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Congratulations to both of you !
Nothing better than a birth.

:partying_face: :birthday:


Congratulations to you and your wife :partying_face:


Dr D was disrespectful? You don’t say.


You guys know those hero wars ads? The one for that app game where whoever’s playing in the ad blatantly throws about 15-20 seconds in and fails a simple puzzle to make the game seem challenging and interesting or whatever? Well, I always like to watch until that moment just to see how much (or little) time it takes this time but it never happened in this one! The player FINALLY learned basic math! Anyway, I was genuinely stunned and wanted to share that with all of you.


Turns out I already had more challenges completed in Mumbai than I thought. All I have to do is electrocute all 3 targets and then do the six escalations and on to Whittleton Creek. The speed at which I’m catching up is almost embarrassing, and I’m kicking myself for not getting all this out of the way much sooner.


I don’t care how simplified you make it, you will never for as long as I live convince me to use hellhole dot com.


but you did use it already, for quite a long time aswell. to the point where you were in a moderative function in several servers

(also ironic calling discord hellhole.com while being on twitter)

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I don’t use it anymore. Earlier this year I announced my departure with the site detailing my grievances. As for Twitter I only use it to like posts I like on my recommended feed, never use it for personal gain or following anyone.

But as for throughout my experience, I’ve never faced more problems from any other site than Discord. People always like to point to places like Twitter, 4chan and Kiwifarms as this myopic hivemind. None of these sites come close to what I’ve seen on Discord. Barely do I see anyone once mention it.

I can understand that having contact with friends on Discord is equitable for the nature of the site; as a matter of fact, I encourage it. But I don’t believe it is designed for cosy intimate dwelling for engagement. People are just so set in their ways to make themselves the centre of attention that discourse becomes an afterthought. It is no longer fulfilling to me.

There is no greater fear to me than self-loathing peer groups talking about users behind their back, and no lesser fear than to remove yourself from harm entirely. And that was my entire point of my earlier post. The users loathe anyone unfortunate within their path. Your existence and safety is expendable.

Every time I tried to use the site I had faced problem after problem. I tried to my best ability to amend any problem I faced with little to no avail. Every time I enforced a rule, someone would complain about it to me. Every time I didn’t people tried finding pedantic excuses to back up an irrelevant claim. When a troll raided CJ’s stream, he accused me of it. When I was appointed to moderate Frote’s server, some scumbag immediately accused me of being racist. IOI’s mods kept making up stories about me that don’t exist. And during the fray of all of this, this overwhelmingly dawned on me with bitter hindrance to the point I left both Discord and Twitter and never returned.

So when all of a sudden my Xbox that I primarily use to play video games on is advertising a site I don’t use anymore on top of Twitter recommending this post to show on my feed, I am going to have my say about it. Using the word “simplified” is such a wrong word used by Discord, because it couldn’t be that far removed for how appallingly archaic this site allowed their userbase to act as belligerent as possible with no repercussions.

The result ended in a symbiotic relationship - I didn’t need them, and they didn’t need me. Since I left my quality of life, outlook on life, financial struggle and other brevity attributes has significantly stabilised. And I didn’t require anyone to make that decision for myself.

People who openly condemn, harass and speak on behalf of others are a real departure from reality and should probably consider taking a hike.


Those are some pretty serious claims especially considering two ioi mods also modorate the forum (cake & urben ), do you have any evidence to back this claim up?

Please continue with this particular topic in DMs and then get an idea about it there. I don’t think this is beneficial to anyone or the forum here if that can was opened in public. Just so far I have an opposite picture about this.

Regarding Discord, I recently learned of very nice servers where mental health and safety is a top priority. So I guess it all goes down to where you are there. Just as every social media has sub communities where people are just nice to each other.


kiwifarms was far beyond a “myopic hive mind”.


Kiwifarms was the true Hellhole dot com


Ok, here me out but this is one unpopular opinion.
I hate the new Doritos flavours (Triple cheese & Pepperoni Pizza)
There horrible, there too strong, there’s too much flabours in my mouth at once you can’t even focus on one thing at a time


Not sure there are any new crisp flavours I’ve tried I’ve ever liked. It seems like companies always try new flavours, and then usually they get phased out. Although it seems especially laughable to try and do a cheese flavoured crisp when it obviously can never compete with actually putting cheese onto your crisps like nachos.


Agreed in every form

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Maybe a bit TMI but anyway:

Me: Doesn’t like coffee
(like really, it tears through my body)

Also Me: Decides to get one anyway for a chance at an early-morning energy boost (a Mocha Latte is the only one my palate can handle that masks the taste)

Me 3 hours later: “Release me from this bathroom hell!! :persevere:

The price I pay for working at Starclucks. I’ve even earned the nickname “The Milkman” because sometimes on my breaks I just order straight-up glasses of milk, which is apparently considered blasphemy.
Hey, if it ain’t broke, I ain’t fixing it. :milk_glass:


totally normal thing to do!


I don’t like any Doritos. I prefer plain tortilla chips. I also don’t like bbq potato chips. Just plain. I know, I’m strange.


Nothing wrong with that, although slightly funny it is the actual coffee causing you problems rather than being lactose intolerant. All good boys drink milk.


It is absolutely hilarious you say that.

My manager floored me this past weekend as I was ending my shift, as he mentioned that according to movies, only villains drink milk.
He listed: The crazy evil girlfriend in Get Out – drinks milk. The gang in Clockwork Orange – drinks milk. The main nazi in Inglorious Basterds – drinks milk!!

I even looked it up myself, and it’s so very true! There are entire articles and videos about this specific topic!
I guess it’ll only be a matter of time before I begin my villain transformation.

Been doing this for 24 years and I’ve been fine, so it’s definitely not the milk haha