Where has swapping shoulders gone?

Why has swapping what shoulder the camera view is, been removed when you aren’t aiming a weapon? It’s making waking around the environments feel very strange and limiting my awareness of surroundings in some situations? Its not super important I know, just weird that it was removed.


I’d like to know too. Is this an oversight, or intended?

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I heard it still works while aiming with the gun, so probably a bug.


Lets hope it’s a bug.


Here’s hoping this gets patched. Gameplay feels very restrictive being locked behind the right shoulder. I respectfully disagree that it’s not important. Swapping shoulders at will adds elements of depth, situational awareness and fluidity.


I’m sure it will be number 2 on the list of things to sort out, along with everything else that isn’t getting the transfers site working.

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Join the already existing topic guys :wink:

Hadn’t seen that sorry, wouldn’t have made this

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