end needed to be followed up with a sequel, ah well.
The story felt kinda forgettable in this one. Since Ezio needed to flee to Rome, his buddies all scattered and unsure what to do, he decides to try and Liberate Roma! so he can turn the people against the Templars who control the area. …And I kinda forget how he goes about all that.
Unfortunately even though the title is Brotherhood, and it’s kinda supposed to be about Ezio making an Assassin Brotherhood, that key mechanic doesn’t come into play until like Chapter 5 I think? That’s halfway through the game. It was very strange.
Also, since this is a sequel we need to reset players and not make them too strong from the get-go. So Ezio can’t climb-leap because of a bullet wound, and he lost all his equipment so he needs them back – which takes a while too. This is made worse since they tease you with a fully-upgraded Ezio in Chapter 1 just like how AC1 has you fully powered, then losing your stuff, and needing to get them back by the end… ugh, not enjoyable. The gameplay was pretty fun still!

The map itself – Rome – ehhh, not my favourite. Like, half to 2/3rds of the map is just flat terrain with some unscalable rock cliffs, and you’re forced to use your horse to get around quickly, use the same bottlenecks, or just fast travel. So… yeah, not an improvement.
Also UGH, this game introduces side objectives to get a 100% rating on the missions. And they’re usually terribly tough!! It’s usually something obtuse or really difficult like “not getting spotted or having enemy bodies spotted in a packed area” or “tail this NPC only from the rooftops and don’t get spotted” just, complex and harsh especially with the only way to reset it if it fails is redoing the entire mission!

What is a massive improvement is the side-missions. Lots of good assassinations, many of them tied into the main plot with cutscenes and furthering Ezio’s goal of helping citizens again the totalitarian threat of the Templars, the return of Tombs (though slightly less of them) that feature both parkour and comabt challenges with enemies sometimes – and the coolest – DaVinci War Machine missions! These last ones take you to a new mini-map just for the mission, so that’s fun to jump around. And they all end with a pretty good vehicle sequence which shakes things up! They’re all different and enjoyable in their own way with my favourite being the Glider from AC2, now upgraded with a cannon to shoot from above! (I did not like the Carriage Turret or the Boat Turret)

The collectibles though?! UGH. 100 Flags. Yikes. No Way. Not even with maps, I couldn’t be bothered, especially with that Rome map.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations —

This one is actually a smaller title, since it’s something Ubisoft rushed out to fill the void between Bro and AC3 so they could have something to fatten their pockets – or so I’ve heard. But I actually really enjoyed this one, overall way more than ACBro!

It serves as a final entry to tie up the stories of Ezio and surprisingly Altair too! You get a number of flashbacks about how Altair took control and rebuilt the Assassin Order after the events of the first game. It’s pretty well done. Also kudos to Ubisoft for having their actor actually try to pull off an accent rather than going full flat american english while everyone else sounds much different.

The “modern day” plot if you can even call it that is Desmond in a coma because he was unconscious at the end of the last one, and we can’t have him do anything important in this sequel that was never intended.
So he’s in a coma, you get 5 optional chapters of what I can only assume is Ubisoft’s attempt at cashing in on Portal, with jarring first-person perspective platforming levels where you spawn platforms and avoid lazers around you.
Nolan North does a great job with the scripts, reminiscing on Desmond’s past - and its great to finally know more about him - but the gameplay and level design (being all brutalistic concrete as rendered by the Animus) leaves a loooot to be desired. As in: not this.

The story in this is a non-revenge thing! It’s about Ezio in his older (mid-50’s?) chasing down keys to Altair’s secret library that probably house tons of Assassins secrets – and of course Templars are after it too, since they’ve well established themselves in the occupying Byzantine forces in the city of Constantinople/Istanbul/lots of names.
Ezio develops a fun secret friendship with the future Suleiman the Great and begins a new charming romance with a librarian.

First off for the gameplay: Ezio gets the new sequel mechanic (the Hookblade, one part hook one part blade) in Chapter 2. Like, right after the quick prologue/Chp1 section. And you’re let loose with the new tool and all of Ezio’s previous skills open for you. Yay!
The map this time is way better than Brotherhood. I think it’s the most dense urban environment in the series so far. Lots of wooden houses and buildings that are 3-4 stories tall at least, the city is built on an incline so there’s always fun either skipping your way down or hopping your way up the rooftops, and there’s ziplines to cross large gaps or speed your path up, AND Ezio has a nifty hookblade to jump higher, reach farther, climb faster, and is really fun to use – when it works – sometimes the fast-climb animation doesn’t trigger and it’s never clear why. The distance to the top maybe? IDK!

