What was your last purchase? 2.0

Very jealous of the TWEWY: Final Remix. I’ve been looking to find a physical copy, or some sort of digital sale, but it’s just won’t happen!! The sequel goes on sale very often for all platforms, for great prices, but that first one just refuses to drop!

Though I am hyped that there’s a Death Stranding Director’s Cut upgrade path. 15$ gets you converted into DC version plus the Digital Deluxe goodies too. (just some silver+gold styled equipment, but it’s still nice). Haven’t gotten in the mood yet to jump into it, but hopefully soon I’ll pull the trigger and revisit it.


Alpine A110GT

A jewel with 300 horsepower.

It arrives on my doorstep in June! <3

Sporty two-seater, took a lot of convincing from my side to get my girlfriend on board with the idea (and the car itself :-D)


Well, TWEWY wasn’t a Black Friday deal, or the sequel. Only Death Stranding was. I saw a few games on sale I want to get at some point but nothing too urgent. I remembered I wanted TWEWY since I hear nothing but great things about it. But no retailer sells the Final Remix physical version anymore. So I went on eBay, saw it being sold for a “reasonable” price, aka £35, and decided, screw it, and just bought it. Doubt I’d be able to get a copy much cheaper. With Neo, only one British retailer, Argos, seem to have it left in stock, so decided to pick that up too. I’d rather have physical copies of my console games.

A bit of an impulse buy I guess but I am very excited to play TWEWY when it arrives next week.


That’s fantastic!! They don’t sell those stateside so I’ll be looking forward to some photos. Congrats on winning the game of convincing (I know how tough that can be sometimes :joy:). I hope you love it.


Nice. I uh also kinda just did a gaming impulse buy :sweat_smile:

Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS.

Been wanting to get it for a good while – especially after hearing how good Metroid Dread is – which Returns is the gameplay precursor to.
There’s this local games retailer that sells a lot of import/out-of-print games on their site, and they also have a small collection of physical 3DS titles. They also happen to be doing a Black Friday sale for a few of those titles too. One of which was Metroid… but just for 45$ – 5$ off.

So, that plus shipping and taxes brings it to about 5$ over the base price of the game, but at least it should be a physical copy that I get for a very reasonable price instead of other physical versions that go much higher. :person_shrugging:


I love Metroid Dread, Samus Returns is another on my 3DS list. Really after Christmas I need to set aside some money and go on the 3DS eshop and decide to buy a few games before it shuts, games I decide I’d rather get digitally if their physical versions are just too expensive. But yeah, hope you enjoy Samus Returns, definetly a game I will get around too. I’ll post my thoughts on The World Ends With You 1 and 2. Always had my curiosity peaked since the first cast’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts.


On Friday Chris LaMartina reached out to me about a shirt I’ve been trying to acquire for the past two months since they are extremely limited. He re-released the shirt in two colors. One very limited by only 2 and the other in Black which isn’t limited. I took the only medium of the limited shirt and here I am today.


I remember you posting about making your own fan-made-but-slightly-similar version of this a while ago.

I dunno who or what this is about, but it’s awesome that he got back to you about this re-release of the resl thing!


Nice setup, what are you going to get for the GPU?

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Okay hold up

  1. Bagels are a great purchase in any case. But more seriously:
  2. Don’t be so down on yourself, mate. You’ve made it this far you can get out of your crap situation with patience and help (naturally). We (speaking for everyone here) only buy things that we can because we have the ability to buy stuff, if you (or anyone) cannot buy such things, it doesn’t matter, i used to be in your shoes, hardly being able to afford basic needs (i was going through some serious shit) and i pulled through and so can you just believe in yourself and you will get through it, i know, you know, heck even God knows it (if you believe in him ofc).
    Anywho I’ve probably bored you to bothers, by posting this so have a duck for your troubles:

While the cool kids are playing Planet Zoo and are waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, I’m sticking to the OGs and since I had fun playing The Urbz on the PS2, I decided to get Bustin’ Out too.

Also is it just me or those Platinum re-releases were just plain fugly :thinking:


I went to buy the hot cocoa, but it was sold out. I should have just left the site, but I am weak so I ended up getting a 36 piece box.


A new (old) GPU for my XP PC, the Nvidia GeForce 6600 :nerd_face:

Now I can try out all the new games that the cool kids play!


I am very happy to share that now my PS5 is black but at the same time I am mad because I can see how quickly dust settles on it.


It was my birthday today and I’d planned to go record shopping, but I got called into work 6 hours early. Luckily I work in the same building as one of my favourite record stores.


Happy Birthday Bruddah!!


Happy birthday! And sounds like a very good record, enjoy!


Happy birthday @Quinn :partying_face:


Happy birthday, my rock loving friend! :metal:


Happy belated birthday, Quinn! I hope you enjoy that new Samurai release very much! :partying_face: