When will hitman 2 access get released for the player who own hitman 2 in steam?.. I don't want to purchase the same game twice.. :(

Will hitman 3 players in egs who have hitman 2 gold in steam get the game without having to buy the access pass… I don’t want to pay for the same game twice :frowning:

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PC players will get the Access Passes for the levels they own, but we don’t know yet when that will happen.

On PC, we are continuing to work on a solution with our partners to allow PC players who own HITMAN 1 or HITMAN 2 to import locations from those games into HITMAN 3 at no
additional cost.

We can guarantee that players will NOT need to repurchase the games.

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Still no news on the subject…

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I’ve heard the same BS from both IOI and Epic multiple times. They need to issue an update on the matter. It’s unfair to PC players. THEY lied, I BOUGHT IT because THEY said that I’ll be able to carry over BOTH H2 Progress AND Locations.

I don’t care about whatever issue they’re having in making it possible, if they guarantee it, they must deliver.

Edit: I know that they’ve ‘guaranteed’ it. They also guaranteed that they’ll bring back the absolution servers after they find a solution. I’ve heard their “guarantees” multiple times now.


Be patient, it’s guaranteed you will get it for Free, this process takes time.

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We have news about it HITMAN 3 Access Pass on PC ?

They said in the announcement it would take “weeks.” It’s been 10 days.


They never guaranteed a time frame for delivery, so there has been no broken promises so not sure why you’re so upset. And it’s not even been two weeks since they announced that it will be free, and they did say it will take weeks to be rolled out.

Be patient.

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Since the company covered the costs of Hitman 3 before the release, it had to pay 1 and 2 from the first day
their tactics are not correct.

Since the company covered the costs of Hitman 3 before the release, it had to give free 1 and 2 from the first day

yup its disgusting, im wondering right now if i should just double buy hitman 2 now while its on sale (i have a bad feeling they are gonna care about this like they care about the absolution servers) i hope im wrong but yeah even if its just 30$ i feel like im beign robbed and im a huge hitman fan its hearthbreaking

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You’re the one making the decision to repurchase it instead of waiting…



I bought it again (for $20) because I’m lucky enough that’s not a ton of money for me, and I was really eager to check out the maps again. I kind of considered it a tip for IOI. Pretty silly of me really but YOLO and all that.

As long as they get it to people in “weeks” like they promised, not months, then I don’t think they deserve any anger, personally.


We can guarantee that players will NOT need to repurchase the games.

@Travis_IOI ? :pray:

What are you expecting him to add to that statement?

The state of progress of the search for a solution.
If PC players have to buy the H2 pass eventually.
If he confirms that the -80% discount on EGS is permanent.

They guaranteed it is coming in “the weeks ahead.” It hasn’t even been two weeks yet. I get the frustration, don’t get me wrong, but I doubt they’re gonna clarify anything until they know the solution or the issue goes beyond the “weeks” promise.


Tagging Travis expecting an answer for a known issue that’s gonna take time especially one that involves licenses on two different storefronts especially when it’s under the guise as this.

IO will provide a answer when available otherwise Travis would just be saying this over and over again.

This is a known issue, we’re currently working on a solution, stay turned.

If you’re eager to play HITMAN 2 again in HITMAN 3 and don’t want to wait simply buy it again otherwise wait like the numerous other PC players who can’t access HITMAN 2 in HITMAN 3 despite owning it.

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The fact this wasn’t a concern or a question that they brought up internally during the two-three year development of H3 boggles my mind.


Have you even been paying attention to the story?

Originally IO said that they couldn’t offer it for free because of a situation outside of their control, the controversy after the announcement then made the other party that was restricting IO from doing so to re-consider. It wasn’t decided by IO, therefore there was nothing for IO to internally discuss during development.