I also found the side objectives for the main missions to be quite easy this time around. Some simple “kill this target with your hidden blade” lol sure why would I not want to kill him with the series’ iconic versatile weapon. Or some straightforward “don’t get spotted” or “don’t kill anyone”.

The side missions themselves are a big disappointment unfortunately.
You only get two parkour tombs. Well, technically one, since the other is bonus DLC thankfully included in the Ezio Collection.
There are about 4-5 tombs you visit in the main missions, but they are all extremely simple, extremely linear “chase scene” setpieces. ACBro toyed with this in a few of the side tombs, but these ones are laughably scripted and disappointing that it takes up so much of the content.
(I feel like Uncharted is the reason they wanted to make cinematic, explosive chase-setpieces. The dates… kinda line up? UC1 was Nov.'07 UC2 was Oct.'09 – ACBro was Nov.'10 and ACRev was Nov.'11) UC2 had more setpieces and were more complex so I feel like that inspired Ubi quite a bit.)

There’s another type of Side Mission and its Master Assassin Missions. They take up the bulk of the list. Basically, you recruit citizens, send them on mobile-game timers to gain XP, and once they hit Lvl 10 you get Part 1 of their mission, and Lvl 15 gets you Part 2 of their mission.
The issue is, the setup for each (someone is causing trouble in the city and you have to track them down and stop them) is so quick and simple, and the gap between getting your recruits to Lvl 10 then 15 is so large and long, you’ll probably forget what the context is for the quest’s ending when you start Part 2. At least I did.

Oh yeah, and the other special mechanic Ubi had to add were Tower Defense missions (Den Defense, whatever)
They are pretty darn tough because I never managed to finish any of them apart from the first main tutorial one.
It’s simply setting up guards with various weapons along an alleyway for them to shoot enemies approaching, but it always ends with the baddies bringing in a super weapon that melts through all your barricades like butter and has sooo much health and armour.

What’s worse is that they changed the Notoriety system where you no longer have Wanted Posters to take down 25%. They’re gone.
You do still have Heralds [-50%] (and they lowered the bribe from 500 to 100 which is GREAT, plus you can pickpocket to get it back) and Couriers [-75%] but they have also been nerfed to -25% and -50% respectively.
AND WORST OF ALL, renovating buildings - which is the only way to earn passive income and have mostly accessible areas to upgrade or heal, adds notoriety to your meter. And that’s like about 20% per shop.
So if you go on a renovation spree, you’ll be Wanted and more enemies will spawn which will be harder to avoid, and if you do anything else illegal then one of your Assassin Dens get attacked, remaining a flashing icon on your map forever until you deal with it (and lose. like me.)

Still though, I really enjoyed my time with Revelations on the main gameplay loop side of things – and since they had a nifty feature where after collecting 50/100 of the misc. Collectibles in the world, the other 50 get added to your map for free!
And since I did such a great job getting full sync on all the main missions, I said screw it, went for the 100% trophy completion (with weird random trophies for doing things no one would ever need nor stumble upon easily) and got the platinum for ACRev as well. And that’s that!


Overall, I’d rank it as AC2>ACRev>ACBro, though each title has their own strengths and weaknesses in their campaigns and amount of side-content.
Also, AC2 and ACBro have a great cinematic video that plays on the Main Menu if you wait enough, and are just great CGI showcases meant to build hype for the game while revealing the new mechanics (the gun, parkour/assassin improvements, and the faction systems). ACRev’s mostly serves to set up the first mission and doesn’t show off the hookblade all too well.

Oh yeah and you can definitely see Ezio’s Action Hero persona get more and more prevalent the further into the trilogy you go. It’s a little strange since AC2 did such great heavy lifting building him up as a character, and in the rest of Bro and Rev he’s usually an always-on-top-of-it badass who can’t be stopped and performs inhuman feats of skill. (He fist-fights the main baddie while falling off a cliff in ACR for goodness sake!)

