Whats the song in the karaoke?

In the streets theres a karaoke store, it has a song that sounds familiar.

Whata the name? Where was it used before?

In Hitman 2016, Paris.


It’s the Niels Bye Nielsen catwalk song from Paris 2016. It also plays in Bangkok and Santa Fortuna

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Lol maybe we’ll finally get some lyrics

I wish they´d change it in both Chongqing and SF. Doesn´t fit either. Some of the songs from Kane and Lynch 2 would´ve been great for the karaoke place… (Asian Gardens, Chinese Diva, and Skyscrapers being the obvious choices)

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Yep. No chinese music in chongqing :confused:
Even in the radio they put italian opera🤦‍♂️
At least they should do it in the chinese restaurant .

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Just another disappointment in that level…
I´m gonna have to play KaL2 again just to ease the pain :weary:

They used the song four times. In Paris, it makes sense to have a bass-heavy song for the catwalk. But I didn’t like that they reused it again in Bangkok. Wouldn’t an Asian luxury hotel play soft relaxing music other than a techno pop song? In Santa Forunta, I do wish they used another song. But it especially doesn’t fit Chongqing at all

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This must have seriously slipped my mind… where does the catwalk theme play in Bangkok? I know where it is in SF (the big TV screen behind the mansion)

It plays at the outdoor bar

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Huh. I guess it makes sense that I didn’t know, since I barely ever go there!