Who Do You Think Will Be The Next Celebrity Elusive Target? (Celeb ETs Wishlist Thread)

The ideas of this thread are:

  • Assuming who will be future ETs (If there ever will be)
  • Discussing about the celebs you wish to kill as Hitman targets.

Since Hitman WOA had 2 celeb ETs in comparison to Hitman 2 and Hitman 2016 we can assume that IOI didn’t put a limit cap on the amount of Celeb ETs they might release for this game, and it’s fun to assume who they might be.

I’ll be giving my assumptions and wishes later.


I want Chuck Norris. IOI, it’s not a wish. It’s an order :grin:


By the way things are going, it’s going to be another celebrity made to reach the male 15-25 years old, into stylised action demographic.
Even if it’s on the questionable expression side of it.
It’s also more than fair, since well it’s exactly the audience for Hitman.

I just want some of the budget going into them to be used for some new non-reskin items. For the gameplay.

The proximity micro ICA electrocution device already exist and waiting to be an unlock.
But like also all of the underused mechanics:
Give us a micro EMP to play with sabotage.
A micro RFID explosive. Anything RFID really it was a neat now forgotten feature, an RFID micro electrocution device would be great.
And as usual with me: a silenced striker. Would be great fun and great easy sell for the aforementioned demographic.


In light of recent events, I would not be surprised if it ends up being Justin Timberlake.


Since I’m a 22yrold I feel like I am a perfect fit to guess who the next celeb ets are, of course, I don’t want to just throw out random names ( since IOI reads everything in this forum) and I’d actually like to explain why would each one of my choices would agree, tho I will make a separate list of ones that I just genuinely want as ets although we all know they will probably never take part in such event.

But first, we need to understand why both Mcgregor and Vegas agreed to take part in it and become targets → Mcgregor himself is in the UFC games and Vegas appeared in Mortal Kombat 11 which means that they are both familiar with video games and are happy to take part at.

Therefore, we can assume that the next Celeb ET is another celeb that’s into these kind of stuff.

Possible Celeb ETs (imo):

1. bbno$ - The Broke

For whoever isn’t familiar with bbno$ (Pronounced Baby No Money), he is a rapper that has been releasing billboard hits for couple of years now like lalala, edamame and IT BOY.

I think he will probably hop on the opprtunity to become a Hitman target since he is a nerdy dude with a nerdy persona, runs a personal discord server and refers to his fans as gamers, not only that he recently collabed with Fortnite onto adding him into that game, do I think is it possible to get him to be a target? Ofcourse I do, and I’d really like to see him as a target aswell, a very funny dude that might bring a nice laugh to the screen before I stub him with scissors.

2. Doja Cat - The Kitten

For who ever isn’t familiar with Doja Cat, I hope the nursing home is taking good care of you grandpa. Doja Cat is a very mainstream Singer/Rapper multiple hits under her belt including 2 #1 that are Say So and Paint The Town Red.

I think that she would agree to becoming an ET since she had played the game on stream and enjoyed it enough to reference 47 in a song (never said it was a clever bar).

She just seems like someone fairly cool that would become a target for the fun of it if given the opportunity.

3. MrBeast - The Contributor

MrBeast is the only content creator I will put in such list since he is the only one that gained a full celeb status while being totally respected imo.

I don’t think I need to elaborate about who MrBeast is, MrBeast has the channel with the most subscribers on youtube with 295M.

I honestly think he’ll do it if he gets paid enough for it so IOI could sponsor a video, he done the same shtick with mobile games so he’ll surely do it with Hitman if offered, just considering how pricy his vids are might get IOI not to approach him, but other than that I can see no reason for him not to become a target.

This is enough for now might add others later.


Wasn’t that a fake thing? Idk much about this dude at all, only like a video talking about it (could be outdated)


I guess you are right, I saw it on his tiktok account so it seemed true, just an artist promoting a collab, a pretty weird thing to fake, seemed believable tho, well, still think he would agree to a Hitman collab.

It would be someone who is no openly political, religious, fan of a certain sports club and related to our community.

So I am very sure I will not know the next celeb. :sweat_smile: Like the last two.


I am not sure I would want another celebrity ET. Given that the game is winding down for support, I’d rather focus on resolving lingering bugs, such as the recent loss of the Paris videos to ensure a complete and stable product if year 5 is not happening.


Since I am finished with my more “realistic” list, now I’m getting to my “oh I’d wish IOI would get them but I highly doubt it” list:

1. Elon Musk - The Boss


Tho IOI did ruined it by taking the 2 perfect maps for him, Miami because of Tesla and Sgàil because of Illumintai, tho I do want to have him in New York over Social Media stock rising or whatever.

Just wishful thinking.

2. Terry Crews - The Lawkeeper

Dude is a video games fan tho last time he tried to get into a game it was a failure, not on his end, I watched some vids but never got to play it but it was a huge disappoinment to the fans (obviously refering to Crackdown 3).

I’d like Terry Crews somewhat reenacting his bb9 role and be a head of security for one of the heavily secured maps, maybe Mendoza.

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As soon as they started teasing players begun guessing Mcgregor so eh, kinda possible to guess.

Also a reminder that IOI actually goes through the forum and might actually reach out to a Celeb we bring up so who knows

I bet it is guessable, but unlikely for me as I am not familiar with those spheres. :wink:

Vegas is a very hard guess for whoever isn’t familiar with the DJing scene, but Mcgregor is a very known UFC player so it was fairly guessable

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Elon Musk already inserts himself in every single space online and off. Having him shoved in my face in video games would be so cruel. :sob:


But hey, at least you get to kill him now.


I never liked this argument.
I hope you understand why.

Would I like a target making fun of him and his sort? Well, I did like the last Benoit Blanc, a Glass Onion. So…
But gleefully working with and supporting him him? No. McGregor is enough of a thing to work with.


We already got Musk with Tim Quinn, and while he wasn’t a target, he was pathetic enough to satisfy me.

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  1. It was a joke, I thought that was clear, if not, I’m sorry for the tasteless pun.
  2. I think he is a funny and interesting guy and overall has a great personallity for a few dialogues.
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Oh. Sorry.


He is not funny though. He a dangerous powerful man with a populist gimmick and terrifying political undercurrent.
(he’s a fascist cunt)


Not really, as I called Musk The Boss he is THE Boss, he is not afraid of anyone in any way and he is flowing with dominance, also I follow Musk on Twitter, dude is not your average Billionaire CEO, quite a funny man, would actually enjoying seeing him as a target.