Sidenote: I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I’ve heard a lot of Roger Craig Smith recently and I like the guy, it’s just baffling the games I keep playing feature him.
I played Dying Light with Silvereyes, he’s the main guy in that. I played AC2 and he’s Ezio with an italian accent in that. I then started RE5 with Silvereyes and he again was the main character Chris Redfield in that. Omg get out of my life you rugged-voiced man! :laughing:


Ah the Da Vinci war machines were always so cool, I was replaying it a few months ago and I also like how Ubisoft actually hid a few tenuous connections to the Isu into most of those locations.


So I played Watch Dogs. I don’t like it. :joy:

The story is a bit better than I thought, but in the end the main character was very bland, does not enjoy or hate anything and is otherwise just selfish. I tried to get the most out of the hacking and otherwise played the missions like a GTA clone so I did not think too much about the fact I am just a murderer and probably a worse one than most guards I took out.

Got most side activities still open because at some point I just wanted to get over it with the campaign. Maybe I will like the rest more.


It’s going to take a few days before I can jump into Hellblade 2, but the discourse and reviews have been fascinating.

On the one hand, it effectively does what it sets out to do. It’s a linear, beautiful narrative experience with few “gamey” systems to play with. Good score!

On the other hand, it doesn’t build on the original, is short, and lacks “gamey” systems. Bad score!

Really one of those “love it or hate it” games / butisitreallyagametho? interactive stories.

Some YouTuber folk I like liked it, others did not.

I think I will like it.


AC3 is underrated as shit, and people were harsh towards the game when it released. The Kenway saga imo is my favorite era of AC simply because it has a little bit of everything to love about classic AC.

That and it’s also the strangest era given the spinoffs that enhances and continues stuff established in previous games and also provides context for future a game like Unity.


Agreed. I get that it’s not as enjoyable as the Ezio trilogy, but it’s still fantastic on its own.

On a semi-related note, since it’s about AC, but after having finally watched a clip of Valhalla yesterday, with both versions of Eivor (male and female), I can conclude that, it really doesn’t matter whether you play them as a woman or as a man; their voice sounds terrible either way.

Finished Yakuza 3. Mixed feelings. I was really struggling with the game, and after 4 chapters, decided to mod my save file to easy difficulty, which makes the game a bit of a cake walk. Weird on normal difficulty regular fights are pretty easy but once you start fighting bosses, it seems like they can block so many of your attacks and you’re doing pitiful damage against them. I’m not that good at fighting games which is probably part of it but Y3 does seem unusually obnoxious. But really, I’m into Yakuza for the story more than anything, and Y3’s plot is… OK. Definetly a downgrade from the first 2, but I am enjoying how Yakuza continues to build upon its story and lore. It gives an advantage that even when you have a weaker plot, it feels like you are at least being rewarded by having more stuff built around the setting and characters.

I’m a couple hours into Yakuza 4. Very interested to see how Y4 and Y5 unfold since I know those are the games that have multiple playable characters.


Jeez if you think that is weird wait until they become a Persona-like RPG. Actually I think you will like the Like A Dragon games, they seem more up your alley.


Yeah I am very excited to eventually hit 7 and 8, I think gameplay wise I will be far invested in them. Not to say I’m not enjoying the games I’ve played so far, but it’s not really my thing. But as it stands, I’ve ended up deciding to play all the major games in order so will be a while til I reach the newer ones.

Leaker Midori has said that Sega plans to try to make Persona and Like a Dragon into annual franchises. Not a full on numbered title each year but some sortof release each year, so who knows, maybe Like a Dragon can kill the time before 9 by returning to more classic Yakuza gameplay.

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Honestly burnout hit me so hard I went from playing 3 to skipping to Like A Dragon. I wound up playing 6 but didn’t feel the need to play the multi-protag ones. But that is just me though.


I probably won’t play all of them at once. Will do 4, see how I feel afterwards, maybe move onto something else for the time being before returning to 5. It probably helps that I am tending to skim a lot of the side content. I want to do as many sub stories as possible, but otherwise just not really touching the mini-games or collectables etc.

Again, just very interested to see how 4 and 5 go with the mutliple protagonists.


That sounds like a good idea.

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I wouldn´t consider myself great at fighting games (well, Yakuza, since I don´t play any other) either (though I have improved compared to when I started with Y0 and YK1), but Y3 is “affectionately” referred to in the Yakuza community as “Blockuza”, which should tell you how most people feel about the combat in that game. Personally, I don´t have such a pejorative view of it, but will absolutely admit that it has probably the weakest combat out of all the main entries now, though the bulk of that sentiment is due to the fact that the original Y1 and Y2 have basically been “replaced” by the Kiwami remakes, thus making Y3 the “oldest” entry and essentially devaluating the improvements and development it brought into the series after the first two. I haven´t played them myself (yet), but I wish Sega would finally stop being such a bunch of cun*s and stopped ignoring their existence and re-released them on modern platforms (people can bitch about the MGS Master Collection´s quality all they want, but at least Konami cared enough to release those games, even if just for the moolah).

Anyways, back to the combat - yeah, bosses in Y3 block a lot, and you really need to get upgrades asap (which sadly isn´t always possible, especially early on) to use different tactics against them. That or spam one particular combo which seems to be able to break their defence. But yeah, don´t feel bad about lowering the difficulty on this particular one.

It´s always interesting to read how people feel about the individual stories/games in the series, and I´m rather curious where you´ll place it once you finish Y4 and Y5 (which have really convoluted storylines). Y3 seems to be either very high or very low for most people. Personally, it´s one of my favourites, both story-wise and in general (I will absolutely admit a huge part of that is due to my love of Okinawa and I wish it would make a comeback as a location), despite its undeniable flaws.

Yakuza continuing to build up on its story and lore can be a mixed bag, especially when they start introducing stuff for the sake of one game, only to never mention it again, ignore it or just outright retcon it :grin: (still, it´s great fun and I love it too)

Like I mentioned, those get really convoluted. I mean Y4 starts out well enough but falls apart in the last section due to some very questionable story decisions which were probably made because someone on the writing team apparently really liked a certain overrated American movie from that time which was a remake of a certain underrated Hong Kong movie… I also couldn´t help but feel that Kiryu as a playable character was just forced in last minute. But despite the story, it´s actually one of my favourites gameplay-wise. Y5 on the other hand… well, let´s just say I still have mixed feelings after the first playthrough.

Also, in case you´re playing these on PC, you should absolutely consider using the restored content mods (at least) for Y4-Y6.

Coming back to what I mentioned earlier - fuck, Sega, if you wanna go down the hellhole of annual releases, at least give us ports of OG Y1 and Y2 first!!! (and then Dead Souls and Kenzan, though apparently the latter wouldn´t fly with today´s audiences much)

I highly recommend taking at least a short break between 4 and 5. I played them back to back last year and regretted it. Even if you´re in it mainly/just for the story (which was what kept me going), Y5 is fucking loooong. And not the good kind of long, but the “this stuff absolutely didn´t have to be there” kind of long. Seriously, I mean all the Yakuza games demand a lot of your time due to the long cutscenes and conversations (and long battles), but Y5´s pacing is just god-awful. I think it contributed a lot to my mixed feelings about it.

The substories can vary in quality between games, but generally at least the ones not “locked” behind certain minigames should be easy/worth doing. I particularly recommmend doing the Y4 ones, as they add a lot to the characters´ backgrounds (well, Akiyama, Saejima, and Tanimura at least).

EDIT: One tip for Y4. Before you go for the finale (the final fight), make sure to get the whole Sacred Tree Armour set and equip it for Tanimura. Don´t ask, just do it.

Just finished Assassins Creed Freedom Cry – it was on sale on Steam for like 6$ so I thought ehhh why not, just for a tiny taste again of AC Pirate stuff.

It was okay. Extremely short tho. (basically a mini side-story expansion for 4, made into a standalone purchase).

  • The story was… okay, but it was again short, and events moved really really quickly. Also this is like, 10-years post AC4 I think it says, so I have barely any context for Adewale’s character, and the game itself has virtually no tutorial about how the Post-AC3 combat/stealth mechanics work… Ah well.

  • There were lots of collectibles and areas to visit via sailing… Zero clue why someone would do this since there’s no reward I can find online for that. There are a few extra weapon upgrades you can find by visiting specific islands though.

  • The ship combat was fun, mostly. It helps that your ship is pretty beefy and strong at the start and it doesn’t take long at all before you can make yourself pretty overpowered with cannons.

  • The travelling with the ship, I still found extremely tedious. Just… engage “travel mode”, and watch your ship kind of travel faster along the water, with little input needed from yourself. The sound design is also pretty muted. Not much rushing waves to listen to, or even some original soundtrack. It’s weirdly quiet.

  • Oh dear god this new Hold-R2-Only movement system is freaky. AC4/FC doesn’t have many areas to really test your parkour pathing or prowess, but what little I’ve seen here, it makes me a little worried for how I might enjoy AC3 when I get to it. It’s very clearly a janky, automated step-down from the Classic gameplay. At least they kept the manual jump button! (Though it serves almost zero purpose).

  • The one absolute highest point in this tiny game was the “sinking slave ship” mission. It was extremely emotionally charged and brutally depressing,
    seeing the enemies deliberately sink and kill a whole boat of slaves rather than let them get freed by Adewale.
    And well… a lot of them still died, trapped, drowned, sinking into the ocean with no escape. Yikes. I’ll remember that mission for a while…

It was also reallly buggy. Way, way more than the Ezio games I played. (I only ever encountered one with those old games, and that was in Revelations.)
Lots of combat animations would get stuck in a wall, and the character would start to become extremely jittery, like they’re being pulled apart at the seams.
Also there was one fast travel point that was totally broken, spawning me 50feet up in the air above the town, and I’d have nowhere to go but plummet to my death.


Ah yes, the “let´s make this absolutely appropriate DLC a standalone thing so we can charge more for it” move. I´m glad I bought it back when it was still a DLC…

I wouldn´t be able to tell you the story even if you tortured me. Anyways, to an extent I think you might be better off not having played AC4 yet, cause Adewalé was easily one of the best characters (in an already great roster) there who made a great contrast to Edward. I really liked him (and was sad when he disappeared for story reasons) and was looking forward to Freedom Cry, but boy was I disappointed. Not only is he really dull there (and I´m not even gonna talk about Rogue), but they made it even worse by spamming you with the “free slaves” side stuff. Don´t get me wrong, I really liked that they focused on that within the story, but fuck me, you couldn´t walk ten steps in this “game” without the UI bombing you with a “help the fleeing slaves / free slaves from auction / free slaves from ship / etc.” side quest.

You probably won´t that much in this regard. AC3´s Boston and New York are underwhelming to say the least when it comes to parkour (worse than AC4, since that one at least has Havana which is pretty good and gorgeous), not to mention they are bland architecturally. What killed it most for me though was the Frontier. Not what I would call fun traversal.


Okay, so, Thursday night I ordered the PSVR2, deciding that yeah, for everything I’ve researched, its a great device for people new to VR or who might not have the PC resources to take advantage of higher-quality experiences on that platform (with even more expensive rigs/devices)
The madlads at Amazon sent it within one day, it arrived sometime yesterday afternoon.

So, I set up and tried some of the psVR2 machine last night.

Setup took about 30 mins for me (plus 15-20mins to charge controllers) especially to figure out the angle the headset needs to sit on my head, lens spacing for optimal clarity, etc. But it works well enough once you find the admittedly tiny “sweet spot”.

I only managed to spend about 30 mins doing the VR tutorial for Resident Evil 8, but ooooh boy it’s neat! (I am apparently not immune to motion sickness after a while)
Pretty good quality textures. Cool 3d effect.
All your weapons are on your person, since there’s no d-pad! (Guns at hip, butt, back, ammo on front pouch, knife on arm)

Also, gun firing has to be aligned with your dominant eye, and reloads are by default all manual. Weird needing to punp a shotgun after every shot or re-chamber on a bolt-action rifle. Pretty neat!
And there’s such a cool feeling seeing a 3D environment around you, and digital hands to control! :leftwards_hand::raised_hand:
Even the Main Menu is VR-supported!
(Unfortunately the VR Mode doesn’t support trophies/achievements, but I guess that’s incentive to replay the game in special third-person mode one day…)

These pictures don’t have any of the same effect as the “Wow!” I felt at first (I think it’s a flat-conversion of my Right Dominant Eye visual) but yeah it’s pretty cool.
Also fuuuuuck, the OLED displays and their blackest-black display are really gonna make dark environments super spooky.

In this image, (ya cant see it here) I was stunned at how the paper I was holding casted a shadow on my -arm- if held above it.


You know what must be done ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